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"Yeah, I never told anyone about this, but I--I liked your poems."
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August 11 2008

Felicia Day's final Dr. Horrible interview. Exclusively at

Great interview! Loved the bit about Miss America =)

I always talk about craft services!

In my “spare time” I’m also developing a few other projects for the web and other media.

How very Jossy. Next thing you know, she'll have 3 shows going at once.
Yep, laughed at the craft services line as well. We kinda did over analyse that here on the black :).

This was a fun interview. It'll be great to see Felicia doing new stuff. If I'd have the time at all, I'd be her biggest internet stalker of the friendly, non-scary variety. I love how aproachable she is online. She completely deserves the success she's having.

As for Dr. Horrible continuations: story-wise it probably won't make much sense, to have Felicia there. On the other hand: I can't quite imagine it without her right now.
Sometimes I wonder if adding "of the friendly, non-scary variety" actually does anything to dampen the creepiness of people calling themselves stalkers.
Great interview, as always!

I can't wait for seeing more of Felicia!
I hope she does a guest stint on "Dollhouse." She's now as legendary as any actor from a Joss series. (Yeah, yeah, she was on "Buffy," but now she's even bigger in JossWhedonia.)
Not a squeeing fan, in the way that she seems to generate right now, but admire her versatility, and her 'fit' in genre entertainment. Don't chop my head off, boys, but I really don't see the big fizz.

She keeps going though, she could break more trails than Amber did, be even more of a renaissance woman (why does my brain keep comparing the two?), so gotta show my respect.
Sometimes I wonder if adding "of the friendly, non-scary variety" actually does anything to dampen the creepiness of people calling themselves stalkers.

For phrases that bring the creepy, see: "You know you want to."
Well I see the big fizz, W: combo of genuine smarts and deep basket o' skills (math, techie-stuff, book reviewing, violin, comedy writing, singing, acting) with a refreshing normal approach to the biz, the fans, the work. At grad school, I had a friend I played footie/soccer with on a co-ed team who was very very intelligent and well-traveled, focused and ambitious (so far, so Berkeley) . . . but also genuinely nice, thoughtful, friendly - someone I really had a lot of time for. FD for some reason (and no, I don't make any claim to actually *know* her, so I'm going on my perception) strikes me in the same manner. Plus, not being hideous a la Morena helps, frankly. ;-)
Heh, boys. ;)

I get ya. I said I see her potential (cough), but not feeling her yet like I feel, say, Maddow (brilliantly and perfectly glorious in her element right now. Different milieu, and one has nothing to do with the other except they are both being salivated over by fans at the moment, but the most apt analogy I can call to mind at the moment). Her glow is there, but it's not super-stellar just yet for me.

I've a feeling I may be of a different opinion in say, a year's time? Looking forward to her creativity and to seeing her excel.
Accident repetition... sorry!

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IMHO, I really don't see FD wanting to be a "superstar" in the usual Hollywood mode. Foremost, that sort of thing changes you, and not in a good way; I think she has way too much integrity for that. However, as a character actress, multi-talented artist, and all-around cult figure, she has a bright future as she enters her 30s.
It's not just a boy thing.

Felicia Day strikes me as an admirable, sincere and utterly likeable person who ought to be inspirational for any young person. She brightens up my day with her modesty and humour.

The comparisons with Amber Benson are apt because she seems (to me) to have the same personal qualities.

The difference is that FD is using the Internet to make her mark which naturally creates an online fizz but I am looking forward to AB's solo novels.
She's guest starring on House! Awesome.
I have a full-on girl crush on Felicia Day. Move over Sarah Vowell!

I thought she was charming in DH, but it wasn't until I (finally!) saw the Guild that I became a fangirl. She's gets a big fizz from me, heh.
Sometimes I wonder if adding "of the friendly, non-scary variety" actually does anything to dampen the creepiness of people calling themselves stalkers.

