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August 08 2008

Buffy versus Riddick - who's the baddest warrior? She may have triumphed over the superheroes but can she defeat the escaped prisoner of Butcher's Bay? Click on 'menu' then 'warrior smackdown' to vote.

Of course she can defeat him. She'd wipe the floor with him, and with the rest of the contestants.
Hey, they even say she can beat her current opponent in their bracket breakdown :)
They want me to choose someone in each bracket. Bah.
I'm all out of steam from the Superhero Smackdown. I'm gonna have to sit this one out.
Ditto. But yes, she could beat Riddick, IMO.
Yes but what if he turns the lights off? Please tell me I'm not the only person who loved Chronicles of Riddick?
It's too bad we can't see the results so far. I'm pretty sure that she's winning though.
I quite enjoyed it, Simon. Seen it a couple of times!
Yes but what if he turns the lights off? Please tell me I'm not the only person who loved Chronicles of Riddick?

She beat a girl that was invisible. He can turn the lights off all he wants, she's still winning. I liked the first movie. The second movie had potential. Lots of potential. But the last 20 minutes were off for me in a way I can't place.
Oh god, if Buffy and Lara Croft win, they'll face each other. My two favorite kickass women, I couldn't choose.
People can't choose Buffy over digital-coded only women? Maybe I'm wrong. I know that games mean a lot to some people.

As for Riddick, I like him but he doesn't have more than vampire fighting ability.
For once I have to vote against Buffy in a match up... It doesn't help that I'm currently rewatching season 6, where she can't seem to do anything right, and I have just seen Riddick for the first time last weakened.

Laura vs. Indy on the other hand, is driving me nuts, I really can't pick between them. I ended up flipping a coin, and voted for Laura.
Well, if you're going to vote like that, Noclaf, maybe I do need to play. ;)
Pitch Black was rad and the Riddick video game was a LOT of fun. If any of you have a nice PC (i.e. 2 to 3 years old, or newer) or an Xbox (original), I highly suggest playing the game if you're a Riddick fan. It's much better than the second movie.
Buffy is awesome, but Riddick is my favorite bad guy good guy sorta bad guy half-good guy bad-guy-turned-anti-hero ...uh, guy ever! Man, this is tough.
Buffy, might be able to beat Riddick, but she won't get past Xena and Hercules.

Xena fights Gods and Hercules is a Demi-God.

I'm thinking Gods are more powerful than demons and vampires.

Just my 1 1/2 cents.

In Buffy's superhero battle, she didn't have to face off with the HULK, right? I mean HULK SMASH. lol
Buffy won against a god. And an evil that precedes all of them. As awesome as Xena and Hercules are, Buffy wins!!!
Buffy and him would fight for a few minutes and then there'd be much lovemaking.
I think this would depend on if they get to keep their own weapons or not. If so, the Buffy wouldn't need to fight Hercules cause 007 would blow him away. And she could take Riddick no problem.

Or is this another one of those astronauts vs cavemen things?
Please, Buffy would kick his butt and take his mirrored glasses as a souvenir.

"Oh, shiny!"
I don't know guys, I think that son of Zeus thing is pretty strong. As for Xena and Buffy going one on one, all of the grunting and grabbing and slamming and holding, no matter who comes out on top, if we get to watch, we are the winners.

OK, the games are obviously meaning more to some people than they need to express, here.

You don't have to stop it, Simon. You could just let me go loose on them.
"Yes but what if he turns the lights off? Please tell me I'm not the only person who loved Chronicles of Riddick?"

I loved it too, Simon. And I'm not so sure Buffy could beat Riddick. The man is just too vicious an opponent. And he has superhuman strength, agility, and night vision... Besides, I can't really see those two fighting it out. Riddick would most likely avoid the confrontation (despite being outrageously turned on) and Buffy would never find him if he didn't want her to. If there were a match between Spike and Riddick, however...well, now that would be interesting wouldn't it?
shepherdbookshair - that was a little more information than we needed. Tone it down or we will let dreamlogic give you a talking to.
I was just having a little fun, I didn't mean to offend anyone.
My apologies to all, I won't let it happen again.
I know, its a fine line :)).
Is there anyone these polls haven't put Buffy up against yet? Godzilla? Mothra? Moms Mabley? (as I recall she was pretty tough) Joking, but a tired kind of joking.
I rented Pitch Black soon after it came out on VHS and completley loved it. Didn't hurt that Keith "voice of animated Spawn and Goliath from Gargoyles" David was in both films, the muslim man who survives the first. I bought and watched the "bridge" animated film, Dark Fury, and it was fine, I liked the Peter Chung animation--guy who did the Aeon Flux cartoon--but it isn't essential viewing. I even rented an Xbox system with Escape from Butcher Bay (but didn't touch it--I also rented Fable, that won out), which is apparently one of the best games-related-to-a-movie ever (not hard). Given that Vin Diesel was impressing early on in his career (aside from Pitch Black, he also voiced The Iron Giant and got to act a bit in Boiler Room, I can't remember how he was in Knockaround Guys), I had some hopes that he might turn out to be quite an actor in addition to being hot and potentially the next go-to action star, but then he did stuff I wasn't interested in (The Fast and the Furious, The Pacifier--although every muscle actor is allowed their Disney forays--and xXx--although I kinda wanted to see that last one 'cause I heard it wasn't bad).

Then I bought The Chronicles of Riddick (I'd already bought Pitch Black and Dark Fury, so it made sense to complete the trilogy). It was nice-looking and it had Judi Dench in it, which was pretty cool, I did like it despite its faults...but overall I thought the story was a bit of a mess and the pacing just felt off (and it sucked that they recast Jack, despite being played by Alexa Davalos, but apparently the original from Pitch Black didn't toughen up enough when auditions rolled around). Didn't help that they left things hanging and a sequel will probably never come, unless Vin gets back in the spotlight in a big way and fills seats with Babylon A.D., which I'm cautiously optimistic about. I think his other next film, a CGI effort called Rockfish, could be awesome if it captures the same fun as the computer animated short it's based on by Blur Studios.

Oh and in a fair fight, Buffy would mop the floor with Riddick. Probably even in the dark.
I even rented an Xbox system with Escape from Butcher Bay (but didn't touch it--I also rented Fable, that won out), which is apparently one of the best games-related-to-a-movie ever (not hard).

Escape from Butcher's Bay is an incredibly good game. One of the best that came out for the Xbox. I think they're rejigging it for the 360 and bringing out another Riddick game as well.
scorpion king 2? yikes... Randy Couture is a great MMA fighter, but as far as his acting chops go... They wouldn't even give him lines in a Steven Seagal movie he was in!
I do <3 Twohy's Riddick saga...most under-rated sci-fi out there...

I think Riddick would destroy Buffy

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