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August 15 2008

The five most rabid fanbases. The Whedonites make the list, afflicted with Jossiness as we are.

Well, Whedon fans certainly aren't the largest group, but I'd wager they are easily tied for the most rabid. We can be some truly insane folks.
So, he still "doesn't get it", even after becoming a Browncoat? Thats confusy!

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Eh I dunno, I reckon the Ovaltineys could take us.
Or the square-panters, those guys are crazy. And, scarily, the whole pants thing seems to be spreading.

So, he still "doesn't get it", even after becoming a Browncoat?

No, he still didn't get it after watching 'Serenity'. Then "after much pleading" he watched 'Firefly' and became browncoaty.
How strange, I can identify with every fanbase mentioned there. (Except for the Twilighters, who I find utterly, terrifyingly rabid, in a wild-pack-of-dogs way.)

I have no problem with being called a Whedonist, er, Whedonite, umm...
Why just today, I was sitting in a conference room full of middle aged academics, contemplating 101 uses for a paperclip, when the presenter solemnly intoned "Always be yourself."
At which, without thinking, I loudly responded "Unless you suck!"

It got a laugh and certainly broke the ice, so if the trade off for Joss's quotable gems is being labelled a name- I'll take it!
Ha! missb, that's what it says on my mousepad!
Do we call ourselves something? I mean, I've been called a number of things; a ficcer, a slasher, a shipper... but at the end of the day, I always think of myself as a Whedon Fan.

I nearly did not see the poll at the end. Wow. Twilight is beating them all. We came in third though ;)
So what's it to be guys, whedonists or whedonites? Truthfully, I'm not sure I like either. Browncoat is my favorite. But every whedonist might not wear the coat of brownish hue, and every browncoat might not be a whedonite... Okay, now I've got a migraine.
That's only because Twilight is new. I have to say I chuckled through the read, which I felt was written in good fun. That is because it is all fictiony.
Rabid? How dare he! Grrrrrrrrrr....RRRRUFF! RUFF RUFF RUFF!!!

:::starts foaming at the mouth:::

But seriously, Twilighters on this list?! They are such johnny-come-latelys. It's the new thing, so of course it's strong. If they're still around after forty years like the Trekkies, then I'll concede their staying power. Until then, those who rule the fandom roost are those who live long and prosper.

Heck, they're not even the scariest fangroup out there. That honor goes to the Star Warriors, who are so captivated by the memories of two great movies and a really good movie -- the youngest of which is 25 years old now -- that they line up not only for whatever $200 merchandise Lucas cranked out, but three quality-deprived prequels and a new animated feature that I would sooner swallow rancid pig vomit laced with razor blades than go see. Never have so many given so much for so little return. And people think WE'RE dedicated?! Hey, we get quality for our cash! And, we don't get THIS:

"Vader": "This would be my chest box, that helps me to breathe."
Triumph: "So this is to help you breathe, yes?"
"Vader": "Yes."
Triumph: "And which of these b...which of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up?"

[ETA: The last bit was crying out for me to poop on -- err, that is, add it.]

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I think that's the first time I've ever seen the term Whedonist. I personally don't mind Whedonist or Whedonite.
I've never seen either of those terms before. Is this like when they claimed we went around calling Joss "Jossus"?
I had no idea that Twilight has become such a big deal, will I have to 'get with it'? After all, I have been a part (more or less) of all the other fandoms mentioned.
Well, I think all the groups listed are certainly loyal and dedicated to their fanbase and that's great. That's what puts the "fan" in fanatic. I'm very proud to be a member of Whedonesque and adore the thoughts of our fellow members.

The term "rabid" doesn't strike me quite correct though. I believe our group has the most intellectual and sanest minds on the 'net or my name isn't Madhatt....oh wait;)

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Can pig vomit even *go* rancid?
I just call myself a Buffy fan. But mostly, I keep it to myself.
Knuckleball: For the sake of my latest prank on the neighbors, I sure hope so.
For those of you considering Twilight, I urge you not to! The article speaks truth when it says that the Twilight fanbase is nuts- they are. But not because their screams come really high-pitched and often: the books just... aren't that good. They're like teeny bop vampire fantasies. Badly written. Poorly developed. That's my truly honest opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

Also, I don't much like the name Whedonite either. Sounds like some sort of mineral. And I don't like rocks.

