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August 06 2008

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Spike: After the Fall #2. The second issue of Spike's adventures in Hell-A arrives today!

So, what did you all think?

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(To answer my own question...) Fantastic issue. Amazing art from Urru, as well as writing from Brian that was funny and heart-breaking in turns. Mr. Lynch writes an awesome Spike (although gotta say, he really does put Spike through hell.) The ending was horrifying, with things looking pretty terrible for Spike & Co.
Poor Spike! Seriously, have all the people he swore to protect get
(end blinvisible text)
I love Brian Lynch's writing and I'm enjoying this Spike series even better than the Angel: After the Fall (and I LOVE Angel: After the Fall!).
I have my copy as well.Thought it was great and faster moving then issue 1 which is to be expected I would think.

I really liked the Spike/Dragon interaction and Spike's monologue.And the last page cliffhanger was seriously creepy.
Sorry zeitgeist! I'll make sure any links end with a period next time. By the way, does that mean links always have to be complete sentences? "For the discussion of Spike: After the Fall #2" is not a sentence.

Yeah, poor Spike! I get why he didn't mind a bit of R&R in Angel: After the Fall #2.
Decided to wait until Friday since I don't think I got Issue 1 and I couldn't afford 2 IDWs and a Darkhorse. What can I say, I'm a Northerner and we lost at Bull Run.
A link doesn't have to be a complete sentence. It can be part of the description, in which case there doesn't need to be a full stop. If it's a complete sentence, it needs a full stop.
DaddyCatALSO-You know, if we were talking about a vast amount of money, I'd understand your comment better. But we're only talking four dollars and some change. That's a small price to pay for the entertainment value of these comics.
menomegirl: I think DaddayCatALSO said he was going to buy them, just later this week. At 3-4 dollars a pop (in the U.S., and importing could add to the cost,) these things can add up if one reads more than a few books. Not saying S: AtF isn't worth it (it really really is, and then some) but that comic book selection can pose a challenge for those watching their budget. I've put off buying TPB's myself to spread out the costs.
I haven't had a chance to get to town, but when I do, buying this will be first on my list. It sounds great, but then with Spike and Brian Lynch's name on the cover, how can it be anything else?
fiatlux-I've put off buying the comics for up to a week before myself. I'm not saying it doesn't add up if you look at the whole-it does. It's just, I've seen complaints about the cost and I can't look at it that way. The comics are pretty cheap entertainment, IMO.

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Comics are fabulously and cheap, but when I buy all the Buffyverse comics (Buffy, Angel, Spike) as well as every X comic (Uncanny, Legacy, X-Force, Young, X-Factor) I spend upwards of 60 bucks a month.
$60 a month? I used to spend more than that in a week. Then the financial world came crashing down and I couldn't do that anymore, but that was a very ridiculous, fun time span.

Anyway. Great issue, lots of fun. I loved Spike's inner monologue about the various ways he could attempt to take the dragon down. Hilarious.

Discuss more on .Org with me...
I enjoyed Franco's art, and the dragon monologue was funny. Unfortunately I found this issue a tiny bit confusing (liked it less than the impressive #1). It's to do with the flow for me... compared with Buffy season 8 which I find totally absorbing to read. The voices and humour are good but overall I found this one a little disjointed, as I have one or two issues of A:ATF.

Unlike many posters above I think that comics are a shockingly expensive hobby. The time to read a single issue is short yet a comic costs the same as a full glossy magazine. Now I of course appreciate the hours of work that go into each issue by the writers, artists and others. And if I love a comic then I will keep buying it regardless of the cost - this is my fix we're talking about. But put it this way - I would love to buy more but can't afford to (not even TPBs). My public sector job does not give me much disposable income. Oh well, reading comics helps me to forget that! ;)
So that flashy thing in Wolfram & Hart that the Dragon delivered Spike to... I'm guessing that was Angel wrapped in a glamour that needed a peek at Spike's esssence in order to create the image of a vampire with a soul? Anyone else take that away?
Compared to watching Buffy & Angel on TV for free way back when, I would say that comics are more expensive.
Ooh, interesting, dingoes8. I didn't think of that. However, I think that the dragon was just hoping that spike could somehow help Angel. I don't think Spike actually could, but the dragon was desperate to help his friend.
*pokes at thread* I always miss this thread and have to go back into the archive to find it. .

I loved this issue. I also think that sir glowey person is Angel and that the still nameless dragon wished that Spike would be able to help him. Poor Spikey losing the people he helped (guessing that Jerry survived *crossing fingers* so far ;). Spider will so get Spike out of his little predicament. And hey, I get that Illyria had a hidden power inside of her… but, Spike does too? *curious* I can’t wait to read the next issue!
menomegirl fiatlux; I didn't get paid until Friday! That's all I was saying. (and my strategy failed anyhow; I forgot my can of soup at lunch one day and still had to hit the ATM before I wanted to.) It wasn't a cost complaint, just one of my trademark daily progress reports.

fangster: I don't know what a weekly newsmaagzine or a celeb tabloid costs these days but a specialized magazine For example a film magazine like FilmFax, Films of the Golden Age, Scary Monsters etc is in the $7-8 range so a comic sin't a bad buy by those standards. E(specially since these are the only ones I buy.)

Plot-wise, well, I can't say much beyond it's what I've come to expect from these books by now. So it certainly fits the continuity quite well.

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Sorry zeitgeist! I'll make sure any links end with a period next time. By the way, does that mean links always have to be complete sentences? "For the discussion of Spike: After the Fall #2" is not a sentence.

Its as Caroline says above. The fact that you started the next bit with a capital 'The' made me think you had intended for it to be a sentence (fragmentary though it may be).

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