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August 09 2008

J. August Richards Suits Up in "Raising the Bar" Poster. Check out the newly-revealed poster art for the new TNT legal drama starring our former vampire-slaying-ex-attorney.

His face looks really odd in that...
He's got that "I'm evil ... but with a sense of humor" look on his face.
He's a bit smug maybe but not evil (in the pilot anyway), even bending the rules to see the right thing happen. Though he is on the side of The Man™ (i.e. he's one of the lawyers in the DA's office whereas the guy from 'Saved by the Bell' who's presumably - going by his idealism, rumpled suit and teary-eyes - meant to be the most heroic, works as a public defender).
We just got back from a trip to NYC and could see that poster larger-than-life from our Times Square hotel window. When he's that big, J. looks less evil and more amused (actually, he looks that way in real life, come to think of it :-)!
I hope he is evil, and articulate! I'll definitely be tuning in on Labor Day.
Hmmm... will his legal talents be implanted by an evil druid/mad scientist combo? Just curious...
Yeah... the evil stench of the legal system has been clinging to poor JAR since his Wolfram & Hart days. Boy really needs to go another route someday. Maybe once this show gets cancelled.
They're already running promos for the show at the movies. I saw one just before "Pineapple Express", a fine and goofy drug movie in itself, I might add. I will try this show out to see how JAR does here.
It's just proof of how much I've missed JAR that I'll give this show a try when I wouldn't even consider it otherwise.
He does look dashing, in a take-over-the-world-y Senior Partner kind of way.
I would watch JAR in ANYTHING. And this doesn't look that bad.
I've seen the first three episodes, and it is EXACTLY "Grey's Anatomy in a Courthouse." It's totally watchable and will be on TV for 10 years, minimum. JAR is great. This is a good part for him.
jengod, for someone who does not like Grey's Anatomy that is not much of an incentive to watch. My mind directly goes to "sex in the work place" and "pleasure before business" not my type of show. Now if you said "House M.D. in a Courthouse" my reaction would be much different ;)

Didn't J. study law before deciding on being an actor? I remember him saying something about that in an interview I saw. So, law has been following him way before W&H.
Mirage - yes he did. I remember his saying that his law professor told him, if/when the 'acting thing' didn't work out, to call him.

The poster looks shiny - wonder if we'll get it over here in the UK?
Not really into lawyer shows but Steven Bochco does = quality production. And this will be his first outing on a cable netwok, so I'll check it out.
And of course to support J., who really deserves a good show. Talk about the "most under-utilized potential". ;)
The poster looks shiny - wonder if we'll get it over here in the UK?

It'll probably make its way over if it lasts, maybe on Living TV or Channel 5 - pretty much everything does, even if it ends up on ITV4 at 1 am ;). And the pilot does have that slightly bland inoffensiveness that e.g. 'Law and Order' has so it may well run for years and years. Doesn't feel much like a cable show to me either, nothing particularly racy (apart from one scene maybe but again, it's inoffensively 'racy').

Nothing terrible about it, everyone's fine in it, it's very competently made etc., it's just not different enough to be exciting to me, probably won't tune in, even for JAR.
Saje, cable doesn't exactly equate to racy. The show is on TNT not HBO. Probably 99.9% of all homes with cable have TNT which comes standard on almost all basic cable packages. Not like HBO that you have to pay significantly extra for every month.
Ah, thanks, didn't realise that - most of the US cable shows that i've seen/heard of ('Dexter', 'Breaking Bad', 'The Sopranos', 'Deadwood' etc.) have some combination of nudity, swearing, violence etc. but it makes perfect sense, thinking about it, that not all the shows are like that, cable's just the "carrier" after all.
Yeah, you really won't see anything more racy on TNT than you would on Fox or NBC. And maybe less racy than Fox. They could if they wanted to since the FCC jurisdiction doesn't apply to even basic cable, but I don't see that happening. All of the shows you listed are on premium paid cable except for Breaking Bad which is on FX. FX is owned by Fox and is getting a reputation for pushing the limit on basic cable.
Yeah, it's perfectly tame and clean around the edges. More like "The Closer" or a less convoluted "Law & Order." No swearing, and I'd be surprised if we ever saw so much as a boob.

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