Ah, see, somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I shouldn't have used that word, b!x, remembering the initial backlash against that article a while back (I'd link to it, but I've forgotten the name of the thread ;)).

Also, and this is possibly because I've never encountered or known an actual stalker, but the word to me holds no really bad connotations by itself. Maybe that's also because me and my friends use it in general real-world conversations like "I need to get [insert objective here] done and [insert name here] needs to give me [insert object here] to complete it". "Ah, don't worry, I'll stalk [insert name here] next friday untill he/she gives it to me". Or: "Jeez, we saw each other a lot this week, didn't we?" "Yep. I'm officially your stalker. My notebook's in my back pocket", etc., etc. (only, then, in Dutch). Come to think of it, we use it quite a lot actually ;).

But maybe I've been lucky. In any case, if anyone was freaked out by that comment: whoops and sorry. For those that weren't: you probably read it in the way I intended it to come across ;).

And yeah, SNT, that's exactly it. She really reminds me of someone I know too. Now that's all projection (and being so open and aproachable to your fans and at the same time still being 'far away' makes it possible to have that type of projection, which is probably helpfull because it makes people like you instinctively :)), but it certainly helps.
I got the chaince to ask her if she was a patient in the clinic or the "mystery disease of the week" and she beamed and said that yes, she was the main patient. I hope the disease isn't too awfull!
I loved her response to the Penny weak/strong question.
And looking forward to her guest stint in House.
Definately not just a boy thing. But I can't claim my squee here is much different. ;) I'm a sucker for pretty girls that know what Fortran is. What can I say?

I feel like a dork for putting off watching the Guild as long as I did. I just have so much web content thrown at me. Some of which is not all that, some that runs out of money or falls off the face of the planet at a pivotal moment in the story and some that turns out to just be some viral marketing ploy. And that makes me sad. Happy to say the Guild did not disappoint.
I hope the disease isn't too awfull!

I hope she's not the "one we don't cure but everyone learns from", I don't even want fictional "Felicia" to die (again ;) ! But yeah, 'House' and FD, good combo. They've had some great guest stars on there (including at least two previous Whedonverse peeps as the "disease o' the week") nice to see that continuing.

And, with the very best will in the world, Felicia speaksveryquicklyininterview, she's brimful of beans - if they use that in the part it'll be hilarious seeing her play off House. Either way, looking forward to it (maybe as much as her new machinima thing, The Guild S2, the other stuff).
Right... didn't Glory have scurvy?

Don't worry, they're only going to cut her head off. That's survivable, right?
Sure, on 'House'. I think he once read a paper on head re-attachment. In Hindi.
There's no better medical show on tv to die on. But whether Felicia's character lives or dies, you know she gets to tell some good lies along the way.
Yep, everybody does ;). Unless she's mute but even then, FD has expressive eyes, she could lie with those.
Just adding to the chorus: Not just a boy thing.

I love how 'normal' she is. And of course, a lot of the 'hollywood/tv stars' are also 'normal', but since she is on the internet EVERYDAY creating a direct connection with the fans, this is easier to see. It's like seeing a friend on tv. You (well, at least me) want her to be successful because she's such a nice person. (well, I don't 'know' her, but you know... from what we see/read)

Add that to the multi-talents, she becomes this admirable person, impossible (or almost impossible, anyway...) not to love.

That are some artists that get me from the smile (extend smile for all the likable personality). Which sounds pretty stupid, but oh well... they bright my day when I see anything from them. Felicia is one of them.

On the comparison with AB, I don't have the same fangirl feeling with her. I do find her amazing and really really talent, but stops there. I don't look for the things she does like I do with Joss (and some whedonverse actors, including FD).
FD pinged on my radar from the moment she appeared on BTVS. Vi was my favorite Potential because you could see that Felicia had comic chops, crucial on a Joss show. And she was just super in Chosen, where she pulled off both rousing action and drama.

