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August 09 2008

Effinfunny promo for Legend of Neil. Felicia Day meets a big fan. Also, read her latest blog about the perils of shipping & handling.

Oh I just saw that (I follow Felicia's twitterings), so funny! And I just got my 'the Guild' DVD today! So it is a Felicia Day for me today.
Haha. "I'm going to twitter about this then go..." Hahaha.
"Stop acting, you're not good at it." LOL.
Yeah that was fun!

Some nice lines there... 'Stop acting...', the twitter line, the 'I took my panties off for you'... pure saturday night internet gold! =P
Can't watch the video yet but the blog is painful. I'm glad I bought my DVD at comic-con and saved her the hardship.
Me too. And that the extra money went to them instead of shipping. I hope it goes easier from now on.

All the above mentioned lines were great. I also laughed when Sandeep walked into the mirror.
Even though PayPal has not done me wrong, I symphathize with Felicia's hassles about postage and handling. That happens when I send out stuff people buy from me on eBay. If I had to send out 300 things at once, however, I would know how she felt.
I really don't like Paypal. They aren't a bank, so they can hold on to your money AS LONG AS THEY WANT TO. But they insist upon you giving it up right that second!
Paypal should be illegal or reclassified as a bank.
Yeah, it was tough reading about her shipping struggles. When the Season 2 DVD comes out, I think I'll make life easier for her and just drive to LA and show up randomly at her doorstep (with blue flowers and a suitcase of course). Doorstepped. Mwuhahaha.
"It's a mirror." Ha!
I hope Joss doesn't end up sitting at home hand-writing postage labels for a brazillion Dr Horrible DVDs. I don't think he'd ever write again!

BTW I can recommend Actinic Catalog software, does everything from shopping basket to secure credit card processing to printing packing notes and address labels.
Yikes, that sounds like quite the nightmare and makes me feel even worse about pre-ordering it from abroad. Put the damn 'Donate' button back up, yo ! ;) What is it with giving Whedonverse people money, do they really see it as the root of all evil or something ?

(and .csv files are OK but they're no tab delimited, that's fer sure)

Paypal should be illegal or reclassified as a bank.

Or people should be given the right not to use them. Oh wait ... ;-)
That was fun and educational. Some pointers to live by for, you know, when I become tech-savvy, slightly-famous, grow a beautiful head of red hair, happen to know Joss, and have the genuine quality to make people laugh, and turn my pre-existing addiction into Internet gold. ;)

*shakes fist* One day!
-Surly Post Office Lady
The right not to use Paypal may become the first if not proximate cause of the Internet Revolutionary War.

Which will hopefully all be in information.

p.s. - FD, the relationship between math and accounting is...I can't think of an appropriate similie. They're not close. Maybe they send each other those pre-printed corporate-style Christmas cards. But it might be a breeze, why be gloomy?

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