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August 10 2008

Covers for Angel After The Fall #11. Brian shows us on his blog the final result for both no.11's covers. The variant is by Stephen Mooney.

Very nice, especially the already-classic Angel/Gunn one.
And you forgot to mention that #11 is out this week-yay:)

I am kinda torn now - I was always gonna buy the Gunn/Angel cover...I hadnt seen the Mooney one before...but that is really cool. May have to buy both lol:)
I think the Mooney one wasn't previously shown. Also, Brian wrote he's done with Spike ATF, so he's concentrating on Angel ATF until the end.
Great news.Wasn't there another Angel vs. Gunn cover?That one with Angel in vamp face.Is that still getting released?

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I might be an idiot, but... is that supposed to be Gunn? It looks more like the Master to me, which kind of made my jaw drop.
It's Gunn. Having it be the Master would be really out there, based on what happened at the end of issue #10.

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