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August 07 2008

(SPOILER) Have you seen this woman? Missing Person- dark haired, petite, unusually strong for her size, answers to the name of Cameron. If you encounter her, do not approach! Cameron is not quite herself after suffering through this accident. The sooner she is off the streets the better for everyone.

...missing in Los Angeles County, Calif., since approximately Nov. 2007. ... If she does not receive immediate medical treatment she will suffer permanent brain damage.

I think poor Cameron's going to have severe brain damage...
I'm excited/worried about Cameron.

Only a month away!
I'm looking forward to September, and the return of Summer (which would sound confusing to everyone who isn't us).
I'm looking forward to a little Summer in my fall as well.
I'm very excited for the season premiere. Season 1 on DVD in less than two weeks, the Season 2 premiere a few weeks later... things couldn't be better. More Summer!
Hmmm. I'm curious as the 'staple gun'. Is it to put up the missing person posters or is there a deeper meaning I don't want to know?

Edited to delete one too many knows.

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cabri, where is the staple gun? In the video, Cameron uses it to "fix" her. Check out the link called "accident" in the header.
I read an article today (on I think?) that there was an all-new cast (well, all-new except for the principles) and I was pretty excited just from that, because the first season didn't resonate so much with me. I tried really, really hard to get into it, but it bored me a little. So after the retooling, maybe I'll be able to get into it.
korkster, I can't check the youtube cuz I'm at work. The 'staple gun' I was referring to is in the tags, but if it's also in that video, well, that explains that and I'll go away quietly. ;)
I wish I had a pet terminator to post flyers about. I'd teach it lots of cool tricks and show it the proper way to say "tight"... Actually, I'd probably just teach it not to say "tight" at all. And every night I would let it go out and terminate things to its mechanical heart's content. Oh, and I'd call it Tin Miss. Or possibly Love Machine. Not sure which.
Caffeinated Squint - There are 5 additional regulars this coming season, several of which are new characters.
cabri, did you get a chance to watch the video yet? It goes really well with the "Wanted" ad.
Nope, and I'm back at work now, korkster. Guess I'll just have to take a pass this time. ;)
That winky emoti-con, cabri, suggests you don't actually want to watch it. Hmmmm? It's nothing big, about 1 minute, I think. It just hints at what happens to Cameron after the explosion... no big deal... ;)
Actually I had a big long paragraph about how with work and the Olympics and possible even cleaning my apt I don't have much time to hit youtube, but all that's left is the wink. ;)
Ah, yeah... gotcha. ;)

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