But I just want to point out that I am huge into the Harry Potter fandom, and never once have I heard any other HP fan call themselves a "Potterhead" either. These must be the names that the "Normals" give us to keep all the geeks straight.
Whedonite sounds like kryptonite, a compund which could kill Joss Whedon. Perhaps we could find some red whedonite and make a bizzaro Joss Whedon? :-)

As to Twilight- the last book was so over the top it is virtually indescribable, just horrible. A real jump the shark moment there.
"Whedonite?" "Whedonist?" I've never heard these terms before. How about "Joss Whedon fan?" That one works for me. Of course, I've never heard the term "Star Warriors," either.
I 'hear' Whedonite all the time, all over the 'tubes. I don't mind it.

I also like 'Whedony', as in "she's all Whedony".
I think I've seen 'whedonite' and 'whedonist' before in writing, but I never heard anyone use them as some kind of "official" label like "Trekkie" or "Browncoat".

In fact, I think the core group of "real" whedonfans (i.e. those who are a fan of most or all of the things Joss does, instead of being "just" a Buffy/Angel-fan or Browncoat) are probably in the minority anyway. Most people (wow, I'm totally generalising without even a scrap of data to support my claims here :)) would probably identify with any one of the 'subfandoms' more than any overarching whedonfan term. Not that we see any evidence of that on Whedonesque, but there's probably a selection effect going on here. Outside of the black, on Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity fansites I used to frequent, there'd usually be quite a number of fans not into any of Joss' other work (I mean, there's even people who are Angel fans, but have never watched Buffy. What's up with that? ;)).

Otherwise, I found this amusing. But I'd say the Star Wars (do they actually call themselves Star Warriors? I've never heard that term before, but it sounds pretty silly to me) and Star Trek fans still hold the crown. Those fandoms have been around for ages now.

ETA: the word 'claims'.

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I don't think any of these groups even touch Elvis fans.
Willowy, you're on the roll with the Buffyslang this week. First, "enabler of gabbers" and now, "Whedony". Keep this up and Joss will have to write "ping-pong reluxe":)
Wait, aren't we Caroliners?
I guess the Whedonverse has truly trounced my other fandom loves, since it took me about 2 seconds to "choose one fandom to identify with" in the poll. There was definitely a time when Harry Potter or LOTR would have been the immediate clicker.

Did anyone else get a sudden disturbing vision of twilight ritual gatherings of Twilight fans around the world (is it at international rabidity levels, or just U.S.)?

Eh, fandom always has its scary folk. Cute article, anyway.
For the last few years I've always thought of myself as either a "Whedonesquer" or a "Whedonista." Depending on if I'm on the internet or in a coffee shop.

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Just a Whedon fan here really. I wouldn't self-identify as a browncoat or even "a Buffy fan" (though i'm certainly a fan of Buffy).

I hadn't heard of 'Twilight' until I read about it on here or saw links to it from Whedon related links but then i'm not a huge vampire fiction reader, maybe everyone else in the UK is going banoonoos over it (possibly because i'm now looking, I did see a couple of the books prominently displayed in my local bookshop the other day - course, prominent display can mean "bestseller" OR "we can't shift these for toffee, please buy one" ;).
GVH, I'd disagree with that actually. Most Whedon fans I know are fans of all of his work although they usually have favourites.
I participate in regular meetups/shindigs/gettogethers for the different shows and the people who show up for Buffy also show up for Firefly. Over on Goners we got together because we knew that whatever it is Joss is going to do, we know the chances are good that we will love it because we love his other work.
It is kind of funny slash interesting that the list isn't "Tolkieners" and "Meyerites" or "Rowlingdings" or whatnot.
I guess you could call me a Whedonist. Or a Whedonite. Or a Whedonitian. You could also call me a View Askewer.

