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August 11 2008

Signed Buffy and Angel posters are part of EW's "Most Prized Pop-Culture Possessions". A very, very lucky fan indeed. I wish I had relatives in "the biz"!

They even got away with some mugs from Roswell's Crashdown Cafe. I'm jealous.

See, now what I'd really like is a wax lion, Wax Lion! ;-)
It's not my most prized, but it is my most funny - a copy of Clive Barker's Coldheart Canyon inscribed to my partner with a Clive-drawing of (I guess you'd call it) "Penis-Land" just below the inscription.

It is possible that Clive inscribes all his gift books this way, and that there are thousands of his "Penis-Land" drawings floating around on his novels, but it still gives me kindof a kick when I see it... though I think it would have been even better if it had been a copy of one of his Abarat books for young adults.
At the moment, my original Sugarshock art is probably my only real prized pop culture possession. (And it makes two Comic-Cons in a row that I scored awesome Sugarshock stuff.)
Well, my copy of the Sunnydale High School yearbook has Joss' autograph, and Julie Benz, too. That's not too bad. Still, if only Sarah Michelle Gellar could sign, "Have A Great Summer", on my copy....sigh.

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Oh, OzLady... if only... if only....
I see official Wonderfalls wax lions on ebay every once in a while (set to the networks in promo packages) but they are super expensive. I'll just have to go to whatever zoo has them and get one there.
For me it's a European Serenity poster signed by the cast + Joss. We helped create the official Dutch website for the movie and one of the people over at United International Pictures had it just lying around the office. They had originally meant to use it as a prize for a quiz surrounding the release date, but when the movie was only released on a very limited basis, they didn't use it and forgot about it. A few months later our contact asked me if I'd like to have it. They were about to throw it out, because it was damaged from lying around the office collecting dust and being pushed around and the likes. Sheesh ;).

I do actually prefer to get things signed myself (because it's the getting it signed part that's fun), but seeing the poster reminds me of the great time I had on that Dutch forum (which, unfortunately, is now close-to-dead) and the pre-screening and red carpet premieres which were absolutely brilliant. And, of course, the signatures add that little bit of collectability, which is also fun :).

Actual pieces of the set, like those Roswell mugs, would totally beat this though :).
My prized fan posession? My Firefly DVD set with each individual DVD cover signed by Joss Whedon. The other is actually the Serenity travel posters. They aren't signed or anything. They just that freaking cool looking. I love them!

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My favourite pieces are a pair of promo Serenity one-sheets, signed by all the cast and a few crew - one received as a "Thank you for volunteering" from the CABC ComicCon team in 2005 and the other from Universal's fan day in 2005. These are nicely framed now, and have pride of place.

Other prized items are my Australian Serenity poster signed by all the cast, my GIANT Australian Serenity banner (which gets dragged out to Aussie cons as a booth backdrop and sometimes gets signed by attending cast), the Nandi costume (complete with bullet hole), a saki jug from the galley of Serenity, a bank note from Serenity (not the replicas) signed by Nathan, and a pair of brass candle sticks from the Buffy set.

But what I really want is a lovesick donkey.

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I went to comic con and got some awesome stuff...I got a sarah connor chronicles poster signed by the entire cast...A dollhouse poster signed by Joss, Eliza, and Tahmoh...but the coolest thing i got was my buffy season 8 #6 signed by Joss and Eliza...its my numero uno fav possession. Ive got a whole buncha James Marsters junk too...a chosen collection episode guide booklet signed by james, joss, and seth...a smile time spike comic signed by james, and one of his signed inkworks cards.
No autographed items here...never been into autographs for some reason. But...right as I was getting into Buffy, I was living in SF and a new branch of the thrift store Out of the Closet was opening in the Castro. They kicked things off with lots of props and set pieces from Buffy. I didn't have a lot of cash, so I got a desk clock from Giles office and a receipt spindle from the Magic Box. I love 'em, but I sometimes wish I'd plunked down the money for some Sunnydale High lockers or that table from the Bronze.
I'll just have to go to whatever zoo has them and get one there.

I got mine at the LA Zoo. It's yellow and unsmooshed, but good enough for me. Of course, we had some trouble getting the machine to work properly and that was a couple years ago, so I don't know if it's still there.

I think my favorite thing would be paper Serenity.
Hmm, mine would be an original ("New Hope") Star Wars t-shirt, as presented to crew members. Sorely lacking in BtVS memorabilia - I'd love one day to find something from the set.
I've never been able to find a Buffy artifact, prop, etc. that I could afford that I actually wanted. I've mentioned before I think, that I scored an interesting looking statue from Angel Season 1 that was in his bedroom. I'd have to say my most prized possession though is a signed, advance copy of Richard Beymer's novel, Impostor (wild ride, highly recommended - my review and others are at Amazon). I don't make much of an effort to seek these things out (props from shows) anymore.
I have a 'The Zeppo' script signed by Nick Brendon.
I cherish an early copy of 'Lord of the Rings', signed by Tolkein, that my grandfather passed down to me.

