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August 04 2008

Felicia Day Almost Loses Her Lunch At Comic-Con. 47 minutes and 23 seconds into part 2 of Geekscape's special show at the San Diego Comic-Con, Felicia and the Browncoats get a surprise visit from SAM (Super Action Man). He gives her fan support. She gives him gummy worms. Ridiculous (and kinda gross) comedy ensues.

Yeah, that was just as stupid as I thought it would be. I was there, trying to keep out of his way. Loved Felicia's response.
Is this the part I think it is? I might have been off to the side somewhere hearing all the commotion. Do I want to see? It didn't look pleasant.
It wasn't pleasant at all.
That wasn't required.
It doesn't play at work anyway. Stalls out like 1/8th of the way through.
How strange.

Lucky you, bix.
I can't speak to the live experience, but it didn't seem so bad to me. I mean, he only had nice things to say (ETA: in his own way ;-). Besides, where can a man walk around in his underpants, if not Comic-Con? "Keep America free!" =)

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Damn my curiosity! There were many speedo dudes, and at least this one didn't sport a stomach as well.

But still, horrid.
It was sweet that Geekscape loved Doctor Horrible and knew all the songs, and considerable less impressive that they didn't realize that Felicia was there signing The Guild DVDs. Also he seemed to think that Amy (Tinkerballa) Okuda might have been in Doctor Horrible, confusing her (apparently) with Maurissa Tanchareon. But of course if he had just been wearing pants everyone would have been happier!
But still, horrid.

That guy was pretty annoying, but heh, is the normal male body so repulsive that it makes people throw up?
Um. Huh. Now I know why my normal instincts to follow the commotion and get photographs somehow were over-ridden by some far more primitive sense of self-preservation.
its funny because she was just on his podcast last week cohosting and now he comes off as a
I have no idea what this is on about, but from the comments it seems like someone was walking round without pants on. Which, you know, is funny because I was just listening to a HIMYM commentary where.. uh.. they (the commentators) started to undress. It was very strange. Jason Segel and a writer, on The Proclaimers 500 miles episode.
I'm pretty sure the undressing was facetious, MattK. There's a sentence that doesn't come up too often.
I thought so too, at first. But it carried on a little too long, and with statements like "he really is taking off his shirt!" Honestly, it left doubts in my mind. heh
Well, ASH would often do exposition scenes in Buffy without pants on, according to Joss.
Ha! electricspacegirl, I'd forgotten that. Don't know that ASH ever denied it either.
I've never heard that before. :| I suppose ASH can get away with it.
Cop to it: Which of you are posting to thread without your pants on?

(For the record, my pants in fact ARE on.)
Mine are off.

But my shorts are on.
I am Canadian pantless as well - though I am essentially clothed.

I tend to get home from work and get all jammied up in my Doc Horrible MuShortio specials. They haz pictures on 'em.
*giggles at QG's Canadianness*
I got the idea from the situation (I want to say "sitch") that the guy in the underwear had to be tolerated. I guess it was because he's big blogger. Wow.
Cop to it: Which of you are posting to thread without your pants on?

Yep. And i'm at work.

(OK, not really - cos of chaffing issues ;) - but that's one of the few advantages of being British - I could be here without my pants on and no-one need ever know, when Yanks go without their pants more people tend to notice/run away ;)
I suppose you could kinda call the guy, Captain No Pants.

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The thought of Saje being at work without pants is all the birthday smiles this birthday girl needs. Thanks for that Saje. :) You always make me laugh (even when you are wearing pants).
Heh, you're very welcome. And happy birthday ;).
Maybe in the merch section there can be official Whedonesque sanctioned "posting pants" for all to enjoy.
I think it's pants.
Hmm, are pants pants ? Interesting. From the chafing perspective i'd have to say no, pants are not pants. But then pants means different things to different people. And so does pants.
*head explodes*

Wow. That was messy.
Now exploding heads are pants, that one's pretty straightforward. Except in 'Scanners'.
oh god. I shouldn't have watched it. I didn't need to relive the event
I'm only just now remembering that I couldn't even finish watching the edition of Geekscape that Felicia guest co-hosted, because the first five to ten minutes consisted of the host never letting her start or finish sentences.

So, really, color me unsurprised that the same crew comes up with something like this. It's not really Geekscape so much as Dumbass-scape.
I think there may be a rich pant-less history in the entertainment industry but all I can seem to come up with is My Blue Heaven with Steve Martin lecturing Rick Moranis on the virtues of hanging up your suit he wrinkles them up to demonstrate.

(And no MBH reference is complete without "Its dangerous for you to be here in the frozen foods section. Why? Because you could melt all dis stuff." classic)
Succatash: "That guy was pretty annoying, but heh, is the normal male body so repulsive that it makes people throw up?"

(I meant to respond this above, but I forgot.)

I think that there are situations in which a man in his underwear is just exactly what the doctor ordered.

Sadly, this was not one of those, and that is only part of what made it all so off-putting, and not just the sight of a "normal male body" - which can be quite... fine.
Why do Felicia's Comic-con related experiences always turn into a discussion about not wearing pants? She inspires some very odd things.
I thought it was Alexis who went pantless? And I thought that was on Angel when he had a desk to be behind.

I've seen ASH pantless. And shirtless. And...yeah. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

I'm put in mind of the only episode of Chicago Hope I have on tape, featuring Dean Stockwell and an unforgettable scene of him walking into a courthouse room where Mandy Patinkin, Adam Arkin and Peter McNicol stood sans trou.
I think it's pants.

Hey, I understood this! I'm like, bilingual or something.
It's not so much the pants-less part that's off-putting to me. It's the guy. Creating chaos in an already chaotic place. Which demands cool order. And it wasn't the same guy who interviewed her... this was a lacky.

And the previous Geekscape interview was as bix states; it was more about the interviewer than the interviewee.

Nothing wrong with the male body, by the way. :)

And it's more freeing to post without pants on.
That was odd.

Felicia Day was seated so her view was basically eye level with his package, which probably made it more horrifying.

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