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August 15 2008

Comic Book Resources has an analysis of June's comic sales. Both Buffy and Angel come out very favourably.Buffy was the bestselling non Marvel/DC comic, and Angel was the 2nd best non Marvel/DC. Very impressive.

""Buffy the Vampire Slayer" continues to be the top selling non-DC/Marvel title and came in at rank #12 with issue #15 moving approximately 80,424 units. This title has remained a strong seller for Dark Horse with minimal sales attrition from issue to issue. For a point of comparison, this issue of "Buffy" outsold all but the first two issues of the current "Wonder Woman" series at DC. The next best non-DC/Marvel title is "Angel: After the Fall" with issue #8 selling around 47,864 units and #9 selling about 47,058 units in June. Somehow "Angel: After the Fall" #10 managed to sell an estimated 3,364 units in June even though it wasn't released until July 2. "

"Somehow "Angel: After the Fall" #10 managed to sell an estimated 3,364 units in June even though it wasn't released until July 2."

Heh heh.
I've been reading Angel ATF for the entire run, and will continue to do so until the end, I imagine, but I have to say that it just doesn't live up to my expectations. I don't know if I'm spoiled by the quality of Buffy Season 8, but the Angel series is just very poorly written/drawn. The writing is convoluted and the "surprise" returns are just there for the sake of having the characters return, having no real emotional/narrative resonance. The art--my biggest beef--is nice, but extremely problematic when it comes to the depiction of women. They are oversexualized, with many characters' features (of note: their breasts and bottoms) being completely different than those of the actors who portrayed them in the television series.

I had very high hopes, with Season 5 of Angel surpassing the quality of many seasons of Buffy IMO. I was so excited to see what would happen with Illyria, especially. But I'm afraid I've been let down. The only elements of the series that I actually enjoy are the ones that Joss said would have happened in Season 6 of the television show. The rest reads like fan fiction. To be honest, I find it offensive.
You find it offensive? I find it awesome.

Except the art does suck sometimes.
A very good month for IDW. Apparently their best (recorded) month ever. For the last five years anyway. I'm sure they wish they could have two issues of Angel every month.

As for the art work, I'm starting to think Urru is a god. His work on Spike: After the Fall, is brilliant, and I hope he comes back to Angel when the Spike series is done.
Well you will be glad to know that according to Brian Lynch, Urru will be back to finish the run

And Buffy the Slayer Layer - for shame;) I personally think that Angel After the Fall is amazing and each issue gets better and better. I am loving it!
It's weird that my Dad chose the name "Buffy the Slayer Layer" to post on at Whedonesque.
Your parents aren't that supportive of you, are they Brian? First your Mom as waxbanks and now your Dad as Buffy the Slayer Layer.

Shame. Personally I love Angel: After the Fall and very much enjoy Spike: After the Fall.
Just finished Spike: After the Fall #2 about five minutes ago. I like it much better than Angel, however my issues with the art still stand.
I got the only special edition/cover B variant of Spike #2 last week at my comic store... I WIN.
I'm still waiting for my HC to arrive (Spain) to start reading, so I don't have an opinion yet, but ey, it's only "Buffy the Slayer Layer"'s opinion.
I find great that Brian post here, but I don't find cool that no one could give a bad opinion of his job without being criticized.

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