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August 07 2008

(SPOILER) Plot details about the new Dollhouse pilot. provides a handy summary of the new script.

More edgy, less quippy -- than his previous TV shows. (As Joss already mentioned in interviews.)

Will the edginess bring in a broader audience? (a la CSI, etc.)
Will the less quippiness disappoint us fans who initially loved Joss for his fun with language?
Casting Sides. I remember those got leaked quite easily, Especially in the last two or three years of Buffy and Angel.
Oh, so... they can imprint the personalities of actual people, or at least dead people? Interesting... Really looking forward to all of this.
Interesting. The bit about alcohol and overcoming trauma... isn't that very similar to what we saw in the original pilot script, in the hospital scene at the beginning? Or am I misremembering?

ETA that I think, at least from how this is described, that the new pilot might better establish the range through which Eliza is going to have to push herself in this series, better than the original pilot script did.

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Not knowing what the original pilot looked liked, I find it fascinating that the Dolls are set on a "timer" with their rented assignments.

The actual casting sides are attached at the bottom of the article. I was going to read them, but chickened out.

This definitely adds the creepiness vibe I like, and I didn't even have to over-analyze it (yet). :)
Read the new sides have also read the entire pilot second episode and I'm really really looking forward to it. Hopefully it'll catch some of that larger audience we now have (eyeroll) for genre-ish stuff.
Reading the sides now. Very interesting, I find, that they try, in a conversation Ballard has with his superior, to establish a bit of an answer to: How the Hell does the Dollhouse keep its clients quiet about its existence? That was always an element which was nagging at me.
I agree, bix. It also gives a hint on why Paul has to find the Dollhouse, and how this has the blessing of certain people. Joss was right to revise the pilot becuase the new one sets all the pieces together right from the start. Now bring on the massive promotion...probably around Thanksgiving.
I'm kind of assuming Dollhouse is going to get prime promotion space during things like the Fringe premier in September.
Don't forget, it's going to premiere during the NFL playoffs, which is going to be a huge plus. Because the NFL is King in this states.
I've always been drawn to Joss for his characters more than anything, so I won't miss the quippiness TOO much.
Showing "Dolhouse" promos during the "Fringe" series next month may be a bit too early because it will be on the same time slot as "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles". I just think that November may be more likely, but we'll see. Eliza already has people talking about it after being on Kimmel last night, even though he kept mispronouncing Joss' name.
Did he call him Josh? That always bugs me.

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