Basically, you can call me whatever you want, as long as you don't call me late for dinner!
Well, Lioness, like I said, I have no data whatsoever to support what I was saying. The Goners board, massive support for Dr. Horrible, our experiences here, etcetera, are very valid indications that my assessment is wrong. Although, on the other hand, I do actually think a lot of fans are prepared to try other things by Joss and/or the actors, but I think (and have no way to prove :)) that the majority of the fandoms for Joss' shows - maybe less so in the most rabid 'core' groups, but speaking of the fandoms as a whole - are truly fandoms for seperate things.

Then again, I'm basing this on my own experiences in co-running the Dutch Buffy/Angel fanclub (where the interest in the then-premiering Firefly was very, very low) and moderating the official Dutch Serenity forum, where at least half of the posters came from sci-fi backgrounds and weren't into the whole vampire/demon-thing (not to even mention the "teen" setting of Buffy) on Buffy and Angel, even if the writing was great. But it could just as well be that those experiences I've had were the exception. Without any data (which we're not likely to get) it's impossible to tell, really.

As for me, personally, I started out as a Buffy/Angel fan and moved towards the general Jossian fandom as time went by to such an extent that I'd consider "the things Joss writes" my primary fandom these days.
bix, it's actually not all that surprising. What is J.R.R. Tolkien known for outside the Lord of the Rings and associated works? Won't J.K. Rowling always be associated with Harry Potter, even if she does something else? Joss has done enough work, in enough different universes, for people to be able to honestly say they're fans of HIS and not just of some of his work.

(Also, I don't think Star Warriors call themselves that. But I will from now on.)
Yep. The View Askew universe is interesting because Kevin Smith really does interact with his fanbase and on a regular basis.

I'm really a Buffista myself, more than a Browncoat. Though I never really was very Angely. Really, come to think of it, I'm a Taraphile! :-)

You know, that is just what is wrong with this fandom. We never settled on a cutesy name. I mean, that is SO important!! How could we possible exist without one word to sum us all up? Darned disorganized group.

I am so sad that Twilight is getting such hype. I can not express how bad these books are. Yes, I read them, mainly for the snark-at-it aspect, which is abundant. It's such a train wreck. With as much GOOD young adult supernatural books out there these days, THIS drivel is what young girls latch on too? Bella is pretty much the anti-Buffy.
Vinity, in a world where people defend the Star Wars prequels, you're surprised that some people think Twilight is amazing literature? We humans can be pretty sad. Dudley Manlove put it best as Eros in Ed Wood's epic Plan 9 from Outer Space: "You see? You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!"

Or maybe Rupert Giles said it best: "The Earth is doomed."
I once caused a minor outbreak of the term "Whedonian" but it referred to matters related to Mr. W. rather than fandom. It does have a certain "I graduated with honours in Whedon Studies" ring to it, though.

Anyway, clearly this fortunate soul has never been to Outpost Gallifrey. Aggrieved Classic Doctor Who fans are a thing of terror and dismay and occasional hilarity.

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*snicker* A couple of commenters are dissing Rocky Horror Picture Show! Now, that's going way too far... *eyes shift* I'd jumped awake one night in my bed because I was dreaming of a Dr. Horrible x-over Frank-N-Furter picture show... dunno if it was excitement that woke me or horror that ASH (mmm, Frank) and NPH had better legs than me ;)

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ooo, a cult Broadway off between ASH and NPH. I think my head exploded a little at the mere thought.
I didn't say it was surprising. Just funny and interesting that most of those other fandoms aren't, in fact, about following a creator's work, but following a particular work.
I have always referred to myself as a Whedonite, I am sure I picked that up from somewhere around here. Though, I am really a "Buffy/Angel" fan more than a Browncoat.

