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August 05 2008

David Boreanaz is the star of Sky One's new promo. It's all part and parcel of the UK satellite channel's attempt to rebrand itself.

I'll watch David do anything. Seriously.
Yes, that's right folks, Sky One will now be given a 150m makeover and become Sky 1!

Do these marketing people really get paid to do this stuff? Amazing.
I see they bought Caprica, I was kinda hoping by now that we'd hear if they picked up Dollhouse. But kudos to them for using David, he's just going from strength to strength in terms of recognition.
Must admit, purely selfishly, i'm kinda hoping Virgin 1 (soon to be Virgin 1.0 then Virgin The One then Virgin n/nwhere n is an integer) get 'Dollhouse'.

And that boy Booth, he sure can shoot.
Sky and Virgin are in talks again so something good might happen yet. I do missing laughing at the Sky Onc logo. I can see why they had to rebrand.

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