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August 04 2008

Serenity clips finally on Hulu. Not the whole movie yet, but at least they have Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes.

I'm amused that I can't watch them, looks like the signal can be stopped.
Really? I didn't have a problem. Looks like Mr. Universe is Hulu-compatible after all.
Not outside of the US he ain't! ;)
I find it kind of heartening that the BDM has taken this long to make it to Hulu, and that it's taken almost 3 years for it to get consistently priced for under $10. This implies that demand has kept pace with, or even surpassed, demand. "Flight Plan", after all, has been in the Budget Bin for almost two years now. :)
No Hulu outside of the US = depressing.
"They can't stop the signal Mal, they can never stop the signal. Unless they have Geo-IP".

'Serenity' has been 5 quid (about $10) or less over here for a while but I don't see that as a bad thing, it just means more people are more likely to pick it up on impulse (especially because it's been cheapest in the supermarkets).
No Hulu outside of the US = depressing.

Or in layman terms, Hulu = Boohoo. ;) <-- or should that be :(
Some people who can't access Hulu from outside the US don't mind being in a Hot Spot.
They've learnt to Shield themselves from such insanity...
Subtle ;).
You think? ;-)
On a somewhat related note, does anyone know where OMWF can be downloaded for play on my cool new iphone?

I didn't see it at the itunes store but I assume I'm not looking in the right place. Thanks helping people.
Amazon Unbox has all some of the Buffy episodes available for purchase, it looks like.

ETA: Someday I'll learn to read.

[ edited by Lady Brick on 2008-08-06 00:05 ]
Thanks Lady Brick--looks like it's just season 1 and 2. Maybe some day they will get up to season 6 on itunes. sigh.
In other news, missb is now my favourite human, ever. And if you're not a human, you're still pretty nifty.
Why ta, muchly.
As often as I hear the phrase "What the hell planet are you on?", I still tend to define myself as human.

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