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August 06 2008

A quick mention of Nathan Fillion's new pilot 'The Castle' for ABC. The Hollywood Reporter mentions it is testing well; a promising first sign in the race for a series order.

I got to watch the pilot episode last night as part of a survey process. Nathan is quite funny which is great and the chemistry between him and the female cop has a lot of potential. I would give the pilot episode a big thumbs up.
No mention of Alan's pilot, though. Dammit.
Which network has Alan's pilot? This article is only about ABC shows...
Lucky you, doyn! So it's a comedy? Or is it a "dramedy"?
ABC has Alan's pilot, entitled 'Fourplay'.
Any more information, doyn? All I know is the tiny little blurb and nothing more.
I'm pretty sure Alan's pilot is the one by Max Mutchnick and David Kohan which hasn't been delivered to ABC yet.
Yep, you're right Derf. I didn't read that paragraph.
It is pretty solid in the drama category, but crime procedural drama. However they do work humor into when they can. I would say not quite as funny as Bones, but has the potential to get there with the dynamic between the two leads. Nathan is charismatic as always and plays his character strong. The premise of the show is believable and the case they worked on in the pilot seemed decent.

The female lead is attractive but not to the point you question her ability to be a cop and the pilot did a good job introducing you to all the characters and what Castle brings to the table. Also involved in the storylines at this point are his mother, his daughter and his book editor (she is attractive as well). While I am not sold on the mother storyline, the interaction between him and his daughter is genuine and I look forward to more of it.

Overall I would give it a thumbs up and recommend it to others asking about it. Those who show up for Nathan will not be disappointed. My only minor issues were I wanted more humor and the mother. In time, this could be on par with Bones, but without all the sidekick cheese.
Thanks for the details, doyn! I just started watching Bones a few weeks ago and am head-over-heels in love with it - even all the sidekick cheese. Hope Castle gets picked up so that the rest of us can enjoy it too!
Bones took a while to get into its groove. I'm sure Castle will find one too. I hope it gets the shot it deserves. I want to see Nathan as a dad.

I read elsewhere that they didn't show the poker game with the real authors. So maybe there is humor they are holding back for now.

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