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August 12 2008

You could win big at this year's Browncoat Ball. Also some shiny fancy party pics on Main page.

Raffle prize is two tickets to Creation Entertainment's Salute to Firefly/Serenity...a total value of almost $700. Register by 8/15/08 to be entered in raffle drawing.

I wish wish wish I was going to this. I know this is going to be so much fun.
I wish I had me one of those cardboard cutout cartoon Mal thingies.
And did you see the tee shirt on the merch page? Awesome.
madmolly, we'll miss you.

We're selling our shirts on the website, as well, if you just like the design.

Hope to see you at a BCB sometime in the future. :)
Shanshu-what cut out are you talking about?

Haldira- I am buying one of the shirts this weekend when I get paid. Love the color one.
madmolly, I was talking about the life-sized cardboard Mal that some of the ball attendees were standing next to in one of the pics. There is also a Simon one :-) I'm not sure what you really call them, hence my awkward description, heh. But it looks awesome!
Thanks for clearing that up. I will go check it out.

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