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August 12 2008

Fox's own "Dollhouse @ Comic-Con" video. Haven't watched it through yet. Direct link to YouTube page for those that prefer.

Actually, this might be pointless. So far it looks like a 4-minute excerpt from the panel, when I think the entire panel has been linked here in the past.

Oh this is nice, good quality (better than the usual videos filmed in the back... picking up voices and jumping about). Oh, wait... it just ended! They only gave us 4:51 (not even 5 whole minutes!). LOL
Yes, kinda pointless.
He... came up with the final idea... in the bathroom?

Okay. Now, I'm creeped out... by the fact I'm even more intrigued just from knowing that.
That's like the first thing we learned about Dollhouse.
Not counting the name ;).

I'd missed 'bro-mance' before, funny (and deeply hip - clearly I knew the term, it's what all the kidz are saying on the street, it's just cool to see Joss use it. Ahem).
"Bromance"...I really, really hate that term. Trust me, Joss. You are better off using "man-crush."

And yeah, I was at the panel. Fun times.
The panel has been up on You Tube for a while. I think this link is interesting to see what Fox decided to take as their "own". Clever editing, but the flips between B&W & color messed with my head. Good views on the full house, too.
This is highly edited. I want the good quality (where I can actually make sense of all that's said), but I want to hear all of it.
ESG, if you haven't seen it yet, it's on YouTube.

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