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August 05 2008

Fan Art: Do Not Bounce. The Horrible team tweets: "Amazing fan art at Horrible fans are the best!"

"Apparently 'goggleheads' is taken."

Hmm. Not loading for me.
I think we already broked it... I mean fandangoed it.

Corsarnit - darn our sinister impaction.
Yes because shortly after said tweet, we broke^H^H^H^H^Hbounced it.
I never got it to load either, that is the joy of linking to Whedonesque (also linked at twitter and Myspace) it breaks!
Yeah, I couldn't get to that one either. Maybe we should all work on not breaking things for a while. Like on days with odd numbers, people whose name starts with A-M get to look, even days N-Z.
Do I go under "b" for "b!X", "T" for "The", or "O" for "One"?
In the meantime, here's a cute one (plus a great Guild one):
Someone bounced.
Do I go under "b" for "b!X", "T" for "The", or "O" for "One"?

You go under "H", for "toy".
It's working fine for me, and has been since the story was posted. Perhaps its a DNS issue?
Perhaps its a DNS issue?

Only if they've moved it since the original tweet, because it worked for me when that tweet came across, and then stopped doing so within minutes.

ETA that it is working for me again, currently. But there was definitely an issue after the tweet happened this morning.

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Very nice work.

And if we're arranged alphabetically, so unfair that I'm near the end. Unless I get to be "Crazy, Unplugged."
JMaloney, did you just quote Real Genius to b!X?
Works for me now... the creativity & speed of this fandom never ceases to amaze me... I think it was brilliant to make this site to post fanart & links.

In the section "In World" there's already apps for the ELoE, but I got out of there once I realized it - I don't want to be influenced by what anyone else has done... and I don't want to put mine up anywhere 'til it's official.

But I am glad to see that it looks like there will be gazillions of applications made. I think the Doc Folks are gonna need help.
It took me a while, but I found a place to submit my video...
Nice to have a site for all the fanart.

Here is my video, btw, if anyone wants to see it... [am I allowed to post this here?]


Now I have to work on my ELoE video...
The Wonderflonium site is back up and working now, there is some very excellent artwork there! Very inspiring stuff.
Nice site! I liked Chassy Cat and the puppet, Mervin in the videos. It's true that, "no one suspects a puppet of eeevil doings."
Although after Smile Time, we should probably be at least a little suspicious.
Ah, so we DID break it this morning. I had thought it was my laptop, which I almost destroyed.

I liked the ones you linked, hacksaway. Especially The Guild one. That really captures the mood at the end of Episode 10.

I really like the "Fine Line of Genius Insanity". It's pretty. The "Dr. Horrible Poster" is good too.

Syren, what about Chucky? Or Puppetmaster?? No puppets can be trusted. Or claymation. *shivers*
Watch out for dolls, too. They have . . . doll's eyes. *shudders*
m'cookies actual, my babysitter used to make dolls. A whole bunch of them. She made one of my brother.

She used to have a green (literally) room and about 300 dolls in that room, all facing the door. So when you'd walk by, 600 lifeless-glossed-eyes would stare at you...

I never knew I had such feardistate of doll-like things.
Some fine editing there, maxzummers!

ETA and you, too maxsummers!

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-08-06 00:42 ]
Some fine editing there, maxzummers!

ETA and you, too maxsummers!

hehe thanks!
I see there's a picture of Billy with the text "Billy Buddy." OK, I never got the impression that Billy's last name was Buddy. Penny was singing, "Head up, Billy, buddy." Are people still falsely insisting his last name's Buddy or did I miss a memo from the PTB?
We're pretty sure it's "buddy", not "Buddy". May have been before the memo, but no PTB have reigned in on it.

Am I the only one who finds Pointy's comment hilarious? What great irony! Maybe I'm just easy today. :)

maxsummers, can't wait to view your video, but You Tube keeps crashing my laptop. Have to wait until after class to comment. Not that you're holding your breath, or anything. Just thought you should know that I'm interested.
That was dd just posted her pick of Billy on deviantart a couple of hours ago, and someone's already submitted it to Wonderflonium. (Yes, she is the one whose pic is titled "Billy Buddy", but it's only captialized because it's the name of the pic, not because "Buddy" is Billy's last name, so there)

I am always amazed by the talent (and speediness) of the Whedon fandom.

[ edited by mnspnr on 2008-08-06 02:03 ]
mnspnr, I was thinking it might have something to do with "title properness". Didn't mean to sound all offendy. :)

Wish we were quicker. I like it when we post stuff before FD, Dr. H, or Joss post. Now that's quick. ;)
JMaloney, did you just quote Real Genius to b!X?

Why yes...yes I did.
Syren, what about Chucky? Or Puppetmaster?? No puppets can be trusted. Or claymation. *shivers*

Never saw Puppetmaster, but I think puppeteers are suspect by association, so the name alone says, "Eeevil!"
As for claymation, what about Mr. Bill? He seemed(s?) all right. Probably wouldn't want to stand next to him, though.

Wait, I guess Mr. Bill is just...clay since he doesn't have much "mation" to him. :)

I agree with you on the creep factor of dolls, m'cookies actual.
maxsummers, got to watch it. Very nicely done. :) Thanks.
Do I go under "b" for "b!X", "T" for "The", or "O" for "One"?

Pardon me for saying, but I've always just assumed that "B!x" is one of those nouns that is both singular and plural, like "Buffalo." So used by itself - to me - it connotes all of the myriad NonTrueB!x posers. And thus, a poor choice. I say go with your rapper name, TOTB (Teeoh Teebee.)
thanks korkster!

There's some amazing stuff there... the one from mydogatela is just beautiful!
Last week Felicia Day twittered about a fan art 'draw Dr. Horrible' event in San Francisco, which I went to on Sunday and one Browncoat took photos. Drawing Dr. Horrible in a group is fun, it should become a thing!
That was pretty neat, embers. It could become Dr. H's "thing". Browncoats do charity, death nerds do drawings. :)

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