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August 14 2008

(SPOILER) Promo video for Bones Season 4 premiere. An entertaining clip from 'Yanks in the UK' the season 4 two hour premiere. The second promo video can be found here.

Ack! Can't view it because I don't have LJ. :(
I have LJ and I still can't view it. Says I'm not authorized.
yeah, you should probably not post flocked things…
It is a members only post. I'm thinking this entry will be deleted soon. Are the videos posted anywhere else?

They are so cute and funny. I can't wait for the next season to begin!
All fixed now.
Did I spy Indira Varma as a British Lady Cop? She's great, loved her in Rome.
Hmmm a smidgen stereotyped.

Still confused how they managed to film over here and none of fandom heard :p
Looks pretty good although a little too much stereotyping. Hope they get the English accents sorted - the Watchers in Buffy and that Potential (don't remember her name) were just painful to English ears.
Zack! No............!!!!!
Hope they get the English accents sorted - the Watchers in Buffy and that Potential ...

Given that they actually filmed it over here, they'd be daft not to use British actors for the British parts. Certainly both actors from the promo (Indira 'Rome'/'Torchwood' Varma and Andrew 'The Fixer' Buchan) are English.

Looks like they're going for a lot of the stereotypes (small cars, double-deckers, Buck house etc.) but that's fine IMO, so long as they show at least some self-awareness as they do it (and let's be honest, Booth is a very stereotypical American himself). There's plenty to laugh at in British culture, many oddities to the foreign eye so hopefully they'll have hit on something slightly more original than bad teeth, the monarchy and everything being smaller but either way, s'all in good fun.
That was hillarious!! I can't wait till september now!
I just wish I had a car when they were filming.
Still confused how they managed to film over here and none of fandom heard :p

Reading various forums it seems quite a number of people managed to "bump into" the cast while they were shooting over here.

But are we sure it was really London? I've only watched one of the clips but didn't notice any red phone boxes. How will people know its London without them?

Oh wait, it's not a JJ Abrams show.
Yeah, i'm really glad they didn't go for any of those easy Abrams style visual short-cuts like, oh, y'know, prominently featuring red double-deckers, Tower Bridge, Big Ben or Household Guardsmen. Ahem.


(it's a promo in fairness, when it's that short you have to use short-cuts)
I think it was the bowler hats in Lost that really did it for me.

Anyway, after the debacle of Zack-gate, it's going to need a lot to make me love (OK, trust) Bones again. But this looks like fun.
I wouldn't have had a problem with Zack if they'd just chosen not to rush the storyline to conclusion because of the strike and done it right, even if it meant carrying over into this season. But I still enjoy watching, so I don't plan to stop.
Loooooved the promo. I'm still giggling madly at "getting out of these things is like being born" which is a totally accurate sentiment coming from Booth, who is pretty tall (and handsome, but not all handsome people have problems getting out of vehicles). I can't wait for this! Some of the best jokes in the show have been over Booth and Bones' vehicles and their driving methods. It's just natural they'd argue about the size of the car and who drives better and it's especially hilarious when you add the foreign environment.
sorry 'bout the mix up with the lj post ... I'll be more careful in future and thanks Simon for taking care of that. But glad everyone enjoyed the promos :)
Pfft, no red bus full of Beefeaters driving past Big Ben ?
I thought from SDCC that they also filmed outside of London. I just remember DB/Booth complaining about it, because it was... countryside? Well, here's the link to the panel... ended up finding it. They shot some of it in Oxford. Very funny. Check it out. :)

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