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August 15 2008

NPH to perform at Hot In Hollywood tomorrow night. Neil and his HIMYM co-star Josh Radnor are part of the 2008 lineup for the annual HIV/AIDS benefit.

Also on the bill are David Boreanaz's Bones co-stars Emily Deschanel and Eric Millegan, and Alyson Hannigan's American Pie-husband (and Jenny Mollen's real life one), Jason Biggs.

It also features Glenn Howerton aka the guy Mal showed a piece of mercy to in Serenity.

Yeah, the guy Nathan pushed off the mule and shot so the Reavers couldn't get him alive.... Or because he used to date Morena. Depends on who you ask.
Though HIV/AIDS service organizations are near and dear to my heart - and the admirable AIDS Healthcare Foundation has helped many of my friends, acquaintances and ex-co-workers - I want to point out that the 2008 "Hot in Hollywood" event is a bit more than an HIV/AIDS benefit.

Its co-beneficiary with AHF is the Real Medicine Foundation, whose broad and ambitious mission is to provide "humanitarian support to people living in disaster, post-war, and poverty stricken areas."

Just in the interests of accuracy...
Thanks for the extra info, it's much appreciated. I did look around the site to try and get as much detail as I could before I posted it here, but the line on the front page "Hot In Hollywood is a celebration benefiting charities dedicated to the education, prevention, testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS" left me pretty confident that calling it an HIV/AIDS benefit was a safe choice.
Why would anyone want to benefit HIV or AIDS? I think they're bad enough without help.

I jest, of course (at the expense of the English language).

The broad spectrum of World assistance including HIV and AIDS among others is a tough task. Any help is greatly appreciated. (I'll be your best friend, too.)
Yeah, this relatively-new event has raised money for AHF (& the Salvation Army's Alegria House) in the past, and just this year added RMF as a beneficiary: "We have enlarged our scope this year and are not only continuing our support of AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION, but we are also benefiting the REAL MEDICINE FOUNDATION." I'm sure they either overlooked updating the homepage statement, or it's just a mission-wordy thingy that wasn't re-visted after they added RMF, or something similar and/or political.

My comment, btw, was not meant at all to be critical of your post, nor of events that are HIV/AIDS-related only - it's just that if I was RMF, I'd want to make sure my mission was mentioned, as well.
No, of course! I was glad of the extra info. Just wanted to make sure people didn't think I was being lax. ;)

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