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August 14 2008

Whedonverse Sonnets--a fan project. Fantastic poetry about the Whedonverse by one of our own members.

Some of us have been delighting in Catherine's remarkable whedonesque poetry over in The Library and thought it was too fun not to share with everyone. Enjoy!

Love "Dark Willow Remembers"!
Oh, I'm so glad you posted this.

Just mad love to Catherine for these poems - "Wesley to Illyria" is the one that breaks my heart, but they're all so damn good.

I was so torn between wanting to see these posted, and wanting her to publish them somehow - which I still do...
Agree with QG on the favorite. Wesley to Illyria makes my chest ache. Just beautiful.

Catherine has caused quite a sensation over at The Library. Rah!
Oh, "just mad love", glad I reread that sentence :). I was one of the Librar(ians?)y people enjoying catherine postings over on flickr as well. Well done, catherine!
... so jealous that I didn't write:

"...I wake up in a dress
all over town."


(But sadly, I can't comment on your LJ, Catherine - you've disabled anonymous comments, and I don't have an LJ.)
So I guess this isn't going to be anonymous, huh? ;) I was going to wait to see if there were any boos or hisses before copping to them, and if there were I planned to just saunter off with hands in pockets, whistling a nonchalant "not-me" kind of tune.

If anyone does want to boo or hiss, however, please don't feel constrained by my being here. I've got skin like an alligator's. (Not literally). (Although the humidity isn't helping).

I'm not sure how to "enable" comments on the LJ. I only just figured out what an LJ is, thanks to samatwitch! I'll go see if I can fix it. Thanks to my nice Library Friends, and it's good and salty of you to post this, saltygoodness. Hope you guys enjoy!
As I said in the Library... perfect stuff to self publish on Lulu or Blurb!
I've never seen these. Thanks for posting!

My favs: Angel, Slayer's Sister, Faith's Choice, Faith returns to Sunnydale, Mission's Boyfriend, & Wesley to Illyria

Out of those, I really liked "Mission's Boyfriend". I'll call it #1. At first I didn't know who's voice to tag to it, but as I read on, and got to the colors, it became clear to me that it was Reily. And, although he's not my favorite character, this sonnet really depicts him well and gives a beautiful POV from Reily's side. *kudos*
Those are beautiful, just beautiful.
I love all the sonnets that catherine has written. She captures the voices and personalities of the characters so well. I'm glad she has allowed the rest of the world to see her talent. I think we were feeling selfish at the Library keeping them to ourselves. ;)
SaltyGoodness, thanks for posting this link here.

catherine, your sonnets are absolutely wonderful. You captured the character voices perfectly. I liked them all equally well and can't pick out a favorite, but the Wesley/Illyria one was just heart-rending. Very well done. Also, I linked your livejournal to the su_herald.
These are very good. Especially "Chosen" and "Giles."
Bravo! Loved the sonnets. More!!
That's a good bit of work that catherine, no messing.

'Dark Willow Remembers', 'Anya Dying' and 'Wesley to Illyria' were my faves I think but I loved
Something tries to kill my child each night
and this my sacrifice: to let her fight.

from 'Joyce'.
No wonder you were feeling selfish, keeping these to yourselves over in the Library! catherine, these are astonishing.
Excellent, Catherine; so many phrases that ring in my mind.

Fool, I'll take my man and this ear too,
And I'll be back to claim some piece of you.

it's over--you come plunging through the light--

I begged you once to kill me, and instead
you took me home and tucked me into bed.

Thank you.
Wow. I have to agree with others in saying that the Wesley to Illyria one really did me in. All were awesome though :-) I enjoyed reading this.
Oh, yeah, to exacerbate her foul crime in writing these beautiful things, you might be interested to know that she whipped these Twenty-five Sonnets Twenty-five out in under a week. I don't know what to do with that information myself but it kinda makes my head ache and a little blood pour out of my eyes.

“Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.” - Margaret Chittenden
Another 'Wow!' I've been on vacation (without my laptop!) & missed the excitement at the library. Really lovely work, Catherine.
Aww, thank you for all the niceness! I had way too much fun with these (sort of an elaborate version of "remember that awesome part in that awesome episode...?") and it's nice to be able to share. Saje I'm so pleased that you liked the "Joyce" one (or at least, the last couplet) because that's my favorite.