As for Twilight....I work part time at a bookstore. It was crazy time when "Breaking Dawn" (the newest book) hit. Those fans are kooky, AND definitely rabid.
Yeah, ew. The idea that young girls are looking to Twilight and Bella as examples of how young women ought to think and live makes me cry big fat tears of despair.

Buffy for always and ever.
I get that the "twilighters" are the newbies and quite enthusiastic ones right now. But are they that big. You know world wide phenom, like the potter peeps? I heard about the fuss of the release in the US, but I haven't been really witnessing that many reverberations yet. Yet, for one I haven't been really hanging that much with fan groups, beside my old groups of friends, for other the first book has just been translated and released over here. Were there other midnight release parties in other countries for that latest book in the series? Not that I've heard so far.

Anyway, never heard those terms, but I don't mind starting a rumour that we're called WheFans, you know, sound like Wii-something. And Wii it's also the new cool thing. Whedonian, however, is a term that I've heard before.

And there are factions among us, for some reason browncoat extremists tend to bother me.
Years back I saw the term "Whedonist" and really liked it because it has the word "hedonist" in it. I used it a few times (on here, in fact), but it never caught on. I see "Whedonite" being used a lot in print, but whenever I refer to myself as a fan of Joss' work, it's usually "Whedon fan" or "Joss fan".
I'm not sure I agree with this that much. 'Supernatural' fans are probably the most craziest of all of us.
The list isn't about "big" fanbases, Numfar, it's about "rabid" ones. Twilighters totally qualify, especially if you saw/hear all the people griping about the shrieking of teenyboppers at Comic-Con.

And there are factions among us

That's why these kind of articles bother me. It's like "oh those crazy Joss fans". Where in reality we have shipper wars, character wars, canon wars, anti-creator/pro-creator battles.

My fandom.

More internal feuding than any other fandom since 1997.

Hail to the wank baby.
Hey, nothin' wrong with being a Doctor Who fan! And Outpost Gallifrey is a fairly good site in terms of gathering all news and whatnot... And yes, shame on me for choosing to frequent a bit of a fangirl-y site rather than go to io9's reviews every week, but while I may be aware of the fact that there are flaws, since my experience with movies and tv shows and books and plays and stories in general is mostly about becoming emotionally involved, when I start to look more and more at the flaws in the way the story has been told, I start to feel more removed from the story itself. And I don't like that. I'm not at the point where I will not read io9's dissections and react to any negative criticism by sticking my fingers in my ears and going LALALALALA, but I don't like to seek out stuff that focuses on the fact that it's a story and the construction of a story has flaws, rather than an wonderful imaginary world I can sink into for a few hours.

Anyways, Twilight? I think I've said this before, but dunno if anyone saw it... awful. Purely awful. Not only is the writing quality about the level of fanfiction, but it got published and is being lauded as good writing, and when somebody like me, who just said the above, recognizes something as bad writing enough to not be able to enjoy the book? It's GOTTA be really bad writing.

Also, the messages the books send... I think Jess says it best. And Tamora Pierce agrees.

BAFfler, you might enjoy this arc in a comic I read, starting here. And this strip that comes later.
I consider myself a Whedonist and have a t-shirt to prove it. Said t-shirt caused my first fan/nerd/geek solidarity moment. It made me quite happy.

As far as rabidity goes, I'm not so sure. I think the Twilight people are rabid. Whedonists seem to be more adult and intelligent
no matter what age they are. Makes me proud to be one. :o)
What, no support for Jossians?

And Browncoat extremists? That kind of makes me laugh. Are they threatening to destroy innocent box sets of Season Six if the reigning Buffista regime doesn't admit that River could beat Buffy in a fight?
I'm not sure I agree with this that much. 'Supernatural' fans are probably the most craziest of all of us.

I'm a Supernatural fan. A big enough one that I went to a convention for it. You'd be surprised though, at the amount of SPN fans that aren't crazy, just very into the show. Most of us aren't waxing poetic about how hot the guys are, or starting wank between each other.