More Whedon-y, I have a couple of signed figures (Fiesta Giles signed by ASH is my fave) and I love my set of assorted WB Promo posters for Angel and Buffy- all are signed by multiple cast members, framed and are on the wall in the 'pool room'. I have a few costume pieces from various cast (like Angel's watch), the sheets from Angel's bed and some odds and ends from the sets of both 'Buffy' and 'Angel' (such as vases, Sunnydale pendants etc).

But, more than the actual dollar value, what's important to me is the experiences I had in actually getting the items, and in obtaining signatures from the cast on items I already loved.
I have nothing signed...but I do have a shirt worn by Boreanaz in the first scene of Conviction,the season 5 opener which I am quite fond of - Dolce and Gabbana dont ya know!
I am totally lacking in pop culture possessions *sigh*. Not much of a collector really, except of souvenirs from exotic places, and photos.
These EW links are evil, they send a probe straight into the obsessive/compulsive part of my brain, that forces me to go through every picture.
And I always come away with the same lesson: I'm not really a geek, I don't even like comics. And the X-Files Ken and Barbie??

Although I totally get the Jimmy Page and U2 autographed stuff. ;)
My autograph colelction went with my house; it included an Oscar Wilde:Diversions and Delights program signed by Vicnent Price and a signed composite of the original Statler Brothers with Lew, Katherine Houghton from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, plus some lesser lights like Michael A. DelMedico and Sonny James.

Plus I briefly owned P9presumably pre-)signed pic of ALy as willow I got when Iw rote to the set,s endign her a print-up of the first two verse of my "BLinded by the Ashes" lyrics, itself signed. (I know that was a Stupid Fan trick, but I still have hopes it'll eb scored and recorded soemday.) That was in a storage bin that I lost the lease on. So, while I no longer have Aly's autograph, she possibly has mine.

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For me it would be the pics of various cons, PBPs and the pre screening and premiere GVH mentioned etc. cause I love looking at them and remember.

And also the CD Skip Skoolnik send us as a thank for the Chocolate for Angel project long time ago. It was a self made CD given to Cast and Crew on Christmas I think with their fave songs from Angel on it.

I have autographs as well but I like the pics more. No idea why.

And yes GVH you are right its sad that the forum is pretty much dead, I thought it was a fun community. But the german forum isnŽt much different these days. Well maybe with a bit revamping into a Dollhouse/Firefly forum one could pimp it up a bit. WeŽll see.
I prize my various Firefly/Serenity cast autographs bunches (all but one which are missing Gina's signature, unfortunately) I hope someday to complete the collection.

But my hands-down all-time favorite pop culture possessions are the head and plaque from the Jaynestown statue and Adam's original signed shooting script from 'Jaynestown' which was signed by the cast, Joss, Tim & Ben Edlund. (I got Greg Edmonson to sign it as well during the Browncoat Backup Bash.)
The lovely people of fans4writers sent me their strike poster, signed to me by Joss as a Christmas present. That's all I have, 'verse wise.
Hmmm I do have a Season 8 #1 Poster signed by Jo Chen. It's pretty much awesome.
Heh, Kessie, that'd be a plan. Then again, I also love hanging out on the black and it'll be fun discussing Dollhouse here when it premieres, so there's that :). Plus, the forum'll probably never be revived the way it was before, so I guess I'll just leave it at a 'fond memory'. Although it is a shame that I never get to talk to all those nice people I met on the forum and the screening/premiere (except the few who also post here).
@Caroline - ah, that was dreamlogic who came up with the strike poster present idea for you and took the initiative to get Joss to sign it, as well - bringing him right over to our Goners table at the ME Day picnic to sign it, I might add. It really helped us all get our chance to meet him and speak with him.

Class act, that lady.

I have no 'verse-signed stuff or photos of actors/writers with myself or suchlike. I do like shooting photos of these folks by themselves when I see them, but that really does it for me. Somehow I don't need to be in the shots as well.
Just wanted to add that I have a Doctor Who book that has the autographs of three of the Doctors, plus the Master and the Brigadier. That was way back in the '80's when the cast came to our shores on a semi-regular basis.
I also bought an autographed picture of Jim McKay at Comic-Con. With the Olympics underway, I thought it would be a souvenir of what he's done for TV.
Mine are my homemade Charlie the Unicorn action figures, an autographed picture of Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter inviting me to "come up to the lab and see what's on the slab!", and a complete set of Jem and the Holograms/Misfits dolls (sans Rio and the orphans -- dead weight and hangers-on, I tell you).
I have a little red birdhouse that hung on Buffy's porch. I had bid on a couple of other items when they had the auction on ebay, but luckily I missed out on both those things. As it turns out, they weren't really visible in any episodes. The birdhouse was pretty noticeable over the shoulder of Spike, Angel, Giles, anyone who ever stood on B's porch, basically.
It came with a wadded up Kleenex in it. That's not really relevant, but I thought I'd share. ;-)

I also have a Big Damn Hero Sandwich photo of me and Nathan and Adam Baldwin that I love. And a great pic with Alan. And my Serenity signed comics.
But the birdhouse is probably my fave just 'cause it's a tangible piece of the Buffyverse. I still get all giggly when I spot it while watching an episode. "There's my birdhouse!"
Yep, I'm a bit dorky.

