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August 07 2008

Enter to win a Repo! cd featuring Anthony Stewart Head. The official Repo! The Genetic Opera site in conjunction with Horror-Movie-a-Day is giving away a seven song sampler cd that features everyone's favorite librarian as a genetic repo man.

They also mentioned they will be adding Anthony Stewart Head's audition as a part of their behind-the-scenes footage in the next couple of weeks! If you don't win the cd, you can still listen to the tracks at (the password is Geneco).

please fix the link (add 'http://' in front of the 'www')
Tony's my Jam.
I wish the clip had Tony in it. But HMAD is right, the songs are very catchy. I would like to have this CD.
You can get the tracks off this CD for free (and legally!). They actually have them available on a secret part of the official website. Go to and then type in the password geneco. If for some odd reason if the downloads are giving you trouble (they were for me and some others), go to the messageboard ( under "Music" and one of threads has direct links you can download them off of.

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