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August 15 2008

The Operative Goes Hand-to-Hand. Martial arts film Redbelt from our favorite Operative releases on DVD Tuesday, 26 Aug.

Metacritic gives it 69 out of 100, which merits a "Green" on their stoplight rating chart.

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I meant to see this in theatres, but it was playing at maybe two in the area. Downtown. Wasn't worth the trip. Plus no one but me wanted to go.

Only Mamet film I've seen is State and Main. I remember liking it, but it was a while ago. Oh wait, Spartan too. Val Kilmer flick. Spartan was awesome. There was that brief period there, like three years in a row at the start of this decade, where Val Kilmer had a string of great movies (The Salton Sea, Spartan, and Wonderland).
Great film. Mamet-prose is awesome.

And Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is one of the most underrated films this decade. But then Kilmer goes ahead and plays the new Kit. Oye.
I really liked Red Belt. I thought Chiwetel Ejiofor was fantastic in it. Plus, a chubby Tim Allen. ;)
An okay flick, but far from Mamet's best films as a writer-director ("House of Games," "Homicide," even the underrated "State and Main" and "Things Change" and "The Winslow Boy"). I suspect that, underneath it all, it's really just his homage to Clifford Odets's "Golden Boy", minus the politics. (Mamet has recently come out as a conservative.) It's basically a decent entry in the sturdy subgenre of anti-boxing boxing pictures.

Also, it's supposed to take place in L.A. -- and feels absolutely nothing like it. So much so that for the first half I assumed it was set in Chicago, like most of Mamet's other works.
I really enjoyed the movie. It's going on my DVD wishlist.

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