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August 13 2008

Summer Glau talks Terminator. She tells SFX all about her character Cameron and what it's like working on 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'.

Here's another video from
Good interview. I wouldn't call it a huge hit; it lost quite a few viewers after the debut and Fox only picked it up at the last second. Hopefully this season it'll do better.
Re-watching the opening episodes now as they are re-airing them on Fox, I almost wince with how lackluster they were. But the episodes got much stronger toward the end of the season, and I hope people who turned it off after the pilot might look at the series again. And, of course, I hope the second season starts off strong.

And, yeah, that was a pretty good interview.
For a look behind the scenes and some insight into TSCC from the folks making it, check out the series' production blog.

Lots of interesting stuff.
Yeah, I agree the show was quite single minded during most of the first season, however, the writers finally started to explore the possiblies of the story at their hands. I'm so hoping they'll take a leap of that advantage, there's so many directions this show could go. Which tends to happen with leaps to the future;)

Besides, I can't get enough of Summer. Wonderful actress and a hottie! Whoo hoo!
Summer Glau could talk about traffic patterns in contemporary American Urban Centers As opposed to European Urban Centers, and I'd still listen.
I'm pretty sure San Antonio is in Texas. And cabri, no one ever seriously doubted that it would be picked up for Season 2. FOX just took their sweet time announcing it.
Actually I thought it was on the bubble. The ratings fell consistently until the last 1 or 2 episodes (down to about 7 million) and if not for the fact they went up then and that it was a big "franchise" with a feature film coming out shortly and, frankly, possibly because none of the networks have a huge slate of new shows for this year due to the strike, I think there was a real possibility of it not returning.

Not a huge amount new in there, but always nice to read Summer being grounded and smart. From recent noises it seems like they might be losing some of the rich sub-plotting she's fond of so I hope the creators don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Season 2 is traditionally about even more complications ensuing, not about paring down your narrative possibilities, seems like it could be a mistake. We'll see.

And yeah, San Antonio is either in Texas or on Ibiza. I feel pretty safe assuming Summer didn't grow up in Spain ;).
She grew up in Texas.
Nice interview. I liked the series right from the start, with its girls-on-the-run pace and double-back-in-time plot twist. Hope they start off strong in September.
Summer is the best :).

As for T:SCC, I loved the pilot, for some reason. It was fast-paced, interesting and hinted at darkness to come. The rest of the season was... meh. I agree it did pick up towards the end, with a more interesting plot and the introduction of BAG's chracter and I hope they continue that vibe in season two.

But for large parts of season one, I was basically just watching for Summer. She's a great actress, but it's a hard role to play. I know some of my friends (who didn't watch Firefly/Serenity, but do jump at the opportunity of a Terminator show) disliked her because she was acting so 'wooden'. Which makes sense, because she's an emotionless robot. But it's hard for people to tell she's acting the part (which, I guess, compliment) instead of just not acting well (which is, obviously, nonsense). So I'm hoping Summer'll get to show more of her range in season 2.
Well, one way to tell is to have even the vaguest notion of what a Terminator is and how they act ;).

I thought it was a pretty subtle performance, especially in the moments where she's playing the ambiguity slightly (between emotionless robot and the possibility of something more under the surface). But I also spent most of the non-Cameron scenes waiting for Cameron to re-appear, it was very much The Cameron Show at points. Good for we Summer fans, arguably not great for a show called 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' ;).
It was such a fun surprise last night to turn on Fox (on Wednesday!) and watch Bones & T:TSCC back to back! SCC is still in the early episodes of Season 1, but I think the next one they introduce BAG (what an addition to the show!). For a while it truly was "The Cameron Show" for a bit. Especially for us anlalysts here- hoping there's more levels and hints than what is or isn't there. :)

From the promo's I've seen on Fox, everyone is being upgraded and fully fleshed out. Cameron too.

SchmackProductions has a lot of promo's for Season 2 on there. And if you watched the Comic-Con panel, they hint at the development of John's character (he gets better), and the cast really coming together, falling apart, and bumping elbows, with a HUGE spoiler at the beginning(?). HUGE spoiler in the fact that it'll make you wonder, but no specifics. :)

I'm excited.
There are probably many places called San Antonio. However, the one Summer Glau is from is in Texas. I've just caught on that there are re-runs, and only saw my first one this week. Fortunately, it was the one that starts out with Sarah nightmaring about nuclear scientists, and ends with her burning her potential boyfriend's house down to destroy his robot, because it might be Skynet, "now we're all sons of bitches." I think that might still be my favorite so far.
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