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July 15 2003

Tony Head pics from the 2003 Toronto Trek Charity Auction. There's a write up about it by the organisers at the Buffy Cross & Stake (read it quick before it gets archived and then disappears).

Looks like Tony's been at the lager off season.

Still though... sigh.

I just read on a mailing list another report from the con. Remember we discussed the Fox auction and I wondered if they were selling Giles's ring?

Well, apparently, after the last show, Tony managed to take his watch, his watchers ring and the green mug from the set. Hurrah!

[ edited by prolific on 2003-07-14 22:43 ]
Not sure what you meant by the lager. The auction was at 10:00 a.m. and he was sober. He was lively and fun and enjoying himself though. What other list was the report on? The con was a hoot and he gave his all to it. I was very impressed
I believe prolific was referring to Tony's beer belly. Still looking good, though. :)
Yup, 't was the belly I was speaking of.

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