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August 11 2008

Seth Green negotiates guest stint on "Heroes". EW's Ausiello reports on negotiations for multi-episode arc.

Oh this is awesome!
Very cool! Man, that Seth Green sure gets around. ;-)
I'll watch him in (almost) anything. Can't wait to see him in 'Heroes'!
He should appear on a show that is actually good. Go to DEXTER, boy!
I was all se to ignore "Heroes", and now Seth may be part of the show? Well, I'll see him, but I don't know about the rest of the season.
By the way, he's in the "Sexdrive" trailer...and you won't believe what he does (unless you saw the movie at Comic-Con a few weeks ago).

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I hope this happens! I'm already looking forward to "Heroes." Seth Green and Breckin Meyer will just make watching it that much more fun.

So was Ausiello implying they could be the Lone Gunmen of the series?
Seeing as Tim Kring has publicly apologized for Season 2, I'm willing to give season three a chance. If just for Kristen Bell and now Seth Green.
Kristen Bell's role in Season 2 made me wish I'd stuck with Veronica Mars for longer than three episodes.

People love to dump on Heroes (I didn't find Season 2 that bad, but then again I watched the second half of it on my PVR all in two days). I find a lot of the criticisms to be true, but I love it despite its faults and for everything it did right in Season 1. I think the biggest area they drop the ball in is when it comes to keeping Peter Petrelli busy between the beginning and the end of each season so far. Some of his subplots are dull, uninspired (I didn't care a lick about the Irish girlfriend).

I still love the Bennets and Nathan Petrelli and Sylar and Matt and I can't remember who else...Oh yeah, I like Ali Larter as Nikki, though I know a lot of people don't.

Seth being in Season 3 should be fun.
I just saw Zachary Quinto at the Las Vegas Creation con, and was extremely impressed. I liked Heroes quite a lot anyway, but now I'm really looking forward to it (not to mention the new Star Trek!), and the news that Seth Green will be on makes my anticipation all the more... anticipatory!
Never watched an episode in its entirety of Heroes, but know who everyone is and what's basically going on just from the overwhelming press it gets. Might check it out if Seth is going to be on.

Seth has a lot of respect for Breckin Meyer as an actor, and IIRC, they are close friends. I remember him expressing frustration that Breckin doesn't work that often, because Seth's opinion is that he's the best actor in the world, or somesuch.
I guess they'll be kinda like modern-day Frog brothers. Shiny!
I adore Heroes. It had a minor sophomore slump and now is going to come back better than ever from all reports. This would just be a really fun little addition. The new season can't start soon enough for me. I am in serious Petrelli withdrawal.
I found season two to be much more than a MINOR slump. But I'm hearing the same things you are, TamaraC, about the way season three is shaping up. So I'll still be watching.
I'm looking forward to Season 3 because I've been hearing good things about it. (But please please *please* give back Suresh's brain! Or just let Sylar eat it.) Now I have another reason to look forward to it.
B1x, I'm pretty forgiving of my ridiculously fantastical shows with really pretty boys in them. I figure that good story is just an added bonus.

I had made up my mind not to watch season three and everything, and now Seth has to come in and screw up my plans.

Yes, well, my not caring about really pretty boys might explain our difference in interpretation, then.
So was Ausiello implying they could be the Lone Gunmen of the series?

I hope so! Though having smart people to explain everything shouldn't give them permission to go all over the place with the mythology and never really get anywhere...

Actually, X-Files maybe not the best example for Heroes.
Yeah, that's right, I forget sometimes that Heroes' main cast is almost all male (which is awesome and uncommon these days for this kind of show, given what you'd assume its target demographic might be). Claire and Nikki are the only main girls, though there're some recurring types like Claire's mom Sandra Bennet and Angela Petrelli that're in it constantly. No idea if Maya will be a regular in Season 3, her and her brother were just constant guest stars in Season 2, yeah ?

I wonder if Tim Kring's 5-season plan still applies, since he got short-changed with Season 2. None of the spin-off-type things have happened yet either. Weren't we supposed to get a mini-series called Heroes: Origins last summer in between Season 1 and 2 ? I barely keep up with behind-the-scenes Heroes news.

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I have to admit that I abandoned Heroes halfway through season two, because I got rid of my cable and by that point the show no longer held enough interest for me to keep up with it online, which is what I've done with the other shows I follow.

But I guess I'll have to catch myself up on what I missed because, if Grey's Anatomy has taught us anything it's that, I will tune in for Seth Green.
Weren't we supposed to get a mini-series called Heroes: Origins last summer in between Season 1 and 2 ? I barely keep up with behind-the-scenes Heroes news.

That was going to air in the break halfway through season two. The strike cancelled those plans, though.
Wait, you got rid of cable and so could no longer follow a show that's broadcast for free over the airwaves?
Have you ever had a set of words that for some inexplicable reason are interchangeable in you own head? Even though you objectively know the correct meaning of each word, for some reason when you reach into your brain to say(or type) one of them you have a fifty/fifty chance of getting the other one?

Yeah, when I said cable, I meant television. As in my set. Sorry.

And now I shall spend fifteen minutes rereading this comment, paranoid that I've done it again. So, there's that to look forward to.
Darwinfox, we all do that, and seldom correct each other for it, if it's just a passing mistake.

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