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August 14 2008

SciFiNow's ten best mentors. Giles comes in at number 6.

I dunno, I never really thought of beating Angelus with a baseball bat as being indicative of Giles' dark side. I thought that was more just like, the expected level of grief and rage after the other events of "Passion." Also, the "Never far from Buffy's side thing..." got me all misty...
That's pretty much just his human side I reckon. Killing Ben on the other hand ...

And Ramirez should be higher.
Nice thumbnail portrait of Giles . . . but somebody please call a copy editor. Giles would not be impressed by the spelling. (See how I fob it off on him so that it's not me who's the enormous pedant? ;-)

And I'd like to have seen Stick, rather than, if not as well as, his rat doppelganger Splinter.
Ok, that was kinda cute. I could even forgive the several grammatical errors, 'cause...recognizing Giles.

But I agree with streetartist - pounding on Angelus wasn't showing a dark side so much as unbearable grief. Thrashing Ethan, on the other hand, was truly an "Oh yikes - scary Giles" moment. Confronting Snyder to get Buffy back into school, suffocating Ben...shivers.
Yoda, not Obi-Wan? Sure, Yoda was Obi-Wan's mentor in turn, but...

Anyway, yay for Giles! Although I'd have put him above Splinter, if only because of the Turtles' language skills.
Jaga? Awesome!

Thundercats was my first adult animation obsession (aside from Looney Toons which really just never went away).
I'm not sure that Giles was still exploring dark magic up until the time he was called as an active watcher. Perhaps it is just the wording of the sentence that suggests this.
Gotta say... No Dumbledore! YES!! :-)
"Yay" to Giles & Splinter. More love to Giles though.

Dumbledore wasn't really a mentor to Harry. Throughout the 7 books, it seemed he tried to be even more distant (to the point of death). If anything, Snape could be considered Harry's mentor, using reverse-psychology/hatred-with-reluctance-to-help with a dash of "I'm actually on your side, covering"-heroism.
What about "Donnie Darko's" Frank? Not so much? Holly on "Red Dwarf"? ...I guess Talkie Toaster offered more wisdom.

"Given that god is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite, would you like a toasted tea cake?"
That was fun. But Yoda (or anyone), over Gandalf? Not in my reality. I would have placed Giles in a "top three", (with Morpheus as the third).

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