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August 13 2008

Happy Birthday Zack Whedon! Here's to wishing the creative mind behind "The Hammer is my Penis" a happy birthday.

For those that may have missed it, during Comic Con we discovered that it was Zack that came up with that much loved line in Dr Horrible.

Have a great day Zack!

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Damn, I just posted the exact same thing. you beat me for like a second.
Happy Birthday Zack.
Oh, the black's time zone makes it the 14th. Happy birthday to the Z in "-J, M, J, Z".
Happy birthday to the quiet-Whedon! *as said so by FD*
Happy Birthday!
Yay he shares my birthday!
Happy birthday, Zack!
He's also one of the staff writers on FOX's upcoming Fringe. Which I'm looking forward to.

Happy birthday, Zack.
Happy Birthday!!! :D
Yeah, I'm planning to pay special attention to those Zack-scripted Fringe episodes, to see if a line like "that horribly disfigured person, scarred by a mysterious disease, is my penis" turns up.

Or, like I was going to write in the first place: Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Zack!!
Happy Birthday, Zack. I hope you are able to celebrate in between all of your writing! Thank you for your part in making Dr. Horrible. I look forward to seeing more of your work on Fringe and other projects.
"While still I may I write out true
The love I lived, the dream I knew.
From our birthday, until we die,
Is but the winking of an eye."

- William Butler Yeats, from "Apologia addressed to Ireland in the coming days"

Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday, Zack! It's all over way too soon! Yaaay!
Cheery. Or as the auld Scottish adage goes "Be happy while you're living for you're a long time dead" ;).

Happy birthday Mr Zack Whedon esq. and so many more we actually run out of numbers to express them and have to start saying stuff like "he's flirtle years old".

(oh and "Fringe science isn't science ! It's penis !" - keeping my eyes peeled. Penis could become his trademark. Not literally of course, I think it may have already gone)

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Penis could become his trademark. Not literally of course, I think it may have already gone

Wait. What now? :)
Well they're everywhere aren't they, don't try and tell me someone isn't making out of it.

Happy birthday :-) Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Even if they aren't related to penis...
Happy Birthday Zack, and good luck on Fringe. Bit of talent in that family, I think. :)
Happy Birthday Zack!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)
Happy Birthday, Zack! As the years roll on and success threatens to make you jaded, always remember this: You hitched your rising star to the right body part.
Happy Birthday Zack! I'm glad we are at last getting to know you. And your sense of humour.
woot! happy b-day zack! keep up the awesomeness :D
Happy B-day, Zach. Hope you get to be known for more than one penis joke. Seriously.
Many happy returns!
The only episodes of Fringe I'm planning on watching at all are those penned by Zack. (I really, really hated the pilot.)
Happiest of birthdays to you, Zack, followed by many, many more. You know that having birthdays is especially good for a person, right? It's been proven that those who have the most of them live the longest. └ votre santÚ!
May your birthday be filled with happy and ponies.
Well they're everywhere aren't they, don't try and tell me someone isn't making out of it.

Does this mean I have to pay people to, erm, let's say: pee? ;)
"that horribly disfigured person, scarred by a mysterious disease, is my penis"

I know I'm looking forward to these. Happy Birthday, Zack! May your contributions to Fringe add a little life needed to that potential "hit". :)

UnpluggedCrazy, while I thought the beginning was extremely dull, and didn't care for the ending at all, I really enjoyed the middle. When they were in the lab. That was a nice place. And I love the old man! He & Joshua Jackson have a good father/son chemistry when they're bumping elbows/joshing around in the lab. Plus, the assistant & the cow were a nice touch.

The lab was the part I liked. Everything else, needs work. May Zack write those lab scenes and tweak the dull parts!

GVH, you don't have to pay if you sit down. ;)
Flirtle years old?

How old is that in dog years?
Happy birthday, Zack!
Holy crap! Do Zack & Robin have the same birthday?

That just clicked, right there. Talk about slow...
Wasn't hers yesterday?
Hers is today, August 14, still time for celebrating!

ETA: Started celebrating at midnight Greenwich Mean Time. Whedonesque: Home of the 47-hour birthday!

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Gotcha. It was posted here under August 13, so it wasn't making sense to me.
Weird! It's on Aug. 14 on my Whedonesque front page.
Hrm. This is odd, I could have sworn I saw it under the 13th, but looking now you're right -- it's under the 14th.

My brain hurts, somewhere, apparently.
Rift in the space time continuum. Thing's like tissue paper.
Happy Birthday to Zack! Happy Birthday to Zack! Happy Birthday dear Zack! Happy Birthday to Zack!
Happy Birthday, Zack! I stole you a gift. Enjoy! :)
Z-man (If I may call you that. Not sure how to be a fangirl and first name basis... unless it's at a con and I buy you a shot and a beer first)- here's to your birthday. Many happy returns. I'm on EDT, USA time, so better late than never.

A word is dead when spoken some say,
I believe it just beings to live, that day.
-- Emily Dickinson

If you're gonna steal, choose the most agoraphobic. =)
Well, dpwac, I guess I could curse this thread with William Shatner, LEGOs, and singing, but I was trying to be nice.
korkster, I wish I wasn't on dial up so I could see the Izzard clip. He really is a comedy god. (Yes, I live in so rural an area I can't even get DSL- for at least another 2 yrs. 'Chut up.') I love his sideways scattergorical side... much like Dickinson. At least in my estimation. And I have a Bachelors' English degree in Latin to back me up. =)
Yeah, Shatner is an ass. But he's a fun-loving ass according to most.
dpwac, that's why I favorited that specific WS-L-s thing I threatened to my YouTube account. ;) But I hear Nathan is a contender for his spot. *cue doom music*

Don't worry about the dial up. There's funnier clips than the one I posted, made by the same dude. I piced a "vampire" one because it seemed to fit the black. The shopping carts, buy groceries at a petrol station, and technology are a few Izzy-LEGO combinations that I remembered make me laugh. Check them out sometime at an internet cafe. :)
GVH, you don't have to pay if you sit down. ;)

Ah, yes. Gravity.

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