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August 08 2008

That Dr. Horrible remote control explained. Remember the iPhone doohickey that was used to control the van? Its creator PJ Haarsma reveals how it came to be.

What he says about children and books is very true. I never picked up a book until I was absolutely certain that it was what I wanted to do. Simply for the sake of not doing something I was told, I defied my parents, my teachers, that creepy old guy that used to watch me from his living room window...

And now I mourn for all the books I could have discovered back then. So what's the moral of this little anecdote? Children are stupid and need to controlled!, that isn't right...
Cool! Thank you for the link to the app. I've been wanting a closer look.
Speaking of which, I was getting annoyed that I couldn't remember the full URL for the remote control app, so I went ahead and registered and set it up to redirect to the remote. Hopefully a few others will find the shortcut handy as well.
I saw him speak at the Comic-Con Browncoats meeting, and he seemed like a great guy.
Wonder why PJ Haarsma wasn't thanked on the credits...
What a cool thingie! I wish I could somehow have that on my iPod.
I love that they're involved in getting kids to read. As a child I was, and as an adult I still am, an avid reader. It's something that I know has had a great influence on my life.

And, damn! Nathan's guns are making me absolutely

(I'll be in my bunk...)

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AmazonGirl, I think you can set it up as wallpaper. My friend did that on her phone, which isn't an iPhone.
Except it isn't a single image, it's a set of images. To be wallpaper is has to be a single image. So she must have taken a screenshot first or something.

(The thing totally fails to render on my iPod Touch the way it rendered on the iPhone in Dr. Horrible. It displays too small and if I tap to enlarge it renders larger than the screen.)

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-08-09 19:53 ]
Well "has to be a single image" is OS dependent, but, yeah, generally true, and probably more so for phones overall. If your iPod was a touch you could certainly browse to the original page or as b!X says, snag a screenshot and cut to appropriate size.

ETA - or not as b!X says its hosed on the Touch.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2008-08-09 19:57 ]
Well, I had it looking pretty damn good on my iPhone by screenshooting P.J. Haarsma's Horrible remote page and cropping it to correct proportions by using a photo of the iPhone screen - though it was, naturally, static. Then I decided to check it against the original m4v file and realized that the window on the Doc's iPhone shows him to be viewing it in his iPhone web browser (safari) and I realized that they probably uploaded it/them to a site and connected to it/them when they were shooting...

... so I went to P.J.'s Remote control webpage through my iPhone and adjusted it for size and it looks so damn good, with the window looking just right and the green lights blinking as it "tries to connect"...

Obsessive, much? I think so. But satisfied, nonetheless...
We're all bloody bananas aren't we ? Ah, my people ;).
You know when I saw the image the first time, I thought AT&T product placement. Then later I found out the whole story and that it was Nathan's iphone. LOL!
Just discovered my Palm TX can save webpages for offline browsing. Ha! Take that, snooty iPhone people! Us cheap bastards can be just as evil as you! Bwah ha ha, ha ha!
Wasn't Apple one of the few companies who sponsored Buffy?

I don't remember seeing many products displayed on that show (except for mentioning Dr. Pepper and small things like that) but Apple products were featured very prominently (Willow's notebooks throughout the series, etc.)
Are we a bunch o' techno-geeks, or what?!
Thanks for making my heart go Squeeeeeee! while drinking my morning cuppa coffee.
Alas, my iPod isn't a Touch. It is a Classic with a pretty good screen size.
But as I was reading your posts, I realized that what I could most likely do is take the static image of the remote--the one shown on PJ's page--and open it in Fireworks, resize and optimize it and save it to my Photos folder and stick it into my iPod so it shows up in my Slideshow Gallery.
At least that way I could see it on my iPod!
Thanks for the kick-start to my brainpan.

Damn. You guys rule.
: )
Oh no she di'in't!!!
Oh yes I did!
I couldn't resist. Besides, what self-respecting future member of the Evil League of Evil (and self-processed geek) wouldn't have a remote control application in their iPod?
(Sorry for the blurry photo. There are 2 pictures, but the other one is a little bit darker.)
: )

[ edited by AmazonGirl on 2008-08-10 22:00 ]
Unless they can come up with one that will actually give me control over other peoples cars while en route to work in the morning... ;)
Oh wait, I don't have an iPhone, iTouch, iPod anyhow. Nevermind.
QuoterGal, that is awesome!!
: )
Very nice. And now I'm all jealous.

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