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August 05 2008

Eric Balfour to star in 'Rise of the Gargoyle'. Eric Balfour to star in 'Rise of the Gargoyle,' a made-for-tv movie on the SciFi channel.

This is my first story post. Hope it fits the guidelines OK.
You know, it breaks my heart every time a Whedonverse actor does one of these terrible SciFi Channel movies. And I know that Eric Balfour was only in the first two episodes of Buffy, so it probably wasn't a huge career thing, but c'mon...the guy was on freaking Six Feet Under! He deserves better.
How funny... all I needed to see was the title "Rise of the Gargoyle" to know before I clicked through that this was going to be a "SciFi Channel original movie." Didn't they already do some gargoyle thing? With Nazis? Why do I know this?
I thought Mammoth, with Summer Glau, wasn't terrible. I enjoyed it. But "Sands of Oblivion"....I want those two hours of my life back.
'Mammoth', as in from the John Varley novel? That was a pretty decent book.
Oh, the one with Adam and Morena? Awful. Just...awful.
I think these movies are (hopefully) striving to be in the "so bad they're good" category of movies. For me, a guilty pleasure. For the actors, a paycheck.
A paycheck and one more day of not being chained up in Joss' dungeon. Though, on reflection I suppose Sean Maher would appreciate the company. And I would hope he would prefer to be let out to participate in a SciFi Channel movie as well.
Worse: Lifetime. ;)
I'd rather endure a Lifetime movie.

I mean, that's kind of like asking whether or not you'd like to either have shards of glass jammed into your eyeballs or have your testicles stapled together, but in this instance I would choose Lifetime.

At least I've seen one good Lifetime movie, Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story, while I have not seen even one SciFi movie which approaches decent.
I enjoyed Razor. Does that count?
I don't really consider Razor as a movie. But hey, it's BSG; it doesn't count. ;-)

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