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August 05 2008

Alan Tudyk interviews Nathan Fillion. This'll happen on 'Secret's Out' on the ReelzChannel this Friday evening at 7pm EST. A couple of hilarious teaser clips are available to watch (bonus if you miss the Mal/Wash dynamic).

Oh I've gotta see that.
Mmm, recipe for disaster. Delicious sweet-smelling disaster. Like with pie.
Yay, I have that channel. Oooh, I can't wait, it's gonna be awesome, also funny!
Will it eventually be available online? I don't get it. :`(
There's a lovely interview with the leads from the film "Once" as well.
"You're a parasite and I'm the host." ... What could be better?
I only hope it's posted on the web like Alan's interview with Maltin was. I don't have cable .
Nothing better than Alan and Nathan together, playing off each other!
I was very upsetted when I went there and only got 50seconds of love. :(

I hope it's online! I didn't realize Alan Tudyk did interviews. I'm so confused!

But it made me smile. :)
I want MORE!
What a beautiful way to start my day. More, please!
Can't wait.
If this isn't put online I will cry. The teasers made me cry too, but with laughter.
I want more as well.
These two are irresistable together. They ought to be in their own show (i.e., the one Nathan wrote).
You know, I've never liked this show (not too keen on Leonard Maltin), but this looks fantastic. Leonard needs to hang it up and pass the torch to Alan and Nathan...
Those two hams...

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