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August 05 2008

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall posts Angel:After the Fall #12 preview page by artist Stephen Mooney. Mooney will be taking over artistic duties for Issues 12 and 13.

Also included is the very inventive invitation for Stephen's upcoming nuptials. Congrats!

Ah. Arise Sir Mooney.
It will be issues 12 and 13. And that page is from 12.
That dragon better not eat my precious Gwen.
Thanks Brian - edited accordingly - was just taking the info from Ryall's blog. Great looking page. Will Runge be back after that....or a certain Mr Urru?
Crosses fingers for the great and fear-inducing Urru!
Great, great preview page. I've loved Stephen's work on the BCC/SlayAlive/T&S covers and enjoyed some of his stuff from "First Night." Can't wait to read these. This page and the panels Brian previewed on his blog are very, very beautiful and totally fit the tone of ANGEL.

And Stephen, if you're reading, congrats on the upcoming wedding!
I wonder who Angel is walking over to in that panel. Looks very secretey...
patxshand, to me, it looks like Eve-legs.
Congrats on the nuptials, Mr. Mooney!

That's also pretty much the best wedding invitation ever.
Any chance Nina could have shown up a year earlier? (ooops, wrong thread.)

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