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August 05 2008

Happy August from Jewel Staite. "Embrace the years you're lucky enough to meet".

You know, bless her, but the answer to how to keep people from putting her convention Q&As on YouTube is to only do conventions that have a strict no-cameras policy enforced by mandatory frisking.

Barring that, she's SOL.
FYI, there relevant piece of info in there as far as discussions here go is that she was not able to do a commentary for the new Firefly set coming out, due to scheduling conflicts.
- Bummer she won't be on the Blu-ray thing.
- I (perversely) love that she lives every day in fear of Nathan and his middle finger.
- Liking 'Airplane' does injury to no one's dignity.
Couldn't you ask YouTube to remove a video that has you in it? She has people who could do that officially, right? But even so, she's got to learn to accept that the stories she tells at conventions will get out there. It is a convention. There's no way around it, so I say, expect that and embrace it.
Only if it breaks copyright or other laws (e.g. privacy) I think. Not sure what the "reasonable expectation of privacy" would be at a gathering open to the paying public, pretty low i'm thinking, so presumably it'd be the same as walking down the street and someone taking your picture - if they're not breaking the law in some way to do it then you don't have a legal leg to stand on.

Always nice to hear from Jewel, she's so grounded and funny. I just don't understand any online anti-Keller sentiment, she's a great character IMO, well written, well played and with a lot of possibilities. And it's important in SG:Atlantis to have "normal" characters that are good at their job but a bit shit at everyone else's, keeps everything relatable.

(reckon it's probably one of those unfortunate 'Riley' situations where Keller's a fine character and well played, it's just that Beckett was so liked that the back-lash is inevitable - all the more misplaced given that Jewel and Paul McGillion are apparently pretty good friends in real life)

'Airplane' is a comedy classic BTW, no need for guilt there ('Titanic' OTOH, hmm ;). And I also really like the look of 'Tropic Thunder'. Could be all the funniest bits are in the trailer but if not, looks v. good.
Added two guilts to my Q for pleasure.
Not only that saje, but if she signs on for a con that doesn't prohibit and/or expressly permits recording of panels/Q&As, then in a sense allowing that is part of what she's signing up for when she signs the contract. You really can't then whinge about it afterwards, I don't think.
Yeah, I agree. I guess if she explicitly asks people beforehand not to YouTube stuff and they still do then that's arguably kind of inconsiderate but, y'know, welcome to the world, that stuff happens - people aren't obligated to be nice, that's sort of why it's nice when they are ;).

(and the flip-side is, if folk pay money for a con that doesn't have a no photography policy then they're gonna expect to be able to take pictures/video and do anything they want with it)

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