*blows kisses at Quotergal*
catherine, forgot to add "Joyce" to my list! *added* Yes, again, beautiful take on that character. And I ring Saje's comment that the last couplet really drove the nail in.

When are the next 25 arriving? Quick slacking! *cracks whip*
Wow. Just, wow. "Joyce" made me cry a little (well, I misted), as did "Anya dying." Also, "Bad Girls" is awesome, especially as I just watched that ep the other day. Oh! And "Wesley to Illyria" was fantastic as well. Except they're all fantastic. So it's like, fantastic cubed.

Also "Giles." I especially loved the last three lines:
This is how every watcher's duty ends.
My slayer's body lying at my feet
should I say now, my mission is complete?

I bow down to you, goddess of poetry. (Is there one? I think there are only muses. So that means you're it!)
Hi BandofBuggered! I was just thinking about you and wondering where you've been, as I was bragging about my Murder Rubicon t-shirts over at the Flickr Library.
Zeitgeist, it took me all day to get that - you bad dog.
I still don't get it. Does that make me a good dog? Explainy?
oh. heh. I get it!
Hey BoB! Where've you been?
hee hee! Inter-thread humor, so fun!

ETA re. saffy. That wasn't just a random outburst. I don't think.

[ edited by catherine on 2008-08-15 00:12 ]
It is very Saffy.

Hee. I love time-release wit, even if it's only due to my own slowness.
I don't know where to find the Library, can some one point the way?

Also, thanks for those catherine, I especially liked how you captured Zoe's kick-assiness along with her love of her husband

Edit: Thx for the hook up, QG.

[ edited by kazzmere on 2008-08-15 05:08 ]
Et voilà!

Make sure to get your books stamped before you leave. ; >
Also giggling about "just mad love" and Saffy was used perfectly m'cookies! :)

QG, glad to know I'm not the only slow one!

QG links the Library above, and it used to have a link on the right side bar of the Whedonesque home page. It is a chat community on flickr just for whedonesquers. Join us!
I love time release wit, too, no matter the cause. Happy to encourage some happy giggling amongst you lovely people.
Hey again keeds! This thread has taken a slightly...surreal turn. My brain is not functioning on a high enough plane to get any of this. I blame my feeling increased oogy-ness from a low-level flu.

As to my abouts of the where (it feels nice to be missed, catherine and korkster :), I have placed myself on a very strict Internet limit, mostly due to the fact that my summer isn't over and I haven't finished my first draft of my thesis...which I planned to have done in the middle of July. I've been quite naughty, really. ;) I do, however, have 19,000 words in notes as of today.

A Murder Rubicon shirt?? Dude, I so need to make one! I hadn't even thought of such a thing. You truly are brilliant, ma'am.

Z, the only thing better than time release wit is time release sarcasm. Or time release ninja capuchins. With throwing stars.

ETA: Oh, just got it! Wowwww. We're such intelligent people here (at least I'd like to think so) yet it took quite a few of us quite a few takes to get it. Ah, humor...

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-08-15 06:37 ]
perfect stuff to self publish on Lulu or Blurb!

I was wondering about that. Would 20th Century Fox see it in the same vein as fan fiction and issue a C&D order?
Or would they (blurb, et al) protect her copyright?
Strictly speaking you would be making money off their franchise without their permission. So I can't see them acting in the writer's interests. It's a fascinating new angle. I've see crackdowns on people charging for fan fic and tshirts etc but poetry would be a whole new area.
Aren't certain characters considered public domain, though? I mean, once they've been out in the vernacular for a while? If you wrote a poem about Bugs Bunny, I doubt Warner Brothers would smite your ass. Or would they?

And what about all the "unauthorized" stuff out there? Is a name a commodity as far as art is concerned? Did Campbell's soup try to sue Andy Warhol? Is information any different than art, regarding books and such?
And what about 'poetic license'? Is that for people who just want to screw with established doctrine? Or does it extend to actual, you know, poets?

[ edited by Willowy on 2008-08-15 07:58 ]
Late to the party but .... wow, Catherine, that was stunningly gorgeous stuff, thank you so much for sharing it.

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