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August 14 2008

Details and cover for Bones season 3 DVD. Starring our old friends David Boreanaz, T J. Thyne and Tamara Taylor.

The set will include as bonus 4 episodes from season 4.

Nice, I'm looking forward to the original version of Player Under Pressure.

The fifth disc with the four episodes of season four puzzles me.

I also like the cover, even if it is a bit cheesy (and cheesily composed).
I'm guessing that the four "bonus episodes" from season 4 are to entice consumers into paying a "full season boxset" price when it's a short season.

I had wondered how the box sets for the short season were going to be handled. I was hoping for lower prices, but I'll take more extras.

This list doesn't show any commentaries. Does anyone know if there will be any commentaries on these discs? I certainly hope there will be. I would love to have a David and Emily joint commentary, especially on "The Santa in the Slush".
The cover is funny, and in the spirit of the show. I wish they'd have put more extras instead of the Season 4 episodes. It will be nice to see extended episodes, but I like to watch how the show was made, and those kinds of documentaries.
I admit, I don't know if I'll buy this season. It depends on price, but I also largely did not like season 3, and I especially didn't like how the Gorgamon (or as Booth said, Gorgonzola) storyline wrapped up. And I didn't care too much for "The Santa in the Slush" because it just seemed too rushed. I guess one of the problems (minor as it is) I've always had with Bones is that while they're solving crimes, sometimes the crimes aren't taken seriously enough...the first season was fantastic, and I felt like it was a crime show with comedy. In the second season, I felt it got away from that just a bit and tipped a little too much in favor of the comedic side. With crime shows, it's hard to care about characters when you don't get the feeling they care enough about the crime and the victim. One minute it's completely somber and serious, and the next, someone makes a joke and the mood changes entirely. Where did the gravity of the situation go?

Then again, any episode with Caroline (the lawyer) is absolutely comedy genius, and even my hubby who doesn't really like Bones that much (but is still willing to sit and watch it with me, lovely man he is) likes the Caroline scenes.

But we'll see. I'll get the third season if I can get a big coupon code or something but I wish there were more extras too.
Will be picking this up.
and I especially didn't like how the Gorgamon (or as Booth said, Gorgonzola) storyline wrapped up.

I agree there. But it was fun to hear all the different pronunciations they could come up with. But it took a little away from the season, although I kinda saw something along those lines coming. Otherwise, I've got the first two seasons, but this one may wait til a good sale or finding it used.
I wouldn't take that list of episodes and extras as gospel. Things (from what I hear) are "fluid" as they say. is a great site, but they publish stuff that is sent to retailers which is completely subject to change and often does change. A lot.

The cover art is right, though. :)

ETA: I just double checked and it looks like the list got is the latest version.

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It's funny how gorgonzola sticks out to me, because it's one of my favorite cheeses. And I was watching the Buffy episode the other day with Kakistos, and Buffy couldn't remember the exact pronunciation and produced "kissing toast" and "taquitos" for Giles to interpret.

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I'm also confuzzled with the Season 4 episodes on Season 3 box set. I get that by the time Season 3 comes out, those episodes will have already aired on Fox, but why add them? *scratched head*

I can't wait to see both versions of "Player Under Pressure". It might be fun to see where to add it into Season 2 and watch it "in order". I toss that out there as a challenge to our hard-core fans out there. ;)

I seriously didn't realize that there were only 15(!) episodes of Season 3. I had thought they had at least made it to 20, but alas nope. I'm actually amazed they did so well with such a chopped up season. I'm looking forward to Season 4. Which day again? Wednesdays now?
korkster, I do believe they have moved to Wednesdays, but will remain at their 8 p.m. timeslot, so as to not conflict with Criminal Minds.

Here's the fall schedule:

I'm sad I'll have to miss Sarah Connor Chronicles because I do love Chuck so much, but I'll be tuning into NCIS, then Fringe on Tuesdays, Wednesdays are reserved for Bones and Criminal Minds, Thursdays are for Supernatural (and The Office) and Fridays are for Numbers, starring Mr. Universe himself.
Could you record it, CaffeinatedSquint? If you can't make Fox on Mondays now, what are you planning to do when Dollhouse debuts? That is, if you're planning on watching it?
I'm definitely planning on watching Dollhouse, and watch Chuck online. I suppose I can do the same with SCC, but I really just wasn't that into it during the first season so I might forgo it entirely.
Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't it been established that Seeley Booth once had a gambling problem? Seems a poor choice of cover art then, even if it does look cool...
Yeah, I thought of that too, Spikesgurl. That's why I gave the cover no love. Too cheesy and problematic. But I really only care about what's on the inside, so plus for me. :)

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