And oh god. Twilight fans. I had a group come into my job (a diner) after the release of Breaking Dawn and screech loudly about how amazing Bella and Edward were. I hid in the kitchen until they left.

Also, what classifies a Browncoat Extremist?
Usually with something like Twilight, the fans are extremely vocal now because it's new and all their friends are reading it too but in a few years they will all have moved on to something else. So, as a fandom, I think it will be a short lived one. And if it does continue, it will be on a much smaller scale.

Hmm. Wierd that there is no cute name for Whedon fans. I have referred to myself as a Browncoat though. But usually I just say, "I'm a fan of..." and then the name of the show or person.
When I mentioned that I turned down a chance to work on the "Twilight" set when they were filming out here, my best friend screeched and belted me. I had no idea she had even read the books. Rabid, yes.
My Potter buddies are no where near that nutty. Ditto with the Jedi I know, Browncoats, etc.
It's kind of nice not to be the worst of the bunch anymore.
(I am many brands of fan, and dress up for most, but my Browncoaty-ness trumps all.)
And Browncoat extremists? That kind of makes me laugh. Are they threatening to destroy innocent box sets of Season Six if the reigning Buffista regime doesn't admit that River could beat Buffy in a fight?

No, it's more like writing angry letters to reviewers that actually liked the show and movie.

Every fandom has its wacky minority, ours is no different.
Haha, Saje. I had forgotten all about that one.

Ah, times.
I read all the comments before I bothered to look at the link. Who cares about their list? The most exciting part of all that is the picture from Fanboys, which I read somewhere will be released September 19. Finally.
BAFfler, I'm taking my son to see the animated nightmare tonight. I'm sure I'll be wishing my Cherry Icee was really rancid pig vomit laced with razor blades. We'll have to try to get the back row so I can watch Dr. Horrible. Twice.

I really want Joss to write a novel so my friends who don't watch TV will finally get it. And that way I can carry around his book and be all literate. Plus, rabid fans need weapons.

Big book, Joss. Lots of pages.
Okay, not so entertained by the thought of it anymore.

Dammit, reality, stop interfering with my flights of fancy.
I thought "Browncoat" covered pretty much everything by JW. It's not just a term used to identify with Firefly/Serenity. It's an idea - something to aspire to. Browncoats stand up to "the machine" and tell it to go [insert blasphemous oath here] itself. Or at least that's what I thought...
I don't think 'fuck' is blasphemous and i'm not sure "go Jesus itself" is actually an expression ;).

(to me browncoat has always been Serenifly. There are browncoats that aren't Buffy/Angel fans for instance)
Yeah, but the general attitude is still present in Buffy and Angel. You know, sticking it to the machine. In Serenifly, it was the Alliance. In Buffy, it was the Watcher's Council. In Angel, it was Wolf Ram and Hart. Good and evil aside, they all represent pretty much the same thing: power, control, etc. In Buffy and Angel, you really don't have anything to call the people that do the fighting. The scoobies? Team Buffy? Team Angel? The Dark Avengers? So...browncoats.

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Except, not only are there Browncoats that aren't Buffy or Angel fans, there are Buffy and Angel fans that aren't Firefly/Serenity fans.

The term simply is not, based on the actual facts on the ground, all-encompassing.
{In best Cartman's voice}
"Oh, I hate you so much. Screw you, guys! I'm taking my marbles and I'm goin' home!"

Ha. (And I don't think that "fuck" is blasphemous, either, unless you worship the Great God Sexual Intercourse or something.)

I am not rabid. I am not a Browncoat, though I love Serenity and Firefly most heartily. But I am a citizen of Whedonia (Hail!), and I have my papers, and have had all my shots.

I do still have, of course, the marble Jossus altar we were all issued when we were originally recruited. You guys still all have yours, right? 'Cause if you didn't take it out of its packaging, it could be worth a lot of money about now.
"I am not a Browncoat, though I love Serenity and Firefly most heartily."

In my book you're a Browncoat, like it or not.