She was excellent in her commercials too, which generally showed off her comic abilities in a low-key way. When one of them came on, I'd always go, "Ooh, it's Felicia!" and stop whatever I was doing to watch. It just warms my heart to see things going so well for her.

ETA: I'll watch her on House, but I'm not a big fan. Someone once said that House is basically an updated version of Ironsides, which was more true in the earlier seasons than now, but still true enough. Quirky genius-detectives who abuse their underlings and almost always get their man (or disease)is just too formulaic for me, mitigated by good lines and acting or not.

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I totally would.

(am I doing this right?)
Yeah, that's not bad. Did you leer properly though ? A lot of folk let themselves down with a lacklustre leer.

Re: House, I get the formulaic criticism, it's a fair point. For me though a) it's a good formula, b) there're enough new layers peeled back on all the characters to keep things moving and c) most importantly, 'House' more than most shows i've seen has an awareness of and willingness to subvert its own formula. The episodes where they break the formula ('Three Stories', 'No Reason', 'The Mistake', 'One Day, One Room') are some of the finest TV episodes made IMO.
I'm hoping that FD on House hits it off with 13. That'd be cool!

Let me speak House's praises. I wanted to hate this show, I did- I am enrolled in a MA in Bioethics and Public Health and he violates every ethical principle there is. But as I watched, and the long character arcs began to develop, I got hooked. And I would put the last 2 eps of this season up against anything, nearly on par with "The Body" in how much these two eps hit so hard, and so capture the characters of the people involved. "House's Head" and "Wilson's Heart" are incredible TV. Life will never be the same after these episodes.

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Don't worry, they're only going to cut her head off.

Yes, but will her disembodied head sing?

And when is Hugh Laurie going to finish the Grinch remake that climaxes in the elimination of Christmas and puppies?
Yes, but will her disembodied head sing?

I sure hope so. Or would that be too over the top?

You just know House is going to make a redhead joke.
There are redhead jokes? What kind of world is this?


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I've always felt that the medical stuff on House was purely a tool for character development. Like magic on Buffy and Angel. It needs to work, and make sense, otherwise it can get distracting, but every case is really just there to spark interesting discussions and actions from the characters. So it doesn't really matter that you know someone's going to get sick in the tease, and that you could almost set your watch by the cycle of treatment/patient gets worse/new treatment/patient almost dies/House saves the day. The 'plot' is almost incidental.

Joss has said many times that 'It's never about the monster.' House is never about the disease. It's about the people. And what gloriously f'ed-up people they are.

Oh, and, yay Felicia.
You can set your watch by the cycle, actually. Or get drunk by it, if you want to play drinking games. And what character development? Is House any different in any way than he was when the series began? He can't be. The series dynamic depends on him not changing. It's where the tension comes from.

[ edited by shambleau on 2008-08-12 19:53 ]
Hugh Laurie is most of the why of House for me - I've watched that man ever since "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" and I'd listen to him read banking law or something. There have been some great episodes, but he is the main draw - his bright, charismatic curmudgeon is just so right on.

And I really enjoy the medical graphics, except for when I'm eating...

Felicia has been so brave, I guess, to make herself so open & accessible to Whedon'verse & Guild fans that that alone would probably have been enough to make me admire her style, but add talent, humor, brains and genuine warmth and menschyness and I become a fan - which means I will seek out and watch/read any of her future projects with interest.

It really was moving to watch her come out for the CC Doc Horrible panel and look at the audience and plotz. b!X got a great shot of it, but I don't want to link to it without his permission.
I meant to tell Samatwitch earlier, Felicia Day complimented me on the Jane's hat pin you gave me while signing my The Guild DVD.
Oh sure QuoterGal, it wouldn't work (past maybe 2 seasons ;) without Hugh Laurie, he delivers the nuances that even subtle character realisations call for, with a less skilled performer most of that would be missing. Just as 'Columbo' wouldn't work without Peter Falk or the ITV Sherlock Holmes' wouldn't have worked without Jeremy Brett (not only was that formulaic but a lot of the people watching would quite often know the end already ;).

