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August 13 2008

Nathan Fillion guesting on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson again! Get free tickets! Remember to keep an eye on the schedule because the date kept changing last time.

Tue September 2, 2008 3:30 PM Guests Katey Sagal, Nathan Fillion

Argh! Why couldn't he have done it the day we went to the taping!! :( Oh, well, I guess Eric Idle was okay. *grumble grumble* ;-)
Awesome! Tuesdays are one of my days off! :D

Kal Penn will be on the September 4th show for those who are free that Thursday.
I love Craig!!! Too bad I'm in the wrong continent!
What state is this in?
korkster, it's either New York or California (Los Angeles), so if you're not in either or close to either...not sure that's an easy trip to make.
It's Hollywood, CA, CBS Television City
Well, if it's in CA, there's a chance. Hollywood, you say, impalergeneral? Might just try for it!
From my ticket printout -

CBS Television City Stage 58
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90036
Thanks for the address, timeerkat. That's a close one, 9/17. It's 2 days before I leave for vacation. I'll have to think about it before I make a commitment. Wouldn't want to be a "no show" and ruin someone else's chance to see Nathan Fillion in the flesh.
Cool! I adore Craig. My family DVRs him every night and watch him the next day as family viewing.
The entrance is actually off Fairfax Street between Farmer's Market and Beverly Blvd. It's the last parking lot entrance before Beverly going north. Beverly is probably CBS's official address.

Cool, I know Hollywood stuff! :D
Well, it's Fairfax Avenue, to be strictly and brutally correct (used to live off Fairfax) - but, yes, you know Hollywood stuff. And you went to a show taping, which is more than I've ever done. :-)
So are you going, SNT?
Middle of the day on a weekday? No - gotta work to live and eat and all that. Already almost used up my meagre U.S. allowance of vacation this year . . . *sighs*
Picky, picky, picky, SNT! :P I didn't even look, during the whole drive with passing instructions and stuff, my sister kept saying 'Fairfax Street' so I happily blame her. ;-D

If you ever get things like afternoons off, I highly recommend it. Just ignore their instructions that you don't need to get there early at all and get there an hour early. We got there about a half-hour early and ended up in the last row. They do guarantee that everyone who orders tix will get in, so I would get the tix, it's just an email thing.

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