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August 05 2008

A short talk with Joss Whedon. A TV Squad writer asked Joss a few questions at Comic Con.

The interview mentions Dr. Horrible, whether he would take Dollhouse to the internet if it were canceled, and whether he wants to write a stage musical.

Hey, brimtoast! I didn't know you were here!
So Joss is living out five of his fantasies. What might they be?

- Making a Fox show with the network's actual support?
- Showcasing the astonishing range of Eliza Du-More?
- Reconvening the Mutant Enemy storytelling posse?
Joss Whedon High School Musical! I'd buy that for a dollar.
Joss Whedon's Five Fantasies:

5. Neil tells him, 'Just call me NPH'.
4. Fillion finally stops giving him Hell about his Big Forehead.
3. There is no number 3.
2. He finally stops feeling threatened by Tim Minear.
1. Nobody asks if there's more Firefly.

Oh, alright, there's a number 3:

3. James Gunn stops humping his leg in public.

[ edited by Ed R on 2008-08-05 19:00 ]
I was discussing the idea of 'Doctor Horrible' being performed at a lot of High Schools: really the only down side is that there aren't enough different characters (except for brief appearances in the 3rd act). The length and style of thing would be wonderful for a High School performance.
As far as Joss' fantasies (seriously now) I'm guessing the ballet for Summer is near the top of that list!
He's got Twelve Clipboards and now the Five Fantasies - these are all very magick-y numbers. I bet that somewhere he's got notes for the Three Theorems and the Seven Songs and the Nine Novels and the Eleven Elegies.
Don't forget Thirteen Post-its, inspired by Felicia Day.
Ok, so:

13 Post-it Notes
12 Clipboards
11 Elegies
10 something or others
9 Novels
8 whoozee-whatsis
7 Songs
6 something somethings
5 Fantasies
4 doo-dah-days
3 Theorems
2 whatevers
and a Summer Glau Ballet.

Joss needs a Holiday Carol all his own.
Heck, Joss IS a Holiday Carol all his own.
Wait! Where's the Opera?

Good list, Ed R.
How about a 6-hour Opera? 2-Act Opera? We need some items to fill in for the whozee-whatsis and somesuch and stuff.
ooh, how about 10 one true b!xes? ( actually one true and nine false b!xes)

See what I mean? This kiddie pool is shallow, brutha.

[ edited by Ed R on 2008-08-05 20:43 ]
More early cancellation talk? Man, it feels like some people are determined for Dollhouse to fail.
daylight - my thoughts exactly.
Actually, the insipid part of it now is that those campaigns are mostly dead and/or have been shunned into the corners. The only time they get attention now is when the press mentions them.

So, thanks stupid campaigns! By existing at all once upon a time, you've guaranteed Dollhouse a constant stream of "cheap seats" (to use Joss' term) media coverage, even if you decide to pack up your things and go home.

Nice job there.
However much the campaign(s?) were a bad idea, it's hard for me to be mad at anyone who admires an artist so much that they'll overprotect his work.

Even if the consequences kinda sucked. They were trying to do a good thing in a bad way.

Did I steal that last sentence from somewhere? I feel like I did.
From the theorized moral of Dr. Horrible perhaps? That when you do a bad thing for a good purpose, it's still bad and you will suffer terrible consequences?

...not that I have any particular feeling about the Dollhouse campaigns. But that is the place where I've seen the "good thing in a bad way" idea more recently referred to.

[ edited by brimtoast on 2008-08-05 22:34 ]
Actually, I think the phrase or something like it might have actually been used in an article which mentioned the campaigns, said about the campaigns.
Well, we could switch the "cheap seats" ploy over to Co-ed showers.
I doubt that it'll seriously hurt the show in the long run. (or "longing run" as it says on the packet of bamboo charcoal insoles) And if fan letter campaigns can't save a show, why should people's cancellation fantasies sink it? (Thsoe who "assume quick cancellation" remind of the people who were afraid to vote for Mr. Obama in the primaries because they assumed without question if he got too many votes The System would order him "taken out.")

If Joss wants to doa self-contained story for a stage musical but wants to sue characters he already knows, I'm sure lots of ficcers would surrender all legal claims against him for usign their amterial for a couple McDonald's gift cetrificates. (I'd hold out for Applebee's myself, no Macdonald convneient to me)
"Ficcers" surrendering legal claims against Joss? What?
Sue? Use? Eus? Esu? Ues? Seu? Huh?
I'm pretty sure the "save Dollhouse" stuff was driven out of a desire to seek attention above and beyond overprotectiveness. (Look at me, I'm the founder of the first ever "Save Dollhouse" campaign, aren't I clever!)

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