He can't be. The series dynamic depends on him not changing. It's where the tension comes from.

He isn't any different but we know more about why shambleau ;). And i'd say that's only part of the tension - the rest is whether he's right in his fundamental thesis (and again, House's world view being challenged is a big part of the best episodes, to me).

More seriously, the season 4 finale two-parter had a fairly big moment for House himself, re: where he is in his life, which in some ways very nicely mirrored the season 3 finale. But the show is much more about revealing than about developing and, as with most TV shows, the central character may not change much but the people around him are allowed to - and have in the case of 'House'. Winther has it right IMO, the formula is a tool to show the character dynamics and a framework for witty dialogue. The puzzle is important but mainly because it is a puzzle, it doesn't have to be medicine, that's just a slightly different take on the mystery genre. And as I say, the show is in on the formula joke with the viewers, long time riffs are paid off, procedural TV staples like the "walk-and-talk" are mocked even as they're being engaged in and sometimes (actually more often than the casual viewer might think) the formula is subverted to spectacular effect.

(i've seen Hugh Laurie and David Shore interviewed BTW, and the not changing is, apart from TV realities, actually a deliberate choice. Their view is that (adult) people don't really change, don't have huge epiphanies, don't fundamentally alter their characters over time, they just accrete experiences. I tend to agree)
Final eh? So Joss plans to kill her rl as well.
I still think Hugh Laurie would make an awesome Spider Jerusalem.
And what character deveopment? Is House any different in any way than he was when the series began? He can't be. The series dynamic depends on him not changing. It's where the tension comes from.

Character revelations, then, to paraphrase Saje.

Oh, and quickly spinning from one slightly off-topic to the next: Hugh Laurie is gold, but it's Patrick Stewart all the way for Spider. I don't care how old he gets. He's perfect for it. And the real kicker? He actually really, really wants to do it.


scrambles to retain some semblance of topicality (which is a word. I'm pretty sure.)

By the way, add me to the group of people made very happy by Felicia's answer to the "weak character" thing. It's pretty much what I've been saying to people when the argument is brought up, too.
I know PS wants it, and I know Warren is into it, but I've tried to see/hear him as I read the comics themselves and it just utterly fails for me.
It altered my reality for a sec when I realized that HL played Stuart Little's "dad."
Aw, c'mon. Just picture Patrick Stewart dressed as fake-Jesus, pulling his toga up to expose his majestic meat gun, screaming READ MY FUCKING SCRIPTURE! to the savagely beaten man lying at his feet.

Sheer perfection.
Patrick Stewart appears too healthy to play Spider.
Maybe he could, like, pretend or something ? If they had the funding they could even set aside some money for what I believe in the biz is called "make-up".


(I kinda get what you mean though, his "vibe" is maybe a bit too vigorous but I don't see that as an issue personally, he's got chops to spare in that regard)

PS would maybe have a certain unexpectedness in the role that they could use, apart from a few parts (e.g. 'Extras') he usually plays fairly straight-laced characters. So there's extra shock value in having, basically, your granddad running around stubbing fags out in people's eyes etc.

Laurie could do it too, it crucially depends on the answer to the question all guys probably ask themselves when they start to thin out - what am I gonna look like bald ? Am I a Willis or a Steiger ? If Laurie looks OK with the shaved head (or if he looks not OK in the right way) then he could totally play it from a skills point of view, whether he has the right "baggage", the right aura, i'm not sure. But then you probably couldn't have seen Prince George playing House either - guy's got the mad skillz.

ETA: an 'l'. Try to find the one word that most needs it in the right place ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2008-08-12 21:58 ]
I have pictured it. I've pictured it all. As I said, it utterly fails to work for me.