So what's the definition of Browncoat? Oh dear.
I think the reason I don't identify with the term "Browncoat" is that 1) the whole "conversion" thing gives me the creepin' willies and I feel no need to "turn" people - though I do get a kick when I show it to someone and they like it; 2) I am really probably more of a Buffy fan, and using "Browncoat" feels reductive, and finally 3) not big on identifying with a military term, even if they are the rebels.

But if self-identifying Browncoats need to call me a Browncoat because I like Serenifly, it's a big whatever - it's not my term, but some of my best friends are Browncoats ; > - and I've been called much worse.
Ah, for those of you following the Batsu/Saffy thread, can you see WHY I'm laughing my ass off right now???

Talk about coincidental, unintentional, yet totally relevant to my arguments.
Have I gone completely daft (or blind?) - is there truly no mention of Xena fans here or in the article??? Can it be? I think we are pretty dang rabid, thank you very much! (What would Xena do?!) -- or Wrestling? (WWE to be exact)
QuoterGal, you make good sense. I just crossed your name off the list. Sorry about the mixup! :)
I do still have, of course, the marble Jossus altar we were all issued when we were originally recruited. You guys still all have yours, right?

No, I eBay'd mine not long after Joss eBay'd his golden b!X calf.

ETA that, speaking of rabid, I just registered for Comic-Con '09.

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The Whedon fandom is polling in second place (23.9% to Twilight's 40.6%). Let's see if we can do better!

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As a Whedonite (BtVS/AtS) and Elvis fan (the ORIGINAL hysterical fanatics who have lasted over 50 years now), I can happily say I am well-"'versed" in fan behavior. Also am a bit of a Warsie (another name for Star Wars fans--original trilogy only!).

Well, I'll be getting ready for my computerside candlelight vigil tonight and join the annual Elvis Week takeover of Memphis in spirit (there were 75,000+ people last year on the 30th anniversary). ;) For a guy who has been gone for 31 years, there's a lasting fandom.

I generally prefer the term "Whedonite". Browncoats aren't usually BtVS/AtS fans. Browncoats are more usually just sci-fi fans who dislike the whole "teen" Slayer/vampire part of his work. And I'm even further on the fringe with my favorite Whedon work being AtS.
Browncoats are more usually just sci-fi fans who dislike the whole "teen" Slayer/vampire part of his work.

Erm. Not so much. Almost all of the Browncoats I know don't "dislike" Buffy and Angel, even if it's not what draws them in. It's just that Firefly is what drew them to be part of the fandom instead of just being a lone fan.
I think my sense of humor fell flat up above there, sorry QuoterGal. Thank you for responding to my email.

I'm a little bummed out about that definition in the Urban Dictionary. I'm afraid it's actually pretty catchy and will stick.

But THIS PICTURE is not funny or cool.
"Browncoats are more usually just sci-fi fans who dislike the whole "teen" Slayer/vampire part of his work."

I've never heard that before. I thought it meant that you really like/love Firefly. :(
ooh Succatash- I like LL but do not like that pic. I'm bummed.

I say call yourself what you like. I am a hardcore Browncoat because I bleed Serenity. But I could identify with Whedonista because it sounds cool. And I love Buffy and Angel. And all things Joss.

But yeah, River would open a can of whoop-ass on Buffy. Sorry but it's true.
I like (not love) Firefly and really liked Serenity, but I have rather noticed that while Whedonesque attracts both groups, the Browncoats and BtVS/AtS fans kind of have their separate corners of the web.

Different genres is part of it, even though the philosophies, storytelling elements and language usage are very similar in both 'verses.

