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August 15 2008

Eliza Dushku as Comeback Kid. thinks Eliza is lucky to score the coveted lead in Dollhouse considering her Tru Calling flop. Which of course was cancelled immedia-- er, wait a sec, didn't it last for two years?

Perhaps they should do some research on how she somehow managed to eke out that lead role... ;) But isn't it nice to see Paula Marshall again? She is, unfortunately, one of the biggest jinxes in series history. I still miss Cupid.

I think I watch every single show that Paula is in (including the Hollywood taping of Nathan Fillion's failed pilot from 2004, Alligator Point) and then am not surprised when they are canceled/not picked up. However, I still mourn Cupid as well.
I actually started a Cupid/Quantum Leap crossover some years ago. It wasn't very heavy on QL - mostly just Al going down to the bar for a few and getting into a conversation with Trevor.

According to the Wiki entry (Get your salt shaker ready):

On October 2, 2007 Variety broke the story that ABC had given Rob Thomas the "green light" to bring Cupid back to the airwaves. The project is one of two scripts Thomas has in the works via a one-year development deal with ABC Studios. The new Cupid will also relocate from Chicago to Los Angeles, allowing for more high-profile stunt casting. Jeremy Piven will not be involved in the new version.

On March 14, 2008 "The Hollywood Reporter" reported that ABC had received scripts and approved production for the new Cupid series.

Bobby Cannavale has been cast as Trevor Hale in the new series.
Sarah Paulson has been cast as Dr. Claire Allen.

Parking spaces have been blocked off at the corner of 35th St. and Lexington Ave. in New York City as of Sunday, July 20, 2008, with signs informing that it is in preparation for filming of Cupid.

"Cupid" without its two main stars? Uh-uh.

'course, I'll believe this just like I believe "Ripper" is going to happen - show me a preview on TV and give me an actual airdate, and maybe I'll bite.
Well, the new Cupid pilot has been shot, which is more than we can say for Ripper. Whether it gets picked up or not is another matter, though recent word is ABC is highly considering it amongst their other new pilots.
Poor Eliza. She has roles in two series, both of which last for more than one season, and yet thinks she's a jinx. How silly of Joss to cast her over the other millions of hopefuls for Dollhouse!

Hehehe. Sorry, I snicker whenever I read that. I mean, DUH!
The Cupid remake has someone much more important than Piven and/or Marshall. It has Rob Thomas. Carnavale will need to win me over, but Paulson was inspired casting. I think this one actually has a shot.
I agree about the Paulson. I'm not that familiar with Cannavale so his performance in the pilot will weigh heavily towards my coming back or not.
Last time I checked, poor acting isn't necessarily the reason shows flop. Sometimes great actors can be in terrible shows, and other times actors and shows can be great, but circumstances occur and the show is canceled.
(Though to be fair, Dushku's nerd-cred has been high for a while from her many years playing Faith on Buffy and Angel.)

What's this supposed to mean? We're nerds that we support and that's why Tru Calling lasted 2 seasons & there a potential glimmer for Dollhouse? Huh. I knew I saved the world.

Yeah, cabri, I can't believe Joss picked her to star in the show that they hashed together while having lunch discussing her life. Doesn't he know that Eliza can't play Eliza? Silly, silly man.

(Did anyone notice that the clicks are different now? Or is that just me?)
The huh? What clicks?
I think it's just me, cabri, because I hear it on Twitter too. Every time I click my mouse, I get a different "click" sound than before. That, plus bix's fuckedmessed up recommendation for Gorgeous Tiny (interesting, but caught me way off guard, Wil Wheaton rambling about Superman kicking his own ass with flying chairs... toss in a half cup of tea and this is going to the the most messed up trip I've ever had. No drugs, no alcohol, yet my world is all askew. *shakes eyeballs*
Obviously you have a click virus. O.o
I think with Tru Calling, is that a lot of us felt it should have cancelled straight away and were suprised that it wasn't. How it got a truncated season 2 I will never know.
Two words, Simon: Jason. Priestley. ;-)

I'd bet folding money we'll see the revamped Cupid on ABC this year. And while I will miss Piven, Cannavale is an inspired choice. He was outstanding as Will's cop boyfriend on "Will & Grace.". And Sarah Paulson is just luminous.
Wow, this article gave me a total case of the WTFs. Dude, we're not nerds--we're geeks. Get it right! ;)

Although Miss Eliza is certainly very lucky to be the type of person who eats lunch. Either that, or she's really convincing as the character who goes to lunch with a colleague/friend/genius to forward an evil TV scheme. We should have seen it coming years ago!!

Okay, I've been thinking about getting Tru Calling just because I love ED so much, but I think that I'm starting to get warned off. Not a bad thing, considering I have zero dollars...
Tru Calling lasted a season and change really...

But yeah, I do really like Paula Marshall. Shame she's had such bad luck.

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At that time, we were wishing that Eliza followed Joss with his plan for a sequel to BtVS. I can understand her desire to try her talents elsewhere.

With that said, I think we should drop the "Tru Calling" drap from Eliza. She's a wonderful actress and it's clear that they have a plan.

I'm pretty excited with the upcoming "Dollhouse".
We might have had a series based on Faith if Eliza wasn't already committed to Tru Calling. Damn it, all!
I actually kind of enjoyed Tru Calling. I would have preferred a Faith show, and sure some of the first season episodes were a little rocky, but by the end of the first and the second season, it was a very entertaining show.
Eliza's opting for Tru Calling certainly put the kibosh on a Faith series. And while at the time I would have liked to have seen that, I'm looking forward to a fresh new Joss concept. And if it clicks we may be better off with that than more Buffyverse. Which we have in comics, anyway.

I also thought Tru Calling was just turning the corner when it got cancelled. And a big shoutout from me to Zach Galifinakis. Always liked him. And his character's relationship with Tru.

I also thought Tru Calling was just turning the corner when it got cancelled.

Admittedly it did help that Jane Espenson got on board.
Oh, so true. Jane had an excellent spin on the story. Very sad she didn't get the chance to play it out.
Robert Urich's shade must be giving vent to empathetic laughter* nowadays. *an impossible thing for living humans to do but plausible in a spirit

As I was already a TV hodad by then perhaps I shouldn't talk about the never-happened Faith series, but I have doubts about it. I think Joss needed to rest that part of his creative cells that spawned the Buffyverse for a while.

On the other hand, it's annoying to me. Joss didn't hire Eliza for Dollhouse, Fox went to her and offered her production company a shot at a series featuring her, and she went to Joss for the idea. Reporters don't seem to grasp these workings so often.

Cupid/Quantum Leap, could work, I have a Buffy/Doctor in the House thing lurking in a notebook somewhere.
Apparently I'm in the minority with the Tru Calling love. I agree that it definitely picked up toward the end, but even in the beginning I thought it was entertaining.
Here with some Tru Calling love. I didn't know Jane Espenson got on board during Season 2... that explains a lot of my love.

But I also enjoyed season 1. It was like an appetizer, and season 2 was the real entree.

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