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August 07 2008

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie answers questions about Buffy Season 8. And yes there is discussion of the tumultuous event that occurred in Buffy #17.

But still, this was really uninformative.
Would you have liked him to answer without giving the game away?
Spike and Angel can appear in Season Eight as much as we want. That's part of the deal that led to After the Fall—we can do whatever we want with characters from either show.

That's intriguing...

Personally I like Buffy (temporarily) not having a man in her life -- it lets the story unfold in this new medium without being overly rooted in the past. But it would be interesting to see Spike or Angel re-appear once it's relevant to the overall story.
I don't care to see either Spike or Angel... like, ever again. I prefer Satsu, haha, but hey that's just me and I'm also now extra interested in Jo's cover for issue 22...
But I do trust that if/when either of them come back, it'll be well done and fit the story line at the time and all that good stuff, so... it will be interesting indeed.
I think it might be hard to include Spike / Angel now. The world they live in is so different from the Buffy storyline. I don't really see how they might unify them. ("Hey, we have an army of slayers, and LA is taken over by demons. Let's ignore it."). Already in TV series' the worlds spread apart, but the Angel comics took it several steps further, I just don't see it happening.

And even more so about Angel, . They're truly two different series now, with common roots.
Eerikki, I assume you mean that they would have to deal with those issues if they coordinated the stories. Right now those are not issues since it has been established that the hell dimension LA is in is totally cut off and hidden from the world. Spike and Angle are a bit busy at the moment, but since Buffy seems to be all over time, it seems like anyone could show up, especially immortal vampires. I just do not think they will...for any substantial story line, anyway.
And of course, all he was doing was stating a fact while answering a question about Angel and Spike. Yes, they can use those characters. Whether they will or not, who knows?

Simon, I do find such answer sessions relatively worthless. What is the point of having them if while having them you offer up no real information? There is nothing in this session that we have not already learned in the past, save for the quick and obvious comment about the Dru mislead, which was already a known factor.

The truth is, if they gave out information, it would not affect sales whatsoever. No one here would not buy the issue, if they had already decided to follow the series, because they learned something about what was coming. Those that want spoiling could read, and those who do not do not have to- same as for promos on TV, fan sites, etc.

Now, I will accept there is one reason to do this kind of QA. That is to build a relation between reader and editor. I was an editor for many years, and being responsive to my readers was critically important to me. The downside here is that they can be very selective about what people are told. Reading back, and using my own concerns as a base, when asked about Tara, Allie never specifically and directly said that she would not return. And when a questioner here said something about Anya and Tara not coming back at all, Allie made no comment to that in answering the other part of the question. So, who knows what will happen.

Finally, I agree. I think using Angel or Spike would diminish this comic. I see no reason for them to go there. It's been year since Buffy and Angel were a couple, and I highly doubt it would be possible for them, both more mature now (or Buffy, anyway) to ever experience that one true moment of happiness again. Which removes all that tension.

Though I would like to see Spike pop up at some point.
I think there are a lot of fans who would like to see an Angel and Spike appearence at some point which is why people keep asking TPTB about it all the time.Just as there are a lot of fans who don't want to see an Angel and Spike appearence.I always felt it shouldn't happen until ATF wraps and the way that story is set up,it couldn't happen before that anyway.Now how things are after ATF ends in issue 16 and what the status quo is in Angel:Aftermath,we'll have to wait and see.

I hope Joss can write that last arc.I can understand with Dollhouse and Cabin In The Woods taking up his time now but still,it would be great if he could finish it the way he had planned to.

At that point,I think they should take a break before starting season 9.Even if Joss dosen't write as much for it,he'll still be Executive Producing it.

Can't wait to see that Jo Chen cover for #22.Since issues 21-25 is supposed to be telling the same story from a different point view and since we now know what the big event is that happens,I suppose this issue might be from Kennedy's point of view?

Issue 20 has an interesting title.

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I must have missed an earlier Q&A where Allie said Anya wouldn't be making an appearance. That makes me a sad panda. And yes, that's probably the biggest thing I took out of this interview.
Has anyone else been searching the internet to find Jo's cover for #22? If you have...any luck?
Nolan- Allie did not say that. The person asking the question did. That person was asking if, despite the fact that Anya and Tara were not coming back, were other returns possible? Allie never commented on that part of the question, which was my point. It is entirely possible that Anya will come back; it is entirely possible she will not. They are not saying one way or the other.
I can visualize an Angel or Spike appearance without "that tension" as part of it still working. Not that I have any strong desires to see them, or not to.

