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August 12 2008

Empire Online posts list of the 50 greatest comic book characters. The list includes Wolverine at #4..."[Wolverine] has a deep appreciation of ice-cold beer (see, for example, Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, where beer brings Wolverine back from a hypnotised state)."

Wonder Woman is listed at #20 with a plea for Joss to be given back the directing job. Also, if you disagree with a ranking, you have the option to vote higher or lower!

Please don't give Joss the WW directing job back, the first go was a terrible waste of his time. I think it's better that he devote his talents towards entertainment products that will actually get made.
Interesting group...glad to see Obelix there!
So, shouldn't Buffy top this list. I mean, she was recently voted best superhero in a totally objective poll ;).

Some fun choices in this list, by the way. Not at all your 'standard' characters, I'd say. Also: looking at pretty pictures = fun.
Yeah, some interesting choices though I don't think they're really all that non-standard, they're just the sort of comics characters that comics fans (especially British comics fans with John C, Spider, a couple from Sandman, Judge Dredd and Halo Jones from '2000 AD' etc.) would have in a top 50, whereas it sometimes seems as if these lists are compiled more in line with the popular awareness of comics characters. The John Constantine story is 'Dangerous Habits' though, not 'Deadly' - some of it was used in the film but with a bit less darkness. Great character, I love the fact that a lot of his "power" just comes from knowing exactly how to press people's buttons, which word to say and to whom in order to kick everything off. And they did a wonderfully vicious pastiche of Batman in one of the stories (I wanna say it's a Mike Carey one but I don't remember) or rather Bruce Wayne, seen through the 'Hellblazer' lens.

Good list in general though, even if i'd juggle the order a bit as usual (e.g. might have 'Violent' Marv a bit higher). Buffy arguably isn't a comics character, she's just a character that's in a comic BUT no Jessica Jones ?!? That's bordering on travesty (unless I just missed an entry). 'Alias' is one of the masterpieces of recent comics IMO (hell, all comics) and she, as a well rounded, well written, sympathetic but sometimes unlikeable, and above all strong woman totally deserves to be on there.

Reading the Dredd entry made me think of 'Spooks: Code 9'. Did anybody watch it (episode 1 was so bad i'm in two minds about even watching episode 2) ? It's just that I read a forum post describing it as "fascist Hollyoaks" which made me laugh. Dredd would fit right in (just after he'd judged them all ;).

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No way John Constantine should be 3rd. No way.
Yeah, it's unusual to see him that high. Top 10 no problem but 3 does seem a stretch, much as I like him.
Yeah, I love JC, but no way should he be higher than Dream.
I'm most disturbed by how low Captain Haddock is on the list. 49? Please!
I borrowed Alias off a friend years ago when Marvel's MAX line was still relatively new and the book was still going. I loved it and this was before Runaways (comparatively not as good a book as Alias, much as I've liked/loved Runaways), so I remember thinking that I wanted to get back into Marvel comics if this was the sort of quality they were starting to output. Was a bit sad to see the book end so soon (at like issue #24, didn't it?), but also happy that Bendis took it to its natural conclusion.

And then he continued her story in The Pulse and possibly elsewhere (sans cursing though, which...I dunno, a Jessica that can't say "fuck" uncensored almost wouldn't seem like the same character, I imagine). But I wasn't interested in following her story to PG-land after enjoying her in the MAX imprint. That's the only thing I sorta regret, that I missed out on that stuff. But I have no idea if the rest of her story was any good compared to what came before. Is she still alive and showing up occasionally, or did her and Luke Cage go raise their baby in peace somewhere away from all the crazyness ?
It ran for 28 issues but yeah, too short and yet still perfectly formed, I wouldn't change it. 'The Pulse' was good but I agree, it felt a bit like Jessica-lite even though the subject matter was still fairly serious (there's a lovely little story about a homeless super-hero for instance - kind of a "forgotten veterans" allegory - though that doesn't really feature JJ much, it's more Ben Urich). I'd say it's well worth reading though, especially if you can borrow it or pick it up cheap.

And she was peripherally involved in 'Civil War' and afterwards so she's still around with baby but variously with or without Luke Cage.

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