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August 15 2008

James Marsters' August Q+A. New questions and answers for August.

Subjects this month include, what to do if fight scenes (or love scenes) get out of hand, politics and how Spike might react to Buffy's *experimentation*.

In the last issue of Buffy's comic seasson 8 Joss makes Buffy gay. What do you think about this choice? And, what would Spike have thought about it?

I asked Joss about that and he said that she wasn’t necessarily gay but was experimenting. Spike would not accept that she was gay, but I would.

The question is proof that not everyone gets it. I'm glad JM included clarification for his followers.
Hmmm, I've always wondered how Spike would react to it, the old Spike would leer for a threesome with two slayers but I think the new Spike wouldn't care either way be it guy or gal, he would want Buffy to be with him - so me thinks he'd not be pleased one bit.
23 in mid-Bush Sr? I think our boy is having a little trouble with his sums again. Bless.
The song explanations are interesting and show a thoughtful mind and viewpoint.
Considering that Social Security became part of the general budget under Lyndon Johnson, that the hard cold numbers which show Social Security going broke within a few decades were known in the Geral Ford days, and since borrowing from Social Security ahs been going on sicne at least Ronald Reagan, maybe longer, those aren't the only numbers he's having trouble with.

PS; I don't begrudge anyone their convictions since I think convictions are a good thing but when people start giving reasons it opens those reasons up for discussion.

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