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August 05 2008

'Can't Hardly Wait' 10th Anniversary DVD to be released. Amber Benson, Seth Green and several other Buffy alum star in 'Can't Hardly Wait' which is getting the 10th anniversary DVD treatment in September.

The DVD shall feature deleted scenes, which seem to contain Amber Benson's role as "Stoned Girl". As well as this the DVD will feature two commentaries (the original and a 10-year reunion one) and featurettes.

Is it any good?
Seth is so funny in it, and yeah, it's pretty okay for that era teen angsty comedies... other recognizable faces are all over the place too.

Not a ringing endorsement, but I've seen in about three times. Amber plays a stoner. Heh.
One of my favorite guilty pleasure movies. Not great, but a lot of fun to watch.
I don't really like this movie, although I've seen it like, 4 or 5 times... but I wouldn't buy it on dvd. Not even to see Amber as 'Stoned Girl'.
Amber's in this?? I didn't know that.
Amber was nearly cut out of the movie, but I would double-dip if they have an uncut version.
This movie was my first intro to Seth Green. I can sheepishly say that 10 years on I still know most of the dialogue by heart.
Very nice, but seriously, 10th Anniversary of this? Anything to make a buck. That being like, also one of my "feel bad about liking" movies.
Woo hoo! :D

Hacksaway, Amber was cast as "Stoned Girl", but her part was cut when the producers wanted a PG-13 rating instead of an R, and so they had to virtually eliminate the drug humor (although, interestingly enough, the underage alcoholic consumption gags remain rampant). Amber can be *briefly* glimpsed during the party, and her photo actually appeared on the original DVD box, but until now, her scenes have never been shown. Hopefully, they were saved and will now be included with the new release.
I like this movie. but I'm also a fan of Ethan Embry, so that's the big draw for me.
A few years ago I watched this and counted every recognizable Buffy actor. Anyone whose character had an actual name on the show and wasn't, like, Vampire #3. I think I counted something like 9.
Oh my god, it's been 10 years!?! I am frickin' old. Like don't-card-me-give-me-a-frickin-beer old.

This was a fun, silly, teen angst movie. Better than some. Not as good as others.
Heh. I admit it... I love this movie. :) (Can't believe it's been 10 years, though! Yikes.)
Hey MTLJ - I absolutely agree. Seth is awesome in this role, and my friends and I still throw out some of the lines from this movie.
I will give the overall flick a 6 out of 10.
But if you love Seth this is a 12 out of 10.

Funny note at the Buffy reunion, one question from the audience was for each member to note their favorite movie. Charisma said Can't Hardly Wait (jokingly), but then Seth played off it and it was hilarious.

All Seth fans - check this out.
Not a bad film, nothing special. A crazy amount of recognisable faces in there though. Jason Segal plays 'Watermelon Guy'.
Guilty pleasure for sure, if only to point at the screen and yell, "They were on Buffy!!!"
Wow, a 10th Anniversary edition? I'm in. I confess to blatantly loving this movie, and it was also one of my first introductions to Seth Green who is HYSTERICAL in this movie.

Shiai, thanks for the info about Amber, I had no idea! Definitely getting this then.

Simon, I think it is worth checking out. Just expect some teen-angsty cheese and enjoy yourself :)
10th Anniversary!? Getting old sucks!
Ten years already? Well, now that I think about it, I'd bought the VHS when it was released so I guess it has been a while.

I really dig this movie. I like Ethan but his obsession in the movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt (the main storyline) wasn't why I liked it. What makes this movie classic for me is all the smaller bits that make up the movie like the deal between Seth and the old school chum, and the nerd in there was awesome!

I have the other DVD, but I'm really looking forward to this.
I don't watch movies of this kind (never did; I was once an adolescent but I was never a real teenager, unfortunately) but the possibility of this tickles me no end.

I think it wasn't just drug humor; I'd imagine there were "Freudian aspects" to the scene as well.
Another Whedonesque connection would be Matthew Sweet's Farther Down.
IIRC, Amber can be seen for a few seconds in the kitchen pretty early on, in the original cut of the movie, in case anyone wanted to know where to look for her. It's nice to hear that she wasn't just an extra :)

It's a decent film, IMHO, with some character depth and some genuine heart. I'd say that I ultimately like Seth's storyline in the film better than the "A" plotline.

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Also, Veruca's in it. She makes fun of Seth's "cheetos teeth" when he had braces. What's her name? Page something?
I have to agree, not a masterpiece movie, but Seth is so cute and awesome in this movie. Also much love for Ethan Embry.

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RDH - "Ninety-two percent, yo!" is, to this day, our go-to phrase whenever we have to make a point.
I loved this movie. I've long-considered it to be the best of the old school teen comedies.

Seth is awesome as always, but this was also my first introduction to the lovely Lauren Ambrose.
I love this movie. Seth is so funny in it. I thought it was way better than American Pie and still rewatch it whenever I see it on tv.

I'll probably buy this.

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