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August 14 2008

Neil Patrick Harris for veep! Comedy Central speculates on which NPH role would make the best vice presidential candidate for Barack Obama. Unbelievably, Dr. Horrible doesn't make the short list.

Yahoo backup because the CC server is a bit wonky.
Thanks for the backup link, Septimus!

I can totally understand why Doctor Horrible wasn't a candidate. He's nobody's *vice* president, he should just run for the Oval Office. After all, he didn't say "The world is a mess, and I just need to help someone rule it."
Dr. Horrible would be a terrible VP. Unless there's an ELoL ticket.

Fake Jefferson/Horrible 08!

ETA correctness.

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Wow, I've never seen a picture of Doogie Howser, M.D. He was so cute! Almost didn't recognize him as the Emcee. At first I thought it was a picture from Party Monster with Seth Green. (I know NPH isn't in Party Monster; the picture, though, looked like it could be.)

Here's my vote for any of NPH in the White House. Wouldn't it be cool if he delivered the State of the Union address in a song?
I wouldn't wish political office on my worst enemy, and I like NPH a lot - in all his incarnations.

That said, even amoral "Cabaret Emcee" Neil is unlikely to shoot anyone in the face.
When I think "horrible" I think McCain.
Hell, I'd vote for him. Especially considering the choices to be had this election. Maybe we can write him in on the ballot?
That would be fun (and wet!) if NPH won Presidency in a land slide. :)
Dr. Horrible wouldn't be a good vice president for Obama. He's:

1) Young-ish
2) Inexperienced and a bit naive
3) Dissatisfied with the status quo
4) Filled with potential to create both non-workable plans and disastrous situations

See? They're just too much alike.
Ah, I get it BAFfler! So NPH should join McCain's team! Then we'll have the best(???) of both worlds!

And Obama wouldn't be able to compete with that- he wouldn't be able to find another McCain; the dude's a relic!
It has to be Barney for Obama. He'd totally win over the white guy vote. Plus, he'd be comedy gold for late night talk-shows. Win-win.
GVH- Another plus, Barney also has the multicultural family like Obama.
korkster, you're not getting it. I think Dr. Horrible would be a lousy veep for Obama. But he'd make a great cabinet member. People who are so much alike tend to work well together. (Given his interest in a certain redhead, I think the perfect department for him would be Housing and Urban Development.)

Dr. Horrible wouldn't work well for McCain, though. Given that McCain is trying to convince people Obama wouldn't be a good president, it would be a bad move to tap someone so much like him for a spot on the ticket.

And I would just like it clear that I wasn't the one who started such a flame-friendly thread, or threw out the first anti-ANYBODY post. But I wasn't going to let it go unanswered.

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