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August 11 2008

James and David are nominated for TWOP's Tubey Awards. Vote for James Marsters for Best Guest Star (for "Torchwood") and for anyone else in the "Least Favorite Actor" category to make sure David Boreanaz does not win this particular (dis)honor.

Registration is required for voting. Voting ends Sunday. August 17.

I don't understand their least favorite actor choices. David? Matthew Fox? Josh Holloway? None of these guys seem hate-worthy for any rational reason. I don't know enough about the other actors on there to comment, but Josh Holloway in particular, though I'm no great fan of his, has always been a consistently believable actor, at least in my experience.

Wow, that's a lot of asides.
Well, Matthew Fox I can see. Definitely not the worst actor on television, but the weakest link in the "LOST" cast, anyway; some of this has been the writing for Jack, though. Josh Holloway, on the other hand, has gotten significantly better over the years.

I don't watch "Bones," but DB has been exciting to watch grow as an actor. In season one of "Buffy" I would have agreed that he's not a strong actor (though he was well cast in what was not yet a demanding role), but he grew with each passing year.
Wow, does that site STILL have that weird, somewhat irrational hatred of DB? I figured they were carrying some kind of grudge when they cancelled their "critiques" of Bones with the rather infamous "It turns out that all the hardcore Angel fans really aren't that interested in watching David Boreanaz pretend to be a former sniper turned FBI agent who works with a forensic anthropologist to solve crime cases. Or it could have been the writing. Or the magnificently ridiculous crime-solving tools. Or the fact that there are eight million other crime procedurals on television, and this one was either too different, or just not different enough. Whatever the reason, no one cared, and you can go ahead and insert your own 'Bore-eanaz" joke here.'" Considering the show's going into its fourth season, I'd think it's TWOP's writing on the show, not the show itself, that was garnering low interest.
Whut. I love Bones, I love David Boreanaz. If TWOP was a real person, I'd smack them.
If TWOP was a real person, I'd have smacked them long ago. ;-) As it is, I just can't bring myself to register.
I love TWoP much of the time, but they've missed the mark on this one. David Boreanaz is fantastic in this role. IMHO, he's greatly improved from his time on Buffy.

By the way, I believe the nominating process was entirely by popular vote. Posters were able to nominate whoever they wanted in each category, then the top five were picked in a second round.

ETA: vote for HIMYM for best cast and NPH for Best Actor!!

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If TWOP was a real person, I'd smack them.

We don't bash other sites here. It's one of our unwritten golden rules.
I haven't seen Bones, so I can't agree or disagree with TwoP on their potential reasons for having to drop it from their reviews roster, but a lot of their decision-making in that regard has to do with the response they get from members. If the forum for Bones was dead, or they didn't see their hit counter for that section of the site getting much action, then they would rightly figure that it's not a series that interests TwoP viewers.

A show lasting into its fourth season shouldn't be taken as a marker of quality or decent writing. Exhibits A & B, Charmed and 7th Heaven, which lasted 'til 8th and 11th (?!?) seasons respectively. I've watched a little but enough of them to feel pretty confident in believing that there are far more worthy shows that've been on TV that deserved those renewals way more. Chances are good that Bones is a far better series than either of those, but just because it's made it to Season 4 doesn't mean TwoP's wrong.

I think Boreanaz improved by leaps and bounds over the course of his time in the Buffyverse. Though even early on (Season 2 as Angelus, for example) I thought he was capable of being funny, of showing us the parts of his characters that were amusing. He had a ton of affecting scenes on Angel.

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I think TwoP just likes making controversy so people will go vote ;)

Poor DB. I'm sure he'll get over it.
And not to worry anyway; there is much more hatred of other shows on TWOP. But the biggest error I saw? Not nominating Mia Wasikowska for Best American Accent by a Non-American, for Sophie in In Treatment. She also should have had a best actress nom, and the cast a best cast nod (Gabriel Byrne, Diane Wiest, Blaire Underwood, Embeth Davidtz, Michelle Forbes, Mia, Josh Charles).
And where did the Jorja Fox hate come from? That's two of my fave characters of all time- Sara Sidle and Sophie. Y'all know who my third and most fave is...
It's a shame that Mia Wasikowska was also overlooked by the Emmys. She was so amazing in that show.
God's truth, tru to dru. She was astonishing, and I am hopelessly addicted to her arc, even though I have seen every episode at least 5 times. Her, Tara and Sara Sidle are the only characters in TV with whom I have truly been emotionally invested. I cannot wait to see where her career takes her- though a role as Alice in Alice in Wonderland, alongside Johnny Depp, seems to be in her cards.

(In Treatment DVD is out September 9)
LOL And here I thought TWOP always had an unusual loathing to Spike. I also agree about DB’s acting improving so much in Bones. You could see that he developed as an actor for each season we saw him in as Angel (it was a very shaky start – but I was all with him on ANGEL). As for Bones, I have seen all the seasons, and in it he had also started on shaky legs IMO… it took me a while to see him and not think “Why is Angel in the sun? Why is grinning and goofy and a sort’ve closet geek?” but then DB found Booth’s voice and I believed the character. Maybe TWOP’s peeps are just pissed about the Bones season ending, I know I am – it isn’t the best written show out there, but that out-of-the-left-field smack still has me reeling and not in a good way. I love surprises, but only those that make me go “Oh, I am such an idiot! The signs were all there and I didn’t see them” and go back to watch again. It didn’t do it for me there.

Kris, I would also add Smallville! For some reason I can’t see the poll… can anyone tell me if Tom Welling’s there? I might actually bother then to figure out why the poll is not there for me.
Aww I think DB does a great job in Bones! TWOP are mean!

I voted for James as best guest star and anyone except David in the other catagory
Most if not all of TwoP seems to like James Marsters as an actor, but their complaining about him might have started in Season 6 and 7 (and possibly continued for Angel Season 5, I can't remember). They didn't appreciate the overexposure of the character. It didn't bother me at all until Season 7 and some parts of Angel Season 5, otherwise I love Spike...not nearly as much as some of the diehard Spike-fans though, heh.

Mirage, I can't comment on Smallville currently, I stopped watching when Season 4 finished, but based on what I saw, eight seasons seems like more than deserved. It was a guilty pleasure that had outlived its fun for me (and any time it got good briefly or had a stand-out episode, it became increasingly frustrating to see it dip back down and waste all the potential the whole premise had...time and time again). I was also afraid it would go on for way more seasons than I was prepared to devote to it. If Season 5 had been the last, I would've rented it for completeness. Since Season 8 will be finishing it off and a friend of mine buys the seasons, I might some day check it out if I have no better TV shows left to watch...but currently there's a ton of regarded-as-quality material out there that takes priority over Smallville.

Smallville does have some good actors in it. I hope to watch them in better quality future TV and film projects.
You mean "did have" as far as I'm concerned after John Glover and recently (thank GOD) Michael Rosenbaum left. I used to watch it as a guilty pleasure as well (low on the pleasure though, as you said, so much lost potential is frustrating - fan fiction kept me going for a while). I also intended to stop at season 4 but then James had to come in at 5 and I watched that too...(the only thing worth it for me was his scenes with MR) I tried to watch 6 but a few epis in, I just admitted defeat. When James returned once again in 7 (learning my lesson from S5) I only watched the episodes he was in.

I can't wait to wake up on day, check on Whedonesque and find out that not unlike my wish had come true for NPH to work with Joss, Michael Rosenbaum had been turned to the dark side wiith the amazing writting and multitude of talent. Did I mention Michael can sing? It's a sign! ;)

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