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Ah geez - well, I forgot I won a Slither DVD from James Gunn, signed by Nathan, Rooker and James - and that was really nice because James is so hands-on with his suck-up fans Big Damn Admirers. He included a handwritten note and wrote me at MySpace. But he does that anyway. That's highest in importance right after the book.
I like Syren's story... and will definitely keep an eye out for YOUR birdhouse next time I see a BTVS porch scene!

I know how you feel- I still notice the telltale missing speck of mud on the cheek and the crack in the neck of the Jayne statue and smile every time I watch 'Jaynestown'

If we're talking wish list, though- then I always wanted to get my hands on Adam's 'red devil' sake/whiskey cup from Serenity... seemed like a perfect summation of the character in that particular scene.
That would be a cool prop to have, MikeTMC.

When you see the birdhouse now, you can say, "Hey, I know the chick who owns that!"
Y'know, if you're feeling a bit dorky.
(We met at Flan. Don't know if you recall or if you knew my name here. I was on the plane home with you, and we talked about the hoopla surrounding you getting the Jayne head home. It went back on an earlier flight or something to that effect.)
Sadly I have nothing memerobilia wise..... I wish I had Barbie Mulder and Scully.

My brother's friend's cousin worked as an assistant for Nick Brendan for some event, and she ended up meeting other assorted Buffyverse cast members. This was before I was a Buffy fan.
Hmm. What do I have?

Serenity theatrical poster - a bit damaged from being hung and being rolled for shipping
Serenity informational flyer, keychain, theatrical poster postcard & black logo postcard & T-shirt(s)
Serenity soundtrack

T:TSCC poster w/"battle-damaged" Cameron in profile - fold marks, from the FOX promo

OMWF & Angel soundtracks

"Come Rain or Come Shine," Erika Amato's jazz standards CD, personalized & signed by her (Had both the CD & the liner signed, but I had a bad CD so ended up getting another one)

"Music for Elevators" signed & personalized by Tony w/3 Xs

Andy Hallett signed "Hope you kept it clean! Not!" on my fic "B:tVS - New Beginnings;" I had Lorne in the beginning and he played a crucial part in the end, so I had Andy sign my copy @MCB. He was referring to the infamous soap-on-a-rope fic. I offered to send him a copy, and he gave me his address...but it was the wrong addy! He'd just moved, and had his address wrong. I still have the piece of paper, though.

Tons of pics, my ticket stub, wristband and drink ticket (Well, the one I didn't use, obviously) from MCB, as well as sheet of stamps my roomies & I "won" with our room theme

Personalized pic of me & Amber, and pic of me & Tony

Group shot of the Scoobs in front of the bus from the end of "Chosen" - framed

Season Five Angel, First Wave Buffy & Giles, Dopplegangland non-vamp Willow, Hush Tara, OMWF Anya action figures (Buffy has a handmade Scythe, and Giles is wearing a handmade leather duster)

But the coolest isn't something I own any more - I collect Breyer model horses, and painted one to a portrait of Tony's horse, Otto. The friend who bought me the tickets for MCB also bought the "body" for me to paint, and I purchased a black English tack set from someone in the hobby. I showed him twice, and he took ribbons both times - second in his first show in an English performance class, and fifth at his second.

I presented the model to Tony @MCB - I had it in a gift-wrapped box w/both ribbons, and covered with fabric. When Tony lifted the fabric off, he said, "Oh! It's Otto!" I contacted Sarah a bit later, because I was concerned about it surviving the plane ride, and she said they've got it on a shelf in the office of Tilley Farm, and visitors comment on it.

I've since done an Otto for myself, same mold, named TH Phantom Hunter (Tony Head, and take-off on vampire slayer) and had someone sculpt a custom head for an action figure, so now I've got Giles riding his horse through the English countryside, looking for Willow.

It's way past my bedtime, so please excuse any typos.
Pandora Spox, how is it that I also have home-made Charlie the Unicorn figures? And even a Charlie beanie with angry eyebrows? ;)

Happy to see you here!

Also, there's a thread similar to this one at The Library if anyone'd care to dig it's a couple years old, I think, but could use an update! :)
Sure I remember you, Syren. We sat in the airport lobby in Burbank and talked about how much of a mess Booster Entertainment was. Who knew that a year later all of your predictions would have come so awfully true? (grin)

Yes, such a stressful day- the airline came oh-so close to losing poor Jayne forever. I wouldn't repeat that risky bit of transport for anything- which is why I changed my mind about shipping it back to the Booster folk for Flanvention II (still the most brilliant decision I ever made.)

Good to know your screen name here!
Ha! I'd forgotten how much I bitched about Booster's lack of organization then. Flan was pretty great despite all that, though.
Good to "see" you, too, MikeTMC!
The lovely people of fans4writers sent me their strike poster, signed to me by Joss as a Christmas present. That's all I have, 'verse wise.
Caroline | August 12, 18:35 CET

Now that, I seriously envy. Well deserved, Caroline.

Since I can't have it ;)

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