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August 14 2008

Filking party at Making Light. Over at the Making Light blog there is currently a thread in which slash is being versified to "The Ball of Kerrimuir". All of SF/F is fair game; other genres have also crept in.

Must wash my eyes out with soap now.
Not to be too snarky, but better not tick off the mod there (who's also the infamous BoingBoing mod), or else you'll find yourself talking about Bffy, Wllw, Xndr, Ngl, Spk, and Llyr/Frd.
I've never got the filk thing. I have friends who love it but it leaves me cold. I'm not one for that kind of bawdy humour.
You missed some:

Go shopping with Cordelia,
She can't abide the view
and doesn't like the merchandise
but does like kissing Kou.

Dr. Horrible:
The Captain grabbed the Doctor
By his lab coat pale.
"I think I'll get my hammer out
So you can be my nail."

The Doctor laughed most horribly.
"If it's woodwork we do
Then let me turn your offer round
And make you be my screw."

Bad Horse whinnied at them both
"It's time I made my choice
And whichever one I choose
Had best be friends with Moist."

Book is on his knees again
Right where he belongs
Teaching Zoe lessons
From the Song of Songs.

The hall outside the engine room
Echoes with a roar
As Kaylee's motor fires up
Round Wash's dinosaur.

Inara smiles, and makes Jayne moan
As her hand draws nearer
To stroke and clench the hardness of
His long and shapely Vera.

Mal doesn't leave Serenity
Although he's docked and locked her
He's in his bunk with Simon
Letting him play doctor.

The Buffy-bot sure she was there
Lookin’ round the place
A can o’ lube-oil in her hand
An’ lust upon her face.

NOW, what the heck are these?
Not sure how I feel about filk but I'm pretty sure Jayne would love it.
Jayne only loves filk about him!

Not to be too snarky, but better not tick off the mod there (who's also the infamous BoingBoing mod), or else you'll find yourself talking about Bffy, Wllw, Xndr, Ngl, Spk, and Llyr/Frd.

I've no idea what this means :).
Well, I actually have no idea what that means. Please explain, someone! anyone! /smileyconfusedface
Simon; Filk doesn't have top be bawdy; it can be any changed lyrics to a familiar tune, preferably changed in a genre-relevant way.

As an egotist, I can only think of personal examples. My own "Mrs. Denisof" isn't any more "xual," except in trivially monogamous ways, than Mrs. Robinson" itself was. And my "Vampy Fellas" was in a way less off-color than the original "Trashy Women."

When I have time maybe I'll check over there agian.
Disemvoweling, a mod technique invented by Teresa Nielsen Hayden, co-owner of Making Light and now moderator at BoingBoing.


The Cordelia verse actually references a character from the Miles Vorkosigan series of books by Lois McMaster Bujold.

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Ah, thanks mcz. Oh, god, I hope we don't do disemvoweling; I'd never know what the hell is going on.

I thought the "Cordelia" one sounded weird, but I thought it was just because I didn't get something. And that seems to be the case- that there are 2 Cordelias in the world. Huh. :)
Oh, dear, this takes me back to my rugby days/daze...
I can't decide if I'm more embarrassed that I went and played or that my comment was #69....
Found some more:

Oh, Spike and Angel, they were there
Trying not to fight
"If this goes on for too much more
We both will get a bite!"

Mad Drusilla stood and stared
At Darla and her son
"Why should I pick one of them
When both are much more fun?"

Buffy and Satsu were there
Scratchin’ their favorite itch
Willow gave them a taste of religion,
For they love to lick a witch!

Which ones on ML were yours, JessicaMelusine?
*tries hard not to giggle* Aw, Buffy, Angel, both Doctors (de Horrible and de Who -kinda) but where is Dr. House and his Boy Wonder? *wink nudge*
Wow, this reeks of some type of frustration.
While crude, yes, I find this much more amusing than actual slash. I giggled at a lot of these :)
Korkster , mine was the the "lick a witch".
korkster; Word for Windows doesn't recognize the name Cordelia as belonging to anyone either.
Ah, cool JM. Here's some one more:

Spike the Vampire he was there
His bearing patriarchal:
"Though I'm love's bitch I don't do boys
And I don't bloody sparkle."

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