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August 11 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art for Buffy #20 (now with added nostalgia). Dark Horse releases Georges Jeanty's cover for the "special" twentieth issue. The solicitation info for that issue as well as Jo Chen's cover can be viewed here.

Angel looks AWESOME.
So does Cordelia. Not so much the hair, but the face. :)
Now, I'm dubious to which one I prefer. I really love both covers.
Too bad we didn't get to see the animated series. That would have rocked! At least with issue 20, we'll probably get a tiny glimpse of what Jeph and Joss had in mind.
I am so glad this issue is getting made. The leaked clip from the animated series just makes even me more eager for this one.
if you check out cover A:

isn't that a direct nod to this partially-fanmade clip for a petition to bring back the animated series?

here's the link on SlayAlive if you're interested:

has this been said? am i right? do i get a cookie?! :D

[no sigs please, -ed.]

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oops... k no sig... but i should add that i love the covers, especially cover B. :) glad to see some form of the animated series finally coming to light! woot!
Question, who is the girl sitting on the ground with the braids supposed to be? Anya? Sorry if it's a silly question. :)
I don't get why Dawn is on this cover. That doesn't make sense. Angel and Cordy were long-gone by the time she showed up.
The animated series would have taken place in the revised-by-monks history of the Buffyverse, and so Dawn would have been around as a little girl.

ETA that I guess not necessarily a little girl, but obviously a younger girl. Heh.

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Aaaah, ok. Thank you, theonetruebix.
Flashback episode? That means we're guaranteed a massive end of arc cliff hanger!
i'm not a big fan of the "revised" history with Dawn in it. i had always felt like the comics and stuff that happened pre-Season 5 should have stayed Dawn-less. i mean, just because their memories were revised doesn't mean everything WE see should be revised, too, right?

although... it is also kinda cool to see what their revised histories are like... so i guess now i'm just torn. but i would hope the animated series would have been free of Dawn. okay i'll stop now...
I don't know which cover to get now... I always try to get the Jo Chen ones, but I really want the animated characters cover...
cleartrampoline, although not canon, reading the old Buffy Comics arc "False Memories", should be considered, as an interesting take on this, "monks revised take on history".
It does make it a lot easier to understand, what the Animated was attempting.
Hey! It's the 'Alpert' crypt! Nifty!

And Ms. Chen's cover is positively Rockwellian. Beauty!

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Looks like I was right. That vid footage was released to act as publicity for this edition.

The cartoon cover isn't very nice though. Although In in the style of the cartoon, it doesn't seem to work as well, where as the Chen version is superb as always.

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I think I have this issue figured out.

1)Issue 20 is a standalone written by Jeph Loeb.Loeb was going to be the showrunner and a writer for Buffy The Animated Series.He co-wrote the pilot presentation with Joss.

2)Issue 20 is currently titled "After These Messages ... We'll Be Right Back!"

3)The covers for issue 20.

4)Parts of this issue is being done in the style of the Buffy animated series mixed with regular art.

5)This issue is described as Buffy and her friends returning to high school.

6)Besides the pilot presentation which was filmed and finally leaked online last week,we know 7 or 8 scripts were written for Buffy The Animated Series.

7)Joss has used his ideas for aborted onscreen Buffyverse projects in these comics.The No Future For You arc used his plans for the Faith DVD movie.After The Fall is using his plans for Angel Season 6 and I think the Spike DVD movie.

So I'm thinking,could the upcoming issue 20 actually be using things from those 7 or 8 Buffy Animated Series scripts in the issue?

Maybe having Buffy/Xander/Willow,after the chaos of recent issues and as a breather before the chaos coming in issue 21, reminiscing about their high school days and revealing untold tales from the aborted animated series scripts in the form of the animated segments of the issue.Basically finally showing us those unfilmed stories in the comics.

I think one script for example involved Buffy and Willow babysitting and getting shrunk or something.That type of stuff workes great in both animation and comics and it would be a fun way to finally get usage of those never made stories.

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fantic, I don't think Joss is adhering to his original plans by the letter, at all. NFFY, for example, is apparently quite different from BKV's Faith pitch - not least that the original probably didn't involve Buffy at all - and Joss encouraged Brian Lynch to deviate from his season six plans for the betterment of the story.
Issue #20 will be release on Nov. 26??? Till now, every issue has been released at the beginning of the month. Weird...
Besides that, I'm really lookin' forward to seeing this issue. Still hope to see the animated series in the future though.
Oh, and both covers are so beautiful. It will be hard to pick one.

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But they are using ideas from them.No Future You used ideas for the Faith movie but adapted to season 8 with changes of course and new things added.Same with After The Fall.

Neither is exactly like what would of been seen on-screen but both are using ideas from those aborted projects as the starting basis for what we ended up with in the comics.

So I don't think we will get get exactly what those stories were for the animated series but I thinks some of those ideas from the written scripts will show up in this issue.