Of course Drusilla is welcome in a cock-eyed way. And maybe Harmony had made San Bernardino before LA was pocketed.
Dana, that's what I thought at first, but then I did some digging, and this previous Q&A has Allie saying that as of February there were no plans to see her in Season Eight. Doesn't mean she won't turn up in other ways, I guess.
Spike could probably fit in all right in the Buffy comic without being too much of a distraction since he's still a vampire and can fight for the good guys, but now that Angel's human, that would add a whole separate story that they don't really have time to cover in Season 8 if he suddenly showed up. Who knows, maybe they have planned for this all along and that's part of the big finale story?
Nolan- "no plans" does not mean a definitive "no." What I am saying is that they have drawn very fine answers to the question of whether or not Tara will be brought back. There is always an out in every response he makes to this question. It may be for the simple reason that they cannot predict where they will go with some story lines, but really, if he wants to put that question to rest, all he needs to say is: we will not be using this character in any story we develop. That ends the debate. But he has not done so and you know, it would be horribly misleading to hold out hope for people just so they buy the book in the belief she might come back; in fact, that is sort of cruel. Now, I know that I have this irrational hope to see her again, but I am also quite attuned to the nuanced answer, because it is what we see our politicians do. Someone just asked WH spokesperson Tony Fratto about whether the admin forged a letter about Iraq, and his answer was, "it is absurd to think the admin would do that." That is not a "no" answer, you know? It sounds like a "no," but it really is not, and that is lost on people. So Allie's words are not completely clear and undebatable. That's all I am saying.

In fact, here is the actual question and answer from your link:
"19) Will Willow/Tara fans ever get to SEE Joss' vision of Tara coming back through a wish by Buffy? If even in an alternate timeline, it's just a scene a lot of us wanted to see go down because it just sounded like perfection.
I do not think you'll see anything like it in Season Eight, sorry."

A careful reading shows that what he really said was, you will not see Joss's vision of Tara being brought back by a wish from Buffy during S8. But that is really all he said. That hardly rules out other ways of bringing her back, right?

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But he has not done so and you know, it would be horribly misleading to hold out hope for people just so they buy the book in the belief she might come back...

But Scott Allie is just the editor. He may know what Joss currently plans on doing, but he can't say that the character absolutely won't return because he doesn't know. No, he did not give a definite answer, but that's because he really can't know for sure.
Which is my point... if he does not know, he should say that; if he does know, he should answer, or wishing to not give a definitive answer, let people know he knows what the answer is but will not share it. His answers always waffle.
I really think that holding out for the return of a character, any character, is just torturing oneself.

All Scott can say is there are no plans or there are plans because that's what he knows. He knows the plans and what's been written so far, but he cannot predict what hasn't been planned or written.

If he said he knew, but couldn't answer, that would almost certainly lead people to believe that something is planned....and if nothing is planned, that would be cruel and untruthful. It would be even worse if he said it is planned and the plan changed. I think Joss admitting that there ever was a plan to bring Tara back was a mistake. Knowing what could've been just makes it suck more for me.

I would hope there's something in the existing issues that makes people keep buying it. If Tara came back, I would most certainly squee...and probably cry. But I'm not holding my breath because I think that would hurt and not allow me to enjoy the story of right now.

If something really majorly good is going to happen, I don't want to know more than 2 issues ahead. I love me some spoilers and they don't ruin the story for me, but waiting for something I really want to come to fruition would be agonizing.
Don't get me wrong; I'm not waiting, just hoping. But I really hate these non-answers. I think they play with people, and I am way past too old to put up with it.
Don't get me wrong; I'm not waiting, just hoping. But I really hate these non-answers. I think they play with people, and I am way past too old to put up with it.

I'm gonna defend Scott Allie to the death on this: the surprises should be in the comic, not online, not at a convertion, not in the letter column. Joss Whedon and his cadre of writers have constructed a story that is in fact not 100% predictable...this is almost unheard of in much popular entertainment.

