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August 08 2008

Why Alyson Hannigan is still the sassiest, smartest, most awesome sidekick on TV. "I loved Willow for being me. And I loved Alyson Hannigan for portraying her with such plucky aplomb. Alyson reminded us that it was not only cool for girls to be smart, but they could also be proud to be smart."

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Read the linked interview from 2001 too. Nice read. Shame the cartoon never came about, "tuna platter' jokes would have been amusing.
Not that familiar with HIMYM; is the term sidekick appropriate in such an ensemble setting?
Didn't Willow clearly state that she wasn't Buffy's sidekick? Why don't they just say that Alyson Hannigan is an amazing actress? I think that covers it. :)
Sidekicks always say that (kidding!). I thought I was TV's most awesome sidekick. I mean, aside from not being a sidekick nor on TV. Picky, picky...
I love when Willow gets compared to Lily. I bet they would have great conversations, lol.
But they probably aren't fans of each other, since I don't think either of them watches much network TV.
Did I just read that someone is not familiar with HIMYM?! By the gods, go watch NOW! GO!
Great article, btw. Alyson rocks very hard as both Willow and Lily!
Anything positive said about Willow or Alyson Hannigan is automatically correct (in the same vein as Chuck Norris, but without the testosterone) and automatically an understatement.

But I too quibble with the term "sidekick." :)
That was a very lovely 2001 article. I'm glad I read it. Made me tear up and long for more Willow. :(

I guess I'll be purchasing a DVR, bigger screen, & the first seasons of HIMYM. Too many shows this year! *explodes*
Guess you know which side I'm taking here, always been crazy about those red-heads. Must be something in my generics?

Anyway, Aly is the greatest and I wishing her the best!
And that's from Amy Pascale. Big name, big name.
Irrel: I would if I could, but I haven't had a TV for 6 years now. Or my own computer either.

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