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August 05 2008

Watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in High Definition! Now available on Hulu.

I get a "Sorry, we are unable to stream this video. Please check your internet connection and try again." and I have high speed.
same problem as Lioness for me, too. I also have a highspeed connection, but I am outside of the US, which might be the problem. I hope they fix it soon, can't wait to see it in HD, yay!
Just tried it..worked for me. Thanks.
Worked for me. Very cool. Can't imagine that they'll release a Blu-ray, but that would be awesome. =)
Me too with the failing and the outside-the-US-ness.

At least they said sorry, which was nice.
I'm outside the U.S. and I get the same message as Lioness. I'm really hoping this will get sorted -- I have these lovely Sennheiser headphones and up to now I have only been able to watch the normal flash version, and it sounds crappy when it's loud, so hopefully the high def version will have better audio. My screen's big enough for high def. too, so I really can't wait.

Does anyone know what your minimum internet speed should be for this, or can you just pause it for a few minutes so it buffers? Or does Hulu not allow buffering?

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System Requirements for viewing HD videos at Hulu

* Flash Player or higher
* 2.5Mbps Internet connection or greater
* Windows: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz processor (or equivalent), 128MB of RAM, 64MB of VRAM
* Macintosh: Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor, 256MB of RAM, 64MB of VRAM
* Linux: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz processor (or equivalent), 128MB of RAM, 64MB of VRAM

Runs kind of choppy on my computer, but oh so pretty.
According to Hulu (8 months ago), you can pause and buffer if your connection isn't fast enough. But maybe crossing the ocean adds too much latency for it to work at all.

BTW, on the non-HD stream, you can click 480p for better picture and sound than the default 360p.
You know, DVD doesn't support high-definition content, and I would imagine it's too expensive for an independent to produce Blu-ray discs yet, but what they could do very easily is have an extra disc with the Dr. Horrible DVD that has HD rips on there, that'd only be viewable on a computer. A 8GB dual-layer disc using H.264/AVC encoding has more than enough space for 45 minutes of very very good quality high definition video. If they were mp4 files, the disc would be playable on, I believe, both PS3s and 360s, as well as computers. Just an idea (okay, a pipe dream, but whatever).

And thanks hacksaway for the info! Flash is very slow on Macs anyway due to (I suspect) poor programming on Adobe/Macromedia's part, so I have no idea how that'll work out... but my computer meets the specs, so I'll just have to wait and see.

ETA: jam2, I saw that button before, but it never worked for me. *shrugs* And thanks for the buffering info.

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Was a touch choppy but not terrible. Did a quick screen grab - quality is pretty nice (link).
Also, not sure if this has been mentioned before, but all the Hulu streams now have closed captioning (English only).
jam2, it was mentioned somewhere, but lord knows where and who knows how many people missed it.

It is, however, also apparently not entirely accurate.

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Does the captioning say what Captain Hammer is saying on the couch?
Wow, Nathan is way nipplier in the HD version.

Dr. Horrible, non featuring 50% more Fillion nipple action! Thanks HD!
Does the captioning say what Captain Hammer is saying on the couch?

More accurately, does the captioning say what it thinks Captain Hammer is saying on the couch.
The captions imply that Penny says "Captain Hammer would say that" instead of "Captain Hammer will save us." I don't trust the captions.
'Don't trust the captions.'

I think we have the premise to the next M. Night Shyamalan movie...
Never trust the captions. Or dogs with shifty eyes.
It has " my heart and it hurts..." for Captain Hammer on the couch. But, yeah, with getting Penny's last words wrong, not very reliable.
Even better. That brief duet that Penny and Billy have during the "So They Say" song is another heartcracker like "On the Rise" or "[There's Something in] My Eyes" or you know the one I mean.
More caption wackiness:
I hate the homeless.
This problem that plagues our city.

Ouch. I think I'll send a couple of corrections ("will save us", "...ness problem") to their feedback email.
I'm not able to get it here, either (from Australia). However, I hope this is a sign that the good (read: bad) doctor will come to Blu-ray. I initially feared that Dr. Horrible might not have been shot in HD, but I guess it's all good. Hell, even if it WASN'T shot in HD, a Blu-ray version would still have the sweet, sweet lossless audio, which is always good in a musical. Here's to Dr. Horrible in 1080p with uncompressed 5.1 sound!
Just got a note from Maurissa advising that they are working on things with international iTunes. Please remember that they are also doing their "day jobs" while this is ongoing (Dollhouse, Fringe, etc.).
Day jobs! Well, how dare they. Don't they know they work for us?!

Big flashing spell-it-out disclaimer: Sarcasm.
You mean they aren't chained up in the Whedonesque basement, slaving away? Then what are those noises coming from down there?
There's a basement? I thought those noises were coming from the kitchen... you know, where they cook up evil schemes.
hacksaway, would you mind getting a light bulb from the basement? Just avoid stepping on the pile of fresh hearts that are next to the muscled demon with a meat cleaver...
Speaking of cache, am I the only one that still has a window open with the memory cache from the original Dr. Horrible streaming site?

I just can't bring myself to close the window...should I not have admitted that?
Excuse me for geeking out, MattK, but in point of fact the earliest Blue Ray DVDs did inded share the same format as DVDs. This no longer holds true for commercial discs (which are all about the DRM, baby.) But for you can indeed burn HD content onto a regular DVD using the prescribed settings. Without doing any actual calculations, I would venture that each DH Act in full 1080p HD should fit on a regular disc. I would not expect to cram all three on one disc without introducing compression artifacts.

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