I really admire when editors, writers and artists manage to keep mum about upcoming plotlines instead of going: "We're going to do story X with (returning) favorite character Y." Way to spoil keep your readers on the edge of their seats (Mixed metaphors sometimes say it best)
For me it isn't even so much that I want to see any character return. I'm not going to burn the books if by Season's end we don't have the return of certain characters. It's just the question, or maybe situation is a better word, that burned at me most when the series finished on television has been, for the most part, largely unaddressed.

But once again, if it doesn't ever get addressed, I'm not going to be very broken up over it. I'll be mildly iritated, maybe, but I'll get over it. I've told myself since I discovered this universe, these characters, that any chance to see any of them in any form is enough, and I believe that it is true.
The answer is no until it isn't. It's not a goal or a plan in the near future. And if it is, they certainly wouldn't leak it as there is no way that spoiler could be contained. It'd end up a headline on AfterEllen. And that's just mean for people who don't like spoilers.

I don't think Joss would write a story around it. It would be something that happens if and only if the opportunity arises in the story. I don't want a definitive 'no' because that means Joss is ruling it out and shutting the door on any opportunity.

There really is no way to answer it that would be satisfactory for everyone. Personally, I'm satisfied with the "not planning to" answer as that means it's not ruled out. A 'maybe' would make me hope too much and a 'yes' would mean an agonizing wait.
Well, I am going to be in the minority here, but I still don't like it. I believe in being forthright and upright, and this ain't geoplitics, where it really matters, just Marketing 101.
I don't enjoy Buffy as much without Spike (which is also my reaction to the show) but I'm not going to stop reading if he doesn't show up. Considering how screwed up it could get, it might be for the best.

I have my IDW comics to keep me warm.
I'm on the side of keeping it hush about upcoming events. We're spoiled enough on this stuff. Strap in and enjoy the ride or get off the train, the choice is up to each individual person. I admire Scott for hushing up about some things and yes, being an editor on a comic is partially about marketing. Saying that he's not being forthright is a bit silly in my opinion, there is no requirement that he give away all the secrets and I, for one, would prefer that he didn't.
I know I'm the broken record but, with the sole exception of a reveal in the IDW books that my usspicions that Cordelia's death was faked are true, I'm not sure I want any of my lost favorites back. My feelings about Joss being what they are, I don't know that I want to see what he'd do to Tara, Jonathan or Anya if any of them came back. I'm, mostly, enjoying the books in a casual way. That's the best I can expect from him anymore, so I'm okay with it.
I don't know that I want to see what he'd do to Tara, Jonathan or Anya if any of them came back.

I'm thinking "horde of mariachi zombies", but that could just be me. Or maybe he could bring them back and re-kill them, but this time, with more sensitivity and a swelling, um, orchestral soundtrack.
I was wondering where that sentence was heading, zeitgeist. ;)
You loved it ;)
Is that a conductor in your pit or are you just happy to see me?
I've been thinking that the series really lacked something without Spike, or at the very least some testosterone. I actually haven't looked at the last two issues (please no hitting). Money again, and I chose After-the-Falls. I think I might come back for Oz and Spike though, if they didn't draw out that dang triangle too long. I thought that kind of wrecked the finale, JIMO, again no hitting. A little romantic tension is nice, but a lot for too long really seems to clog things up. (non-shipper here.)
Ed, please take this out if you think it will cause shipping argument, because I sure as heck do not want to do that. I feel like shipping tension is a pimple on the face of fandon and I would be the last to squeeze.
'shane: Heck, I *am* a major 'shipper and *I* hate to discuss it too, so I don't think you have much to worry about.

zeitgeist;I'm flashing on The Man in Black singing "Ring of Fire" with a back-up band of Jenny, Theresa, Larry, Tara, Jonathan, Anya, Snyder, and Fred. (considering how open I leave myself for these zings, I'm surprised more people don't take me up on it *g.)
:D - right on DCA and awesome flash there :).

cmbackshane - Afte the Falls? :) Made me think of Wonderfalls. Nice.

b!X - no comment.
I have to agree with Dana5140. And it's not just a Whedon-verse thing; I have a problem with silly interviews that poop on the fans. It's rude. I'd rather have no interview than a teasing one.

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