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I understand that the animated cast cover is way cool but I just can't pass up the beauty of the Chen cover. I think it's "Whedonian-perfect" that the same inside content can work (hopefully) with that animated cast cover and that beautiful Norman Rockwell homage. (btw it reminded me of THIS )

I want a giant copy of the Chen cover to frame and put on my wall. It's freaking gorgeous.
Wow, this is far and away my favorite cover Jeanty's ever done, it kinda makes me sad! Seeing them like that and knowing what happens to them (at least partially). I definitely have to get both covers that month, too.
Yep, this might be the first month I buy both copies of an issue. This Buffy: TAS thing has really gotten under my skin since the pilot was released. Now I want everything even remotely related to it.

Shout out to ferrygirl re: Nov 26th. That's not the first thursday of the month. It's a wednesday. I'm not sure this is a long term thing, hopefully it's a one off, wasn't there rumour of Jeff Loeb's story running late? In that last month Jo Chen was all "I drew the cover without knowing the plot or artist"?
So the question is, what does issue 20 have to do with the animated series?
Wow, I am loving this cover! Fortunately for me I don't have to debate over which one to choose b/c I always get both covers each month. This cover really gives me a nostalgic feeling of the high school days. I would love nothing more than to see the animated series come to fruition, but if that is not to be, than hopefully we could at least get a glimpse of it in this issue...
I should also note how good it is to see Cordy again. In fact if she appears in this issue (even in flashback) it'll be her first appearance in Buffy since "Graduation Day, Part 2." (Well, okay, you can spot her in the background of the flashback to "BBB" in "Him," but seriously.) Tear, sniff.
I'm excited for the Cordy & Angel love as well. Even a younger Dawn, for that matter.

Do you think this is the issue where Oz comes back? It is during the high school years...
Oz comes back in the arc that runs from issue 26-30 and written by Jane Espenson.

The Animated Series was going to be set in season 1 or very early in season 2 before Oz was on the show I suspect.I assume this will be that same timeframe.
Wow, that Chen cover is really pretty. I'm with alexreager, I want it framed and on my wall. Also, just the core three, being together like that? It does make on nostalgic.

I'm very much looking forward to these 'flashback' stories. I'm still very much in love with the S1/S2 setting. As much as I've loved what came after, those early days always feel like 'home' to me, probably because that's when I fell in love with the show. Wow, there was a lot of 'love' there ;). Can't wait.

Soooooo... animated promo-leak. Promotional push for this issue?
That's what I'm thinking, GVH. And if so, very clever in execution.
Both those covers are amazing!
I think it'd be kinda neat to see a brief Oz cameo, maybe even just a little panel with a "Who is that girl?" as if the issue wasn't going to be enough of a fan-treat already.

Also, very excited to see Dawn's relationship with Angel/Cordelia. Angelus called Dawn once, but... Yeah. Score.

Isn't the three week delay because Sarah Michelle Gellar had to approve the artist? I'm not sure what she's so worried about. That's such a long wait....
In case anybody wants bigger, better resolutions, check out
Is it me or does Giles look like Randy (Spike) does when they lose their memories in Tabula Rasa?
I actually don't think there will be flashbacks involved in issue 20.
If I remember correctly, it was said before that the existence of demons and vampires will become public knowledge in season 8. So might the existence of the slayers.

Wouldn't it be possible that a Buffy TAS series were to come into existence within the buffyverse? And that we might see glimpses of this tv series in the comics?
Is it me or does Giles look like Randy (Spike) does when they lose their memories in Tabula Rasa?

It's not just you. I even asked my brother, "Why does Giles look like Spike?"

i'm not a big fan of the "revised" history with Dawn in it. i had always felt like the comics and stuff that happened pre-Season 5 should have stayed Dawn-less. i mean, just because their memories were revised doesn't mean everything WE see should be revised, too, right?

although... it is also kinda cool to see what their revised histories are like... so i guess now i'm just torn. but i would hope the animated series would have been free of Dawn. okay i'll stop now...

I always wondered what the revised history with Dawn would be like (especially since it meant Buffy having to hide her secret from Dawn, as well as Angel/Cordelia interaction with Dawn), so I'm definitely intrigued. And, what are the chances of Joyce being in the comic, too?
To clear up all the confusion (because there's a lot of it here):

It was explained a long time ago that issue 20 is a high school flashback, with the flashback being done in the style of the aborted animated series.

And also, I just now realized this means Angel and Cordy will be there. So awesome.
UnpluggedCrazy; Thanks for the clarified butter, err, clarification.

JakobSchmitt; Yes, i was sort oft hinkign the same thing, that maybe once the general public elarns about the supernatural, maybe Andrew sells an animated series about "a Slayer and pals" as part of the whole thing.

(Which r eminds me of an idea I once had; if Playboy amgazine found out about Sunnydale and Angel's LA, and came tot he various females in the shows (characters, not actresses) about being in a "Women of the Hellmouth" pictorial who'd agree to appear. (Opinions varied but everyone I a sked agreed Harmony would go for it, and also Anya if the fee were high enough.)

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I think the three week delay probably has something to do with Eric Wight's habit of taking up small comic book projects and then dropping out of them halfway through because he has bigger deals on his plate. HOPEFULLY he'll do this one all the way through, which would be really nice since he was the character designer for this show (and a stellar artist in his own right).

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