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August 11 2008

G4TV's Attack of the Show covers Dr. Horrible. Quick interviews with Joss, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion.

Nothing really new, but Fillion reveals an interesting bit of guerrilla filmmaking.

Do you ever feel like you are on the ground floor of something historic?
See, I like the term 'loyal fan' rather than 'rabid fan'.
I never get tired of these interviews, of course I never get tired of 'Doctor Horrible' either... does that make me rabid?
Yes, yes it does. :P

It's great to see G4 covering this and with a really well put together video to boot. :)
I take no scorn to wear the label of rabid Whedon fan.

As does nor my wife.

Dr. Horrible is so not horrible, so wonderful, so marvelous.
I do so love it when two of my loves come together. I love AOTS and I LOVE Dr. Horrible! YAY!

Oh and I think of myself as rabidly loyal ;)

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Wait... They're only doing an article on DHS-AB now?

I mean.. I'm not going to knock their support or anything, but isn't G4 and AoTS supposed to be for people who want to be all kewl and l33t and ahead of the curve? Shouldn't they by this time be doing a preview of the next chapter of DHS-AB (hint, hint, Joss & Co.!) or in G4 style make up some skit involving a secret Matrix-like digital underground city called JossAngeles where a viral Jossification of the entire Internet and real-world entertainment industry is being invented?
G4 is a Gamers' channel. Their Comic Con coverage on TV was mostly gamer-comic-movie related. And because G4 is for folks who tend to be "ahead of the curve" that's excatly why they covered the DHS-AB blog.
And it was the best coverage of Dr. Horrible yet.....
See ya at PAX!!

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They have a practice to not promote Joss stuff until after the fact. From what I remember, they find his fans a little too loyal.
l33t? I could look it up, but I prefer to wear my badge of unkewlness openly.

I find the "loyalty/rabid" accusation a bit knee-jerk sometimes, but I also admit that we (collectively, here and elsewhere) can be a little quick to hosanna and sanctify, even in the absence of evidence. Goes without saying, that isn't a unique-to-Whedon trait.
Well, now my cockatiel is a loyal fan. I was playing Act III of "Dr. Horrible" on my laptop, and my cockatiel began to whistle the tune along with the music as Dr. Horrible is singing his lament after Penny dies.
Nebula, do you have a video camera of any kind? I'd love to see footage of your bird whistling Dr. Horrible songs.
AotS has been one of the few great discoveries I've made on TV in a long while. The two hosts are great. It reminds me of those quote/unquote "cool music shows" on the music channels with live hosts... only with something I'm interested in being talked about.
I'm going to try to catch him singing along with it on film, electricspacegirl. I knew he liked it right away, and would perk up any time it would play (which is often in my household), but last night was the first time I heard him sing it.
Well, now my cockatiel is a loyal fan.

Our cockatiel is also a fan, though he hasn't thus far been moved to sing any of the tunes.
And my cockatiel is, unfortunately, tone deaf, (so is my cockatoo . . . hmmmm) but he'll whistle along with gusto to anything. I'd love to catch some vid of yours, Nebula1400!
My cat couldn't care less.
My goldfish thinks Penny was too reactive and that Captain Hammer was the real hero of the piece. Man, we've had some dust-ups. Well, mud-ups really, for obvious reasons.
My cat couldn't care less.

Right, well, that's the definition of a cat.
Well, now my cockatiel is a loyal fan. I was playing Act III of "Dr. Horrible" on my laptop, and my cockatiel began to whistle the tune along with the music as Dr. Horrible is singing his lament after Penny dies.
Nebula1400 | August 12, 05:16 CET

Amazing. You know, they'll be taking video submissions from folks who want to get into the Evil League of Evil. The winners will be on the DVD extras. I think your cockatiel would be a shoe-in!
I just have to catch him in the act. I've tried twice today, but he seems more interested in just talking about it to our sun conure, in whatever language birds speak.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2008-08-12 21:50 ]
That is too cute, Nebula. I want a bird now that sings. I have a cat, and he likes Dr. Horrible, but no one would want to hear him "mew" to DHSAB- it gets annoying after a while. :)

Being annoying might just be one of the criteria for the Evil League of Evil.

If you remember the old Superman family comics. There was a SuperHorse, a Superdog, a Supercat and a SuperMonkey. And Bad Horse might just want some more four-footed members. And winged ones too!
I can't remember the horse's name, but the rest in order would be Krypto, Streaky, and Beppo.
They were all part of the Legion of Super-Pets -- and Super-Horse was "Comet" :)
Anonymous1, oh, my cat could definitely be evil... especially when he thinks it's "cute" to wake me 2 hours before I'm scheduled to wake up. Evil indeed.

I find it odd that there are Super-Pets. I wonder why Super Fish didn't make the list. ;)

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