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August 08 2008

(SPOILER) Another 'After the Fall' Q+A at Slayalive. Writer Brian Lynch once again gives generously of his time to answer your questions.

And he reveals that the After the Fall story line *may* go to 17 issues - exciting!

This is a great Q&A, Brian Lynch always gives great Q&A! I'm very excited to hear that Angel: After the Fall will go for an extra issue, but I wish it would never end!
Is the Q&A over? Did I miss it??

Yeah, those were cool questions. Definitely need more A:ATF (my Spike ones haven't arrived yet *shakes fist*).

Q about the burning man in W&H. Brian said he thought it was obvious... who was it? Any ideas?
Ya it's just finished korkster. It was a good one.

That 'burning man' question was mine. I think it was Angel - and the yellow light around him was the magicks that he and Wesley were using to heal him, and set the vampire glamour onto him.

Brian says that it will revealed who it is.
Thanks angeliclestat! My copies come in this week. Can't wait to read them!
I'm pretty sure the burning man is Angel.The dragon wanted Spike to to help/know it was Angel.We know Angel was pretty seriously injured during his first night in hell and was laid up for a while.Those type of injuries probably required powerful and drastic magics to heal him.Plus who knows how Angel's glamour was applied too.

Great Q/A.

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22. gunsandsmoke: Do you think Angel deserves an ending?

Brian: I think he deserves a hug.

I love Brian THIIIIIIIISSSS much. I fangirled all over him at Comic Con. He said he didn't mind.
Brian is awesome.
That guy at Comic-Con...awkward.
I've enjoyed the series so far, but I've always had this kinda nagging feeling that I could never put my finger on as to why I didn't consider it an instant classic along the lines of some of the better Buffy comics so far, and I think I realized why reading about the guy from Comic Con. It isn't that we didn't get to see the alley fight until much later, but for me it's that Wolfram and Hart just seemed to almost completely disappear from the series aside from Wesley being screwed and Angel living at their former headquarters and kinda abiding by some vague rules they set.

A big deal for the final season of Angel for me was the fact that Angel and company were deciding to stick it to W&H accepting the full weight of all that would follow... that being almost certain terrible screaming agonizing death (the death coming if they were lucky). We've seen W&H do some truly horrific things to people, such as getting one's heart ripped out and having to live through it over and over again. The final scene of the TV show kinda nailed that point home, "Well, you stopped us (W&H) temporarily, and now we're gonna unleash pain like you can never imagine." So they got sent to hell and Gunn got vamped and there was some agony, but for the most part it looked as if the big punishment awaiting Angel and his buddies was just the mere act of being in hell with possibly being molested occasionally by some demons that are unaffiliated with W&H. It isn't personal at all. Is Angel's punishment specifically supposed to be that he Shanshu'd but has to live out the rest of his life in hell? Is that even something that W&H can control (if so, that is a pretty great punishment I have to say), or is it just something that happened on accident? And even if W&H orchestrated all these horrific things happening to the crew (including Gunn's being turned and Angel's hell Shanshu), where's the pain for Spike? Is it just that he's too much of a bad dude combined with the fact that he's Illyria's pet that they can't get their hands on him? Now that I think about it, why in the hell did W&H bring Spike back from being ashes after defeating The First's army in the first place? Did they think it'd be amusing to have him be stuck around Angel all the time?

Anyway, the lack of a presence of W&H feels anticlimactic to me in such a large scale that I hadn't even realized it until now, but the strength of Joss' outline and Brian's characterizations have really carried it anyway. I look forward to seeing it all resolved and I have faith they can pull it off.
archon - It wasn't W+H that brought Spike back - it was Lindsey and Eve, as part of their plan to bring Angel's place in the Shanshu prophecy into doubt:)

And I think the very act of sending a whole city into hell...*that's* anticlimatic for you lol. I think W+H's a huge presence in the series. They are the reason the gang are in hell.

Not to mention this other group that has taken Gunn under it's wing - that are scaring W+H...thats who I am interested in.

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