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August 14 2008

(SPOILER) The Alex Garner Cover For Angel:After The Fall #13. I don't think it's spoilery but I put a warning to play safe.

Very cool, transposing Illyria and Fred using jigsaw puzzle pieces. I love it. I think I just found a new desktop background for my laptop.

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Hello, gorgeous!
That is awesome. Can't wait to see it in print.
That's a beautiful, brilliant piece of work. Hello, gorgeous, indeed.
that is stunning!
I'm right there with you, shishkarobb! Shes (ha!) already staring back at me. :)

That was very beautiful. I really enjoy the puzzle pieces. That clearly could lead to so many levels:

1) Fred/Illyria is such a mystery/no one can see the big picture yet.
2) F/I are in pieces. They don't know where one ends and the other begins.
3) Could F/I pieced together be able to make somthing whole? In pieces, they're nothing; but if they combine their pieces... will we see something new?

I know it's just pretty strickingly beautiful art, but these are the questions I like to tease myself with throughout the day. :) Does anyone else like to play?
Okay. Best cover of the series. No question.
I didn't think that the Wesley cover could be topped. Well, put that one down as topped, 'cause this one is just... wow.
That cover may be the best of either series so far. I usually don't consider Ms. Chen's covers up for comparison, but this one is good.

And it also makes me think, for the first time really, that there's more going on with Fredlyria than just Illyria having lost control of the "spark" of Fred she has, that she slips into impersonation mode and forgets herself. Now I wonder if it really is Fred, trying to come back. The spark reigniting? Is Fred trying to burn her way back into her own body the way Illyria burned her out?
Yeah, this one is really, really good. And yeah, non-spoilery for anyone who's been reading the series as it comes out, so I'd say the tag can go.
This cover is totally breathtaking!
Guh! The look is so aggressive, but then Fred/Illyria haunts you after you look away. Like it's been burned onto your retinas.

No? Guess that's just me, then. But it's still breathtakingly beautiful!
Damn. My jaw just hit the floor. Absolutely stunning.

Not just one of the best covers of the series, one of the best I've seen all year.
Really imaginative idea beautifully done.
Now THAT is a cover! BEAUTIFUL.
Holy ... wow! That is just beautiful and what an original way to show Fred/Illyria.
That's possibly the coolest cover I've ever seen. Easily my favourite from the Buffy/Angel batch.
Gah! And I ordered the A covers?! Should attempt to change the order...
Loooooove it. And the pieces are peeling away..
Wow. That's stunning!

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