One thing that I do notice about the mainstream reporting of the Whedonites is that the Browncoat/Serenifly phenomenon is a lot more mainstream. Which is why there is absolutely zero mention of Whedon's other franchises on that listing of rabid fandoms.
While I am happy to say I love all things Joss-y (so far!), I will admit that I tend to gravitate towards the more recent works simply because I found the interwebs so late. The Buffy/Angel fanbases may well be completely open to new people and new exchanges, but the appearance to this complete newby at that time was that they had planted their flags and raised their stockades and you had to know the secret password to get in. I was never very good at passwords. ;)
If we had to go with one of the fan-labels the writer suggested in the article, I'd like "Whedonist". It's got the word "hedonist" in it, yay.
What I love about genuflecting before the "Altar of Jossus" (Oh QG, you brings a tear to my eye you do) mentioned (now isn't genuflect so much nicer and spiritual than being a drooling, fanatic (fan being a derivative of aforementioned word fanatic) beast with hydrophobia (the scientific name for rabid?) is how different we all are, like highly polished stones of infinite color and variety. Slap a label on us and we're immediately homogenous.

Using Whedonist or Whedonite in jest sometimes, I really just call myself a woman who loves the man they call Joss and that love was birthed by Buffy and Angel. I would say that Serenifly and Doc Horrible were the frosting and cherry on his cake, but his "cake isn't done baking yet" ... God, I crack myself up sometimes. Next, Joss delivers a mouth-watering Baked Alaska.

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Better than baking an Alaska-watering mouth.

I'm sorry. I've been watching Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show and part of me might be broken for awhile.

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I didn't really know we had a name for ourselves. I've never heard Whedonist. I would probably prefer Whedonite, but I generally just go with "Joss Whedon fan," or sometimes even just simplify it by saying I love Buffy (particularly because Firefly is my least favorite of his shows, and I try not to get pegged as a Browncoat. No offense.)

Also, I think this guy really has no real understanding of how to talk like Buffy. It's a very subtle art, and there's definitely more to it than just adding "-y" to words.

Also, I think this guy really has no real understanding of how to talk like Buffy. It's a very subtle art, and there's definitely more to it than just adding "-y" to words.

The '-y' is added to nouns to convert them to adjectives, not just any words. Of all the slayer slang, that's the one that I find the most useful and fun. I still marvel at how Buffy slang has been adopted by our culture, in large part without realizing where it came from.

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Hear, hear, electricspacegirl! My dad (who refuses to watch BtVS) inadvertently used Buffyspeak the other day. It was very gratifying-y exciting-y...oh, hell: on a scale of one to ten, it didn't suck. You could say I got all dance for joy-ish.

As for rabid annoying fans, my head would explode with joy if all of the My Chemical Romance fans and Twilight fans beat each other into oblivion until they're done with puberty. Then we can confiscate their eyeliner!

And QG, you have shafted Pheromonus, God[dess?] of Fornication. His[her] daughter, Hermaphrodite, shall flog and punish...shall make you submit...shall give you a spanking...Damn! Suffice it to say there's a phallic weapon readied to smite you, okay? ;)
Surely I can't be the only "Clem digger?"
I still like Buffan. PArtly because I like word crunches, and partly because I'm not really familiar with Joss's other works. But I agree it's too narrow these days.
No room for BSG fans... one of whom Browncoated me quite badly on the show and particularly on Starbuck.
Oh, god, I know it's funny for us, but could we please NOT use the word "browncoated". Bad enough that we are sooooo misrepresented in the urban dictionary definition, when we ourselves use it, even in jest, it will even more surely stick! Waahhh!

I'm proud to refer to myself as a Browncoat, and have on occasion given people the DVDs to convince them, but "browncoating"? That's not only a very weird and unusually unaesthetic word, it's WRONG to equate the minority with the rest of us. (The Browncoats on a mission are the minority, right?)
BandofBuggered: Suffice it to say there's a phallic weapon readied to smite you, okay? ;)

Ah, well, there usually is. ; >
Well, since it's you...
Erm, I've just always thought of myself as a "Whedonesquer," but I guess that would be site-specific. If I hadn't been converted to Buffy fandom in S3, I wouldn't have taken so much trouble to track down and watch Firefly whenever and wherever it happened to be......
I'm proud to be a Browncoat and a Whedonesquer and Gonersersarian (we don't know what to call ourselves either!) but mostly I'm a fan of anything Joss does!

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