ETA that actually I think the Homicide-era Andrew Braugher would have been ideal, because he's got Spider inside his eyes. But, obviously, Spider would have to have a race change for that to work anyway.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-08-12 21:56 ]
Ben Kingsley might work. Or, ooh, how about Tim Roth ? That's not bad I reckon.
Robert Carlyle from Trainspotting. He is someone who screams Spider.
Good call. Yep, Carlyle could do it, he's my new king of the hill.

And if anyone's seen him as Albie in 'Cracker', he looks the right sort of wrong with a shaved head.
Nah. It'd have to be Woody Harrelson or no one at all.
She's gonna be on House? I want to watch her...but I don't want to watch the show (really do not like it)...hmmm...maybe I'll just watch it anyway. I mean, I've suffered through at least a couple Smallville episodes for James Marsters...
Woody Harrelson? Isn't he kind of... laid back? Even when he's playing crazy? I just can't picture him doing a full on Spider rage tantrum...

ETA: Seeing one of the orange people joining in the discussion makes me feel a lot better about pushing the thread so far off the original topic. Sorry, Felicia! Although I'd imagine she'd sympathise, being One Of Us, and all that...

[ edited by Winther on 2008-08-12 22:55 ]
I just can't picture him doing a full on Spider rage tantrum...

After seeing him in Natural Born Killers, I can picture him going into full rant mode a la Spider.
Woody Harrelson can go batshit crazy. I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but he can definitely play a psychopath.
House will certainly change after the events of the last 2 episodes. Trust me when I say that those episodes are devastating- as I began to understand what had happened, I began to have such dread in my stomach- and they did not back down from the emotionalism of the episode.

Let me just say that a little letter, left for someone to find, never had such utter power.
I might stick around after Bones & watch some House for FD. Beheadings are always fun!

*pfft* to your Woody Harrelson. That man bores me. PS all the way!
House will certainly change after the events of the last 2 episodes.

Yeah but I don't expect anything radical though the emphasis will change I think. House will still be House but now Laurie will imbue him with more of a "trapped" feel and the times he might be acting from selfless motives will feel even more poignant (because I don't think people will believe it, they'll think he's still old House).

Those episodes were absolutely devastating though, if they aren't all drowning in Emmy's then those awards will be (even more of) a laughing stock to me (Laurie deserves it just for the part where Wilson asks him to do what he does by itself, never mind the rest of the two-parter - that was one of the nicest (in the old sense of the word too), most subtle bits of acting i've seen - vague to avoid spoiling BTW ;).

I mean, I've suffered through at least a couple Smallville episodes for James Marsters...

Dude, if you'll watch 'Smallville' for verse guest stars, 'House' should be a breeze (and she'll probably be in it more too). And I know from whence I speak cos I still watch both (though every time I watch one of the more than averagely bad 'Smallville's I ask myself why. Then just as i'm almost out, a decent one comes along written and directed by someone that really gets the character, and they pull me back in. Damn you creators on 'Smallville' that are basically competent, damn you ! ;).
Well, there's no debating that House is a million times better than Smallville. But that's also not saying much.

At least I only find House kind of boring, and not cringe-inducingly awful like Smallville. Though Chloe is cute. I used to actually like the show, but then I got into Buffy and all sorts of other things, and realized how much it sucked.
Not only does it, at its worst, suck big style, it inspires suck in others (Steven DeKnight wrote easily two of the very worst episodes of the entire show, maybe of the last ten years of scripted television. Yeah, that Steven DeKnight).

Michael Rosenbaum's Lex has gone though as has John Glover's Lionel, between them two of my three biggest reasons for watching. If Alison Mack's Chloe went too I think I might finally drag myself away from the damn thing. I just have this completist streak which means I rarely quit a show once i've started watching properly. I don't collect anything much, not spoons or games or toys or autographs but you could make a case that I collect